The Parenting Jig! #MondayMusings

Last week I wrote about the struggle with getting the kids to do chores around the house and/or helping us out ocassionally. The other facet of this is quite an interesting one! I've noticed that when kids are indeed willing to do something or sometimes even excited to do a certain thing at home... we... Continue Reading →

The Parenting Jig #MondayMusings

I have often wondered how to go about the task of instilling these in the kids - the habit of doing chores, the feeling of ownership... of taking care of their own stuff and of the stuff and/or valuables at home. But have not come up with any sure shot solution! Pampered as they are,... Continue Reading →


As the kids grow up there are different kinds of learnings/ un- learnings, its a different flavour of joy, a different flavour of agony ... and so on. On the whole the package remains the same me thinks 🙂 And then there is the transition, ever so subtle that you do not notice but when... Continue Reading →

The Parenting Jig…

This parenting jig is a tough one. We're at a stage.. somewhere in the middle of a transition from the old order into a new one! I believe I'm among a generation of parents who are trying their best to conform to the new norms. Who are among those that listened to their parents and now,... Continue Reading →

Growing up!

Its 7 years and 400 posts, since I started on this journey of blogging !! Long time indeed. I had not thought that I would keep this going for so long. But thanks to memes such as ABC Wednesdays, I'm able to infuse some amount of life into it from time to time and keep... Continue Reading →

Letting go!

Again... from the drafts.. Letting go is damn hard! Perhaps that is the reason why life gives us so many opportunities to learn and adapt to the process of letting go. Each time it is a bitter sweet experience! We want to cling and to let them fly n soar too.. Its a dilemma every... Continue Reading →

The parenting jig!!

This Mother's day I'm in a rather introspective mood. The thoughts are abuzz since a few days.. and I was wondering if I should write about this at all or not. In the early years of motherhood I've been very short tempered, easily venting out my frustrations. This was due to so many things going on... Continue Reading →

Happiness is..

Seeing the beaming faces of the kids when they return from the morning walk! They are tired , exhausted due to the heat and sweat but the excitement shines through!! For the past few years, at the start of the Summer vacations, I would suggest that they wake up as usual and go for the... Continue Reading →

Reading! or is it Thank God! :)

.. for small mercies! or is it small 😉 I meant to do a post on 'reading' as in my/our reading.. choices, patterns etc... but I'll leave you with this instead 🙂 Last night she plonked onto the bed as if she would doze off in a moment. She'd danced, read and danced [practised her... Continue Reading →

Wake up! tales..

... sweet memories to keep forever 🙂  Waking her up in the morning used to be quite a task! It would take all my strength to stay calm and not panic. Especially during the days when D, our house help, had not yet joined us. It still is sometimes... which is another story altogether!! But,... Continue Reading →

Revelations! Momentous ones..

These, I think have been possible by my being mindful and present to what was happening... Ammu,when uncomfortable with what we are telling her or when she's not in a state of listening to anyone, just changes the topic or asks us to stop. And, there are times when she just yells.. Sometimes I just... Continue Reading →

Roller coaster.. anyone?

Ammu had been eagerly waiting for her Christmas holidays to begin, so that she could stay a little while longer in bed 🙂 And, of course, the tests would be over and she could just chill without having to read her text books. She likes to read.. just once, that is. And absolutely dislikes practicing..... Continue Reading →

A child is a seed to be nourished!

As elaborated earlier, a child is a precious seed that needs appropriate nourishment to grow and evolve into a healthy human being! Nourishing a child involves providing wholesome nourishment ... encompassing all the aspects, not just the physical. These are broadly classified as; Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual and Emotional. Nourishment of the Physical being... * Children... Continue Reading →

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