SoftyPink n GloriousRed

…. the colours of life with my kids




Are made of these…

– Streamers, balloons – decorations done after the lil *not so lil* one slept !! She was pleasantly surprised when she woke up

– Waking up early and excited !! And that left me with lesser sleep what with all the decorating work late night , was feeling sleep deprived when i actually got up πŸ˜€

– Flowers.. lots of them πŸ™‚

– Dressing up!.. have to look the best right πŸ˜‰

– Chocolates!! and candies… different kinds at that! for class mates, van mates, special friends, teachers and special teachers

– Family!! and of course cake and gifts!!!

– Music..and lots of food and fun πŸ™‚

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Its the birthday weekend!

Ammu will be 9 this coming weekend !! However, she doesnt seem to be very excited this time since its on a Saturday, as she won’t be going to school in a colour dress and distributing chocolates to all her classmates and teachers… But of course everyone else is πŸ™‚

We plan to have her distribute chocolates in the dance class. She hasnt thought about this.. so I guess she’ll be surprised when I suggest this to her πŸ™‚

As for the celebrations, it will be a family get-together like always.Β Adi is clear that we should have a cake cutting session! We sometimes avoid cake as the fresh cream in the cake/pastry doesnt suit both of them.

Sis1 is only a newbie tailoring enthusiast. But she has taken up the ambitious project of stitching Ammu’s birthday dress. Not just a simple frock.. but one with layers… satin, net and lace.. you get the idea? She’s warned me though.. that if its not ready by this evening, she’ll just go and buy one! Hope she’ll be able to finish it in time πŸ™‚Β However, Ammu is so confident about her chitti’s skills that she told her thata not to buy a birthday dress for her!! He buys one for her every year..

Ammu wants an encyclopedia as her birthday gift. She had seen a set of 4 books at her friend’s place and wanted that. I have no clue which brand or publisher it was. She says you buy any that you think is good enough πŸ™‚ Β I have been doing some search online, but haven’t been able to zero in on any as yet. I guess I’ll have to go to a bookstore and pick one. Last evening she suggested I buy her a small dictionary in case I don’t find the encyclopedia!!

When BIL1 asked her what she wants, she didnt seem to want any toy or doll!…. πŸ™„Β Feels like my girl’s all grown up!! Sigh.Β Indeed, from next year her age will be in double digits.

Its amazing .. this whole journey!Β The transformation of the tiny lil one into this independent person who can manage quite nicely without your help. Β Feels like a miracle unfolding right in front of you. Love, warmth, happiness… eternally grateful and blessed to have these in the form of this lil angel. Wishing and praying that she’ll have the best of everything in life… good health, good friends and lots of love that will be her strength through this journey called life!!

Hoping that her special day unfolds perfectly for her!!!


Of birthday celebrations, cards and teacher’s day!

Lots of things to write about!

Adi turned 5 last weekend!! Friday was the birthday. Ammu had made an icecream card for him! She was very excited at the outcome and wanted to give it to him in the van, first thing in the morning. She was in two minds though… her concern was that he is small and maybe he’ll spoil the card. But then can she wait!! πŸ˜€ She did give it to him in the morning itself.

And, the HM of the school gave him a birthday gift!! Adi is absolutely her favorite. Right from his pre nursery.. or I think LKG days.. he has this habit of going to her office everyday and wishing her! No wonder he’s much sought after. No idea what made him do it when most often kids are scared of HMs !!Β I remember, once, during the summer vacation, we happened to bump into her at the vegetable store and I was totally surprised at her reaction on seeing him πŸ™‚ It was an absolutely charming scene!

On Sunday, we had a lunch party to celebrate the milestone πŸ™‚ Usually, birthdays meant family get together. This time close friends and neighbours were invited. The kids had a gala time. No formal games had been planned. But they were quite excited to play with the balloons and the thermocol cut outs which were all eventually crumpled and then strewn all over the place and on everyone whom they managed to dump it on πŸ™‚

The sad part is that by the time the last guest left, Adi got a high fever 😦 The doctor diagnosed it as symptoms of typhoid.. has prescribed medicines for 5 days. The fever seems to have subsided for now. Hoping and praying that he will become alright with these medicines. Failing which, we will have to go for a blood test and then admission if it is indeed typhoid 😦


Over the weekend, Ammu made a big card for her teacher.

The children in her class split into groups and decided to make cards for the class teacher. In her group she was designated to make the card. She was pretty excited and wanted to make the ‘best’ card! She kept on telling me the different ideas that kept popping in her head from time to time πŸ™‚ from Friday evening until Saturday evening…

Finally she decided she would make a big card with ‘Happy Teacher’s day’ using sequins. I cut out the card from the chart paper and wrote the letters on it. At first she, tried by sticking sequins of different colours. Somehow, it didnt seem so appealing and also she had difficulty in applying the glue. I suggested that she use the cream coloured flower shaped sequins. And, helped her with sticking them. We stuck a few butterflies too and the card was done πŸ™‚ She was so excited that she wanted to go to school the very next day πŸ˜€

Apart from this, the kids also managed to decorate the class. Ammu was not too happy about her role, though. She had to cut strips of cello tape and hand it to those who were actually putting up the decorations πŸ˜€ All this, they have done on their own! I was amazed by this initiative taken by the kids. It brought the realization that indeed Ammu and her friends have grown up!! But, big enough to plan and execute such things?? Maybe, its the kind of exposure that they get these days…


Today, it was Teacher’s day celebrations at her school. She was maha excited that she had to wear ‘colored’ dress to school and that it was a ‘half’ day . The Computer worksheet didnt deter her the least bit πŸ™‚

And, the best thing was, as soon as Ammu woke up, she picked up my phone and called her Karthi chitti [sis1] to wish her πŸ˜€ It was just 6.40 am and I wondered if she would be awake.. but the call had been made even before I realized what was happeneing.. Of course, sis was very happy to be wished first thing in the morning πŸ™‚

On that note, wishing a very happy teachers day to all the teachers!! May they have the energy and enthusiasm to be the guiding light and may they help bring sunshine into the lives of many!!


When wishes come true :)

It takes a child’s innocence to really and completely believe that wishes do come true!!

On the eve of your birthday,you blew a fallen eyelash and made a wish. You told me that you wished to wake up early on your birthday, that each one of us comes home early on that day and the best one was that the day goes by very very slowly πŸ™‚

Simple wishes.. and so full of innocence!!

On your birthday, we had a simple family get together for dinner as usual. And one new friend was invited who was much fussed over by Adi πŸ˜€ You all had a fun time before the cake cutting ritual…

After the cake was had along with the potato chips… and bye byes were said to the friend… it rained gifts πŸ˜€ And you n Adi were super happy!!

And, after a while you came to me and said ‘Mumma, I’m so lucky that I got so many gifts. But I’m more lucky that I have all of you!!’ I just smiled.. and silently sent a prayer that you”ll stay this way always…

‘And all my wishes are coming true.. I woke up so early! you woke up around 3.15 AM and did not fall asleep again until 4 and then woke up again at 6!! . You came home early πŸ™‚ And the day ..its still not over!!’ … you gushed πŸ™‚

May your sweet lil wishes always come true and may you remain the darling lil girl that you are.. my Ammu chellam πŸ™‚

P.S: It was Ammu’s happ happ happy 8th birthday on the 6th of July.

August round up…

August has been quite eventful, especially the latter half…

A trip to Mysore during the 2nd weekend…Β  celebrated Raksha Bandhan and Independence day. While we were there the kids had a good time at the nearby park. Though the play area is not maintained, the kids love playing with whatever still exists πŸ™‚

Rakhsha bandhan..
Going for the slide...
Raring to go..

Then, the next weekend … it was an impromptu trip to the Golden temple at Sripuram near Vellore. Honestly speaking I had not heard of this temple before. After the PT meeting that Saturday , we all got together and left just after 1 PM. The trip was a good one.. the drive was comfortable coz of the relatively less or non existent traffic on the highway when compared to the B’lore Mysore one.

After the toll gate before Vellore, we took a right… aΒ  route through a village to reach Sripuram. The rural scene was comforting and we could feel the freshness in the air. Felt so very nice πŸ™‚ We decided to go to the temple we just passed by it and went on to Vellore. After finding an accommodation in Vellore, we freshened up and returned to the temple, just in time to get entry. No entry after 8 PM. After security checks, strictly no mobiles or cameras are allowed, we had to walk quite a bit in order to reach near the Sanctum Sanctorum. The deity is Sri Lakhsmi Narayani.

The entire temple is covered in layers of gold and is a sight to behold, especially when it is lit up… thats one reason why we chose to visit the temple after dusk. Later, read up on the net and realized that we had walked along a star shaped pathway to reach the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The next day, we decided to have it relaxed and cancelled the plan to visit the Vellore fort. Also, Adi had been suffering from fever since the previous evening and we didn’t want to strain him out. We again proceeded towards the temple. There, outside the temple, we went around looking at the stuff being sold … bought some girly things and then headed back. Once again on the road through the villages… couple of times we stopped to click some pics of the serene surroundings πŸ™‚

The drive back was also good and we reached home by evening… in time to prepare for the week ahead πŸ™‚

The last weekend of August was a hectic one… busy preparing for Adi’s bday and the festival. Celebrated Gauri pooja and Adi’s 4th bday on Wednesday, the 31st of August and Ganesh Chaturthi on Thursday, the 1st of Sep.

Here are some snapshots..

Gauri pooja at sis1's place..
Cutting the cake...
Ooh..aaah.. πŸ™‚
Ganesh pooja

Hope you enjoyed looking the pics πŸ™‚

D day!

The countdown was almost similar to the last year’s πŸ™‚

The day dawned bright n nice πŸ™‚ Ammu woke up as soon as I called out her name!! 20 minutes earlier that usual.. And sprang out of the bed in just a couple of minutes. No drowsiness.. no laziness. She wished good morning to everyone cheerfully and went about doing her things as quickly as possible. She wanted to have enough time to ‘dress up’. And I was wishfully thinking.. why cant it be like this everyday πŸ˜€ All you moms nodding head in agreement? πŸ˜‰

So the princess was all dressed up, had her breakfast and went down on time! I even clicked a few pics of her in her gorgeous dress!! I hope she has an exciting n happy day πŸ™‚ Apparently, she has told her friends in advance and was excitedly describing what her best friend is going to give her… complete with details of wrapping n all πŸ˜€ Waiting to hear her story today… πŸ™‚

At home…Β  before getting ready for office, I spent some time decorating the living room with streamers and the ‘Happy birthday’ banner. Generally we do it in the evening but this time I thought of giving the kids a surprise when they come home. I’m sure they’ll be excited!! Adi was excited and wanted to get the cake and cut it yesterday itself πŸ˜€

Evening… it will be a family get together as usual. We’ll be missing sis1 who’s in Kolkata for a workshop and she too will be missing this for sure… she didnt even want to go… for this reason. But such is life πŸ™‚

The princess will be in another gorgeous dress that her Thata bought for her from Mysore… and of course Adi too!! he’s maha excited about his new dress as well!! G’pas wont’t think twice when splurging for these tiny tots πŸ˜‰ Right? Everything’s set for the evening… the cake, the gifts, the menu just a simple one . I hope it will be fun and exciting for the kids!!

Happy Birthday darling!! Hope and wish your days in the year ahead will be filled with fun and cheer and good health!!!

Wordless Wednesday!

B’day + Surprise Gift = Sooper happy!!

My entry for this weeks theme ‘Happy’ at Thursday Challenge!

I was thinking of giving it a miss this time as I had done one on the same theme a couple of weeks back! But then I thought why miss the chance of feeling happy all over again looking at some happy happy pics in the archive πŸ˜€ Finally decided on this one πŸ™‚

Ammu happily riding her bicycle ,Β a surprise gift from me on her b’day in 2010!! The bicycle had been kept at home since a week, covered with bedsheets n all. And an ironing board kept in front of it. Whenever she got curious, we managed to tell her something or the other! We did manage to give her a huge surpriseΒ on the D-day!! The look on her face was priceless πŸ˜€

My Natkhat Nandlal :)

Who else… the ever active, restless, never tiring Adi πŸ˜€ Upto something every single moment!!

On our way to Mysore…

Barely into the trip, out of our area … onto Hosur road

Adi: ‘Where is Mysore?’Β Ammu would at least wait until we crossed Bannerghata road πŸ˜€

He was least interested in going by the car. It was our first drive to Mysore in our car!

Adi Looking at the colourful private buses that passed by : I want to go in the pink bus, I want to go in the yellow bus, I want to go in the Green bus.. and so on.

Adi excited at the train passing by: I want to go in the trrraaaaiiinnnn πŸ˜€Β Trains excite him the most, doesnt matter if it is going to Bangalore and not to Mysore!

I was distracting him and keeping him occupied with the Sun, the clouds and the hills… His reactions…

‘I like the clouds… I’ll catch them and take them with me to Mysore πŸ™‚ ‘

‘The Sun is coming with me only Bomma πŸ˜€ ‘

‘See the hill Bomma…. Wowwww!!’Β Just like I say to make things sound interesting to him πŸ™‚

‘Dinosaur is my friend… he’ll play with me!’Β About the dinosaur in a park at Mandya.

At Mysore…

‘It will bite me Mamma …’Β trying to move away when we showed him a butterfly

We both could’nt help laughing at this reaction .. such a contrast from his response to a dinosaur!!

While eating… after a few morsels… flexing his tiny muscles…

β€˜Look Mamma/Bomma/Thata/Baba/Didi… I’m getting shakti !!!’

These are his cute n endearing words. I’m sure I’ve missed some. And his antics keep us on our toes each moment. I feel my words will not do justice to the cuddly bundle of enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and intelligence!!Β After initial disappointment at some of his antics, its these qualities that shine through and help us accept him for what he is and what he does!!

So here’s to my natkhat nandlal Β for giving us the most beautiful… most eventful 3 years of our lives πŸ™‚ And for flooring us each time with your gorgeous smile… check the header πŸ˜›

Wishing you the best of everything… that life can offer! Loads of laughter, happiness, bonding and of course the natkhat moments, without which our lives will be dull and without flavour!!

Excitedly, Ammu arranged the balloons around him!

The birthday cake πŸ™‚

Making a wish!!

Adi turned 3 on 31st August, 2010.

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