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Spray of Colours!!

We made a couple of cards today… after I came back from work..

Reminds me of this C&H strip!


haha! Not exactly panic in our case.. but I did want to make it to the April Challenge at ArtsyCraftsyMom πŸ˜›

Also, Ammu is going to Mysore tomorrow and will be back only on Sunday. So, would have to wait until next weekend for this activity.. Anyway tomorrow is a holiday and that was a good enough reason to indulge in this right away!

Here they are..



I made the stencils using paper. Ammu had fun spraying colours of her choice while I held the stencils in place πŸ™‚

Linking these to the April challenge at ArtsyCraftsyMom! Phew!!

And yay!! πŸ˜€

P.S: C&H strip via Google


Colourful fun times :)

A few art pieces by Ammu πŸ™‚

This one is inspired by the falling leaves in Autumn. Or is it Winter in February? Whatever! πŸ™‚
One morning while waiting for the school van, I spotted a bird on the tree opposite to the gate and was showing it to her. The tree was almost bare and Ammu was excited to see the leaves shedding !! She identified the season as Autumn.. and exclaimed that we could make a painting/drawing of that scene..
Though I forgot about it, she came up with this one, and surprised me when I came back from work πŸ™‚ I loved that she has used 2 different colours on the leaves. And, see the detailing on the girl’s dress? And, the caption! Cute na πŸ˜›

I was quite impressed when she showed me this one! So very different from her usual ones πŸ™‚ She then told me that she started out with something else in her mind but ended up with this πŸ™‚ I was glad that she didn’t give up and came up something even if it was not the thing that she’d imagined..

Scenery – bushes, flowers and butterflies using finger painting.. She meant to do some detailing later but perhaps forgot all about it. Love the colours… Β there are blue and green flowers too πŸ™‚

This one she made yesterday. The design in the center inspired by the design on a wedding card!

Couple of days ago she wanted to do a painting. A scenery having a house, bushes, flowers and clouds.She wanted me to help her and show her how to go about it. But she is very impatient and cannot wait to get going. And she declared that she didnt like what I was doing! Basically, I had made a rough sketch of the house and tree and was showing how to colour the sky first, when she said this. And then, she proceeded to make her own drawing.

Since I had already started off, I thought of completing it.. with a slight hope that she’ll observe what I was doing πŸ™‚ It felt good.. doing a water colour painting after what seems like ages!! Come to think of it, I havent done one after my school days! Anyhow, I liked the end result and Ammu, after a while said that she liked it too πŸ™‚ The sun is red in colour courtsey Ammu!

As for her own attempts, she started off with the blue sky but got no further, and those pieces landed in the dustbin. Btw.. this happens not only with art and craft but with her notebooks and diaries too. She’ll promptly tear off pages when she feels it is not neat or upto her expectation 😦  She, at times, expects instant perfection and doesnt get the fact that it takes patience and a lot of attempts to get good at painting or any other creative task for that matter.I keep reminding her that she can paint if she enjoys doing it and need not be worried about doing it perfectly. I’m sure she’ll learn that slowly and in her own way. I need to be patient till then πŸ™‚

Linking this to the April Challenge ‘Get Artsy’ at ArtsyCraftsyMom!


Re-post of the pen/pencil holders that we had made in summer. The linky at Shruti’s September challenge did not allow me to link the two crafts, pedestal and pen holders, seperately with the same URL and hence this πŸ˜€

Bangles to pen/pencil holders πŸ™‚
Another view .. with pens πŸ™‚

The special things about these crafts is that both are made from used stuff. For the pedestal, I used the cardboard packs of some electronic goods.

For the bangle stand, I’ve used the bangles that no longer fit Ammu. Actually I did not have the heart to throw them away πŸ™‚ The holder is simple to make.

* Make a cylindrical tube out of chart paper or any suitable material. Its diameter should be slightly lesser than the diameter of the bangles.I used the sides of a cereal/chocolates carton box. Toilet roll can also be used to make it more simpler πŸ™‚

* At one end of the cylinder, make small vertical cuts at intervals and make folds. Stick this end to a base. For the base. I’ve used the lid of a used container.

* Slide the bangles onto the cylinder and secure them at the top by sticking the top two bangles.

* Stick coloured paper on the base and decorate as per your wish πŸ™‚ I’ve used plastic mirrors and glitter to complement the colour and glitter of the bangles!

Stunning holders ready!! And that too.. free of cost! Well.. almost πŸ™‚

Bonus.. is the satisfaction of spending time with Ammu and then, her smile and admiration… priceless!!!!

Linking this one to the September Challenge – Glitter, at Artsy Craftsy Mom.

Have a happy weekend friends πŸ™‚

Fun times :)

Its the last day of this academic year.. for Ammu n Adi! In fact, its over already..Β  they must be back home and enjoying their nap πŸ™‚ The last two weeks were quite easy on me.. as BIL1 had taken up the responsibility for making them read and revise their lessons.Β  He was a very relieved person yesterday πŸ˜€

Though, of course, it was not ‘all study and no play’. With the change in weather, they’ve enjoyed eating their fruit and curd, have had fun playing outside. Ammu was most relieved to skip the sweater and scarf routine!

And, art n craft is always a favorite here πŸ™‚

Origami dolls that Ammu made for my Sis1 and BIL on their marriage anniversary.

Initially, she made one for sis. When I told her that the occasion was their marriage anniversary, she made another one and stuck them together. Cute thinking πŸ™‚ Aint it!

Wishes .. on the back of the dolls πŸ™‚

Then, she was inspired enough to make them again using craft paper..

The next weekend, we started out to make a book mark. I had kept a wedding card safely for this purpose πŸ™‚ It was cream colored with flowers designed on the outer edge. It cut these sides and used them for the book mark.

Since it is spring time.. I was inspired to make it colourful. Ammu did most of the colouring… coloured the flowers and leaves with crayons and did the outline using sketch pens.

Then she proceeded to make an Origami parrot, from instructions in her Art/Craft book. I had been looking at some Origami stuff on the net and that inspired her I guess πŸ™‚ The dolls too she had made looking at the instructions in her book.

And, I tried my hand at paper quilling for the first time..

Just used some strips cut out of the craft paper. Felt nice and relaxed after the craft session as Ammu also enjoyed herself all the while πŸ™‚

Linking this to Shruti’s March Artsy Craftsy challenge – “Origami”… for the Origami dolls and the Origami parrot. I’m so happy that I’ve actually taken pictures and uploaded them well before the deadline πŸ˜‰

There are more pics of cards that Ammu has made. Will put them up next.

Its a long weekend. Yay!!

Ushering in the new year with Ugadi tomorrow. Happy Ugadi to all of you!! And have a fabulous weekend πŸ™‚

Flower craft

Ammu with a lotus flower on Flower Day at school.

This was in August 2009. She was suffering from a throat infection and had severe cough. And thinking that she’ll not be going, I didn’t prepare anything for the event. But on that day, she insisted that she wanted to go to school just to participate !!

That was when I made this Lotus …by jugaad!

I cut out the petals from the sides of an old card board box; the card was not very thick. Stuck the pink colour paper onto the petals; two different pinks coz there wasnt sufficient quantity of one for all the petals…

Fixed them together at the base using some kind of pin.. the petals didnt stay in one place, they kept sliding

Wrapped green colour paper onto an ice cream stick and stuck it at the base of the Lotus.

She managed to say a few sentences even though she continued to cough all the time. But the greatest satisfaction was that she enjoyed being there … with all her friends who were dressed up as flowers n fruits… πŸ˜€

Her smile says it all!!

Linking this one also to the September Artsy Craftsy at Mindful Meanderings!

ETA: Wohoo!!! We’ve won the 1st prize at Artsy Craftsy Sept 2011 πŸ™‚ Thanks Shruti!

Ammu’s art..

Ammu’s creation for Mother’s day!

Ammu drew this on her own and coloured it using crayons. The 2 human figures represent me and her πŸ™‚

Linking this to the July Artsy Craftsy at Mindful Meanderings!

A cherished book !!

A Little princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The abridged version of this book was given to me as an award for Morals when I was in the 8th std which was almost 22 years ago!! Even to this day, I’m not very sure as to why they chose me for this prize. Was it based on marks or did it have something to do with my behaviour I do not know. However, it was perhaps the first book that I owned and I had been excited to receive it amidst applause of the students and teachers at the award ceremony. That made it special for me. But the reason why I cherish it even to this day is the story of the little princess Sara, which left a lasting impression on me. The inherent goodness of the little princess was at once enchanting and empowering to me. It enforced my belief that goodness has its own merits. And that goodness at heart is what will bring you lasting peace and contentment. And will help us be one with the universe. Something which I have believed in and have endeavoured to practice to the extent possible.

The book cover.

The certificate pasted on the inside of the cover.

AΒ brief outline of the story can be found here. I do not know if it can be for real. But I’m sure compassion, empathy, good will are virtues which should be emulated and nurtured. Empathize every single time. Always give others the benefit of doubt and never pass a judgement off hand. Don’t feel jealous. Don’t grudge others their success and glory. Don’t crib and whine. And be grateful.. for everything! These are a few things that I have imbibed from the book. I try to live accordingly… trying all the while. There are instances where I have been taken advantage of, have been cheated… betrayed. But I have not given up on what I have been and what I am. For I trulyΒ believe, that in the long run, goodness will have its own fruits.

The story of Sara has impacted my way of thinking … and being. I dont think i can elaborate on all the lines that have had an impact, here are a couple of scenes… courtsey google πŸ™‚

Acknowledge that you may be better because you are placed in better circumstances. And have a heart… empathize with those who aren’t as privileged as you are.

Acknowledge your limitations … and try to overcome them in a better way. Try to always look for the good in everyone and every situation.

I don’t know if the content of the book helped me form my habits and cultivate my temperament. Or if I felt that my innate qualities and beliefs were vindicated by the story. Either way, I connect with the book and cherish it. And each time I read it, I’m enchanted and almost always, it brings up a lump in the throat. For me, this book is not just about memories but about a way of life, to be cherished for all times to come πŸ™‚

Even after moving cities and houses, the book has stayed with us. Dad never ever disposes off books, no matter what their Β condition. On a recent visit to our home in Mysore, I went through the books. And was so glad to find it. Pages brown and with the typical smell of old books πŸ™‚ Ammu was also excited about the book, because it contained my name and my school name. And when I told her it was a prize, she was impressed. I brought back with me and it now sits in my book shelf. I’m sure Ammu will pick it up when she is able to read it. Probably I’ll buy her a new one to read since the pages are popping out of the book that I have. Anyway, I really hope she too will imbibe some of the quaint and lovable manners of Princess Sara πŸ™‚ As for Adi… I’m not sure if Princess stories will interest him. Only time will tell!! I just wish that he’ll read it too πŸ™‚

I came across this contest at blogadda just yesterday. I so wanted to do this post but thought that wouldn’t be able to with so little time left for the deadline. But I just had to and here it is.I’m so glad that I could write this down πŸ™‚

Friends of Books - Library that delivers and I connect with bloggers at

Glimpses from Diwali 2010!

This Diwali, we had a pleasant ambience at home. A little rangoli at the door accentuated with flowers and diyas… Little scented candles and floating candles in the living room…Fragrance of flowers, fruits, incense sticks in the puja room…

Since it was too windy for diyas in the balcony, we brought them all in and lined them up along the walls… We switched off all the tube lights and swiched on the yellow decorative bulbs. The whole place looked so festive with the reflection of the diyas on the clear tiles…

I did not take many pics though… was just savouring it all πŸ™‚ And when I saw Shruti’s artsy craftsy theme for Nov, I was hoping to have a few pics at least. BIL had taken pics of the rangolis and some diyas on his mobile.Β But I had no pics of the crafts that I had made 😦 Β Again, thankfully, the crafts are with me unlike the rangolis. And I somehow managed to click pics of them and upload them, along with the ones in the mobile. So here they are!!

Rangolis made using rangoli powder and embellished with flowers and diyas! The clay diyas painted using gold colour oil paint…just accentuating the beautiful design πŸ™‚

The kids were all excited while making the rangoli and were even eager to fill in the colours. They seemed fascinated looking at the end result! For some reason, while leaving for home yesterday around 8 PM, Adi looked back at me n said ‘ Bomma, make one rangoli’ πŸ™‚

I made the lanterns while chatting with sis and the kids. A pretty simple one… Just cut 4 rectangles of the same size from hand made paper. Punch holes along the sides. Cut out some tiny shapes on the card paper for light to filter out. Tie up along the sides using satin ribbon pieces. This tying up can be done in different ways. Place diyas or candles within the walls and enjoy the work of art πŸ™‚ Swich off the tube lights and you get a dramatic effect!! What say? I found inspiration for these while on one of my web trails, but i don’t seem to recollect the site 😦

Then I made the akashbutti,again using handmade paper. The one that I had bought last year had become dull and damaged at places. So i decided to use reuse the rings that held the central cylinder to make a new one. There were four rings; i used just 2.

Make the inner cylinder by cutting out the rectangle and fix it arund the rings, placing one ring at the top and other at the bottom. Then make another rectangle, 2 inches more height than the first one. Fold and cut slits from the fold till the edge, just leaving an inch of margin space for fixing it. Open the fold and fix this piece over the inner cylinder. Then stick colorful streamers below. I reused the old one. But wrapped it show the surface that was on the inner side earlier. Tie string at the top for hanging it. Fix up the lighting and you’re done!!

Note: This can be done even without the rings, by using a stiffer card paper. Children above 8 years should be able to do it I guess πŸ™‚

These diyas are from the past year. They were painted by sis and her in laws. I have included them here to add bling to this post πŸ˜€ Aren’t they pretty ? *showing off*

Nominating these toΒ Shruti’s Nov Artsy Craftsy.

ETA: More pics πŸ™‚

Hare and the tortoise...beside the TV πŸ™‚

Arent these little rabbit and the tortoise candle holders cute? πŸ™‚

In the balcony...

Also linking this to Diwali Dhamaka @ The Key Bunch!!

Styrofoam Clock

Here’s another entry for July’s Artsy Craftsy. Clock made using styrofoam plate … one that comes as fruit/veg packet.

We made this during the summer vacations. Ammu chose the colors. I cut the papers and stuck it onto the plate. Then used glitter glue to write the numbers. Made the hands from an old card and stuck using a soft board pin. Done! I meant to cover it with a transparent polythene cover but never got around to do it. As usual… πŸ™‚ Nevertheless, it sits pretty in the book shelf, much above Adi’s reach πŸ˜‰

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