Roller coaster.. anyone?

Ammu had been eagerly waiting for her Christmas holidays to begin, so that she could stay a little while longer in bed 🙂 And, of course, the tests would be over and she could just chill without having to read her text books. She likes to read.. just once, that is. And absolutely dislikes practicing..

And now, the fun has begun .. the vacation started yesterday and the school will reopen on the 2nd of Jan 2012. So also the fights… the sis bro duo are giving us some tough times these days 😦 She gives him a good spanking whenever he does something that annoys her, much to our chagrin!! Thankfully, most of the times I am at work and don’t have to witness these scenes. Even hearing of them, makes me get so worked up. Sometimes I feel, maybe, my presence could help restrain herself. I’m not so sure though…

Many times, she feels bad about her behaviour. And,she says she does not understand why she does it, when she loves him and does not want to hurt him. Her temper is a cause of concern these days. She talks rashly to everyone, at times. Though, she quickly realizes that it is not desirable. I have tried reasoning with her.. patiently as well as threateningly at times. But it has not had much of an effect. She has her temper tantrums and then, is also quick to apologize. I don’t know if I should stay upset with her even after she promises not to misbehave, or I should just accept her apology and give her another chance. Its so very confusing 😦 Makes me feel I’m doing something awfully wrong! Sometimes, I dread the thought of teens!! Time seems to pass so quickly… not helpful at all 🙄

The only solace is that they make up quickly. Especially, Adi… he does not give up easily. He has to follow his didi around, no matter what!! And , at the end of the day, showers her with kisses before leaving for home 🙂 One lucky didi she is!! And, she knows it 🙂 So, the only wish is .. fights or no fights they should stay the best of pals!! Always 🙂

And… its been a challenging time with Adi too. Esp recording this so that I’ll not be accused of being partial to Adi. His mamma and baba think that I’m too lenient with him 😉  He does his share of mischief, at home and in school as well. It has been especially annoying when his teacher calls up and tells what he’s been up-to! Though she maintains that there’s one other guy who’s the most naughtiest as well as violent in the class. We can be thankful, that Adi is not pushy and violent with other kids.. but still there are reasons for concern.

Earlier, while coming back, he would not sit in one place and would give a tough time to the van driver and helper. They would resort to various means to make him sit in his seat. But, sometime back, he did the unthinkable.. along with the friend of his, who he says goaded him to do it. They threw his school bag out of the moving vehicle!! Luckily, the driver/helper noticed it. Stopped the vehicle and brought it back for him. He got a proper dressing down esp from his mamma, who is by nature an anxiety freak… nicknamed Tension Rani 🙂

Its tough dealing with him also. We need to constantly keep an eye on him. Even when we get angry with him and scold or yell at him, we’re so besotted with his cheeky grin, puppy looks and pleading wails that we give in very easily. We, as in, me, thata and our cook 🙂 His mamma and baba also give in.. but they are more worried and keep the strict stance for a while longer!

He’s been having cycles of illnesses for more than a month now. Throat infection, tonsillitis… he has been coming down with fever every Sunday. Its a routine of medications including antibiotics, salt water gargling and steam inhalation. But no matter what we do or say, he cant seem to stop his habit touching dusty surfaces and of going and washing his hands in the chilled water.. ever so often. Doesn’t help one bit, with his cold and the stuffy nose, that look like they’re here to stay!!

All in all, its a roller coaster of sorts 🙂 Trying to stay buoyant and sail along with the flow…

Hoping fervently that they will turn out alright!! Health-wise and otherwise 🙂

14 thoughts on “Roller coaster.. anyone?

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    1. Yeah! All about growing up 🙂
      I’m sure there’ll be something or the other that will keep parents anxious at every stage… the trick is to know how to handle .. ourself and the kid.


  1. Wow.. you definitely are on a roller coaster though, Priya!! And I can feel the tension and the anxiety in your words.. that make ME feel anxious too!! Hope all will settle down well.. and hey.. .wishing good health for both the kids.. 🙂 TC .. of urself and the kids.. well.. that u already are doing. 🙂


  2. Hi,
    Though I am a grandmother, I liked your description of bringing up kids. In fact, your pages make me remember my parenting days!.

    You write well, and you are lucky to have two to look after. The company at home is so important to kids. I am sure they will be bonded , for years to come.



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