I've  jumped into the 'colour your hair' bandwagon. I know its not such a big deal these days... however, for me and those around me, it is indeed a big one! They've been persistent in their efforts right from the days when I had just a couple of greys.. that is some 5-6 years ago... Continue Reading →

Tiny tidbits..

Convo between the two.. Adi telling his didi who his teachers are for the various subjects.. Didi gushing over one and then commenting over another.. 'Oh! She is very nice' 'Really? She is your teacher? She is so strict. *towards me* She's very very strict ma !!' They are really petrified by teachers who are... Continue Reading →

Wake up! tales..

... sweet memories to keep forever 🙂  Waking her up in the morning used to be quite a task! It would take all my strength to stay calm and not panic. Especially during the days when D, our house help, had not yet joined us. It still is sometimes... which is another story altogether!! But,... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits :)

Last night after they finished dinner we tell them to sit quietly and not jump around... After my dinner is done, I go into the room to find them lying next to each other. And, Ammu is reading from a story book!! A dream-come-true moment for a mom who loves to read 😀 ********* This... Continue Reading →

Tamaso ma jyothirgamaya!

Lights, flowers, rangolis, mehendi and a few fire crackers. Family, chit-chat, dressing up and lots of laughter marked this Diwali!! No elaborate preparations were made. No sweets or savouries prepared at home. Even the shopping for new clothes happened at the nth moment 😐 I seemed to have been caught up with other stuff after... Continue Reading →

Right now…

... the phase is where sis n bro look forward to being with each other. There was a phase just a couple of months ago when Ammu would wait for Adi to go back to his house... she wanted the peace and the people around just for herself. And Adi would just as eagerly want... Continue Reading →

August round up…

August has been quite eventful, especially the latter half... A trip to Mysore during the 2nd weekend...  celebrated Raksha Bandhan and Independence day. While we were there the kids had a good time at the nearby park. Though the play area is not maintained, the kids love playing with whatever still exists 🙂 Then, the... Continue Reading →

Brotherly love :)

In the school van, while going to school... Ammu: Thata will go to Mysore tomorrow .. he'll bring a new dress for my birthday 😀 Adi: No. Thata should not go. I'll become big and buy a new dress for your birthday. I'll buy a saree for you 😀 Ammu tried explaining to him that... Continue Reading →

@Home !!

Some of the things that make up home 🙂 For this week's theme 'Home' at Thursday Challenge. All pics of Sis2's home 🙂 where we stayed during Ammu's summer vacation and had the most relaxed n fun times !!

Ammu Adi milaap :)

Adi had been to Kolkata with his parents... to meet his grandparents. 1st of July to 17th of July. On 16th evening... Ammu: Why did they have to go for so many days? Me: What happened? They'll come tomorrow... Ammu: I want thambi. Now only! almost in tears... On 17th evening... Ammu: Mamma, I love... Continue Reading →

Week 1- Recap

Adi's first week at school!!! Day 1: Mamma and baba took you to school. You knew that they'll wait for you till your class gets over. You stayed in class, happily eating your chockies, unaffected by all the hullabaloo around you!! Day 2: You were excited to go to school with didi! But you started crying the minute... Continue Reading →

Tiny tidbits…

Meal times are long drawn and a struggle... mostly. And Ammu insists that i feed her! I dont force her to eat by herself thinking that this phase will soon be over and i need to this just a few more days maybe. Its like the mommy-baby time... cuddles, coaxing, temper, blackmail... all in a... Continue Reading →

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