Love and light!

The beautiful morning light that turned a relaxed Sunday morning into a fun family time 🙂 Hope you can spot the tiny details that symbolise the big things in life... These pictures, taken spontaneously, make me realize that love and light are indeed the 2 things that keep me going!! Feel blessed and grateful. Wishing... Continue Reading →

Resilience!! #ThursdayTreeLove

“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.”― Dieter F. Uchtdorf This Jacaranda tree stands at a crossroad right opposite to our old office. I used to look at it everyday...the lush leaves, the pretty purple blooms, the tree's silhouette against the setting sun... Unfortunately, the tree... Continue Reading →

November light!

When the beautiful morning light makes you want to go click click 🙂 ... Love how the veggies are revelling in the sun's rays streaming in through the kitchen window! Are you getting your dose of the November light? Joining some lovely folks in the blogosphere this Wednesday! Natasha, Sandee, Betty !! Hop over to... Continue Reading →

Ten on Tuesday :)

This used to be a trend of a few of my blogger friends, during my initial days of blogging. I never had done it though. Today when I came here to jot down my thoughts, my mind kind of blanked out. So, maybe I'll start by making a list of 10 things that come to... Continue Reading →

Akasha mallige #Thursday tree love

Literally speaking, jasmine in/of the sky! This tree is named after the jasmine-like sweet smelling flowers that bloom on the tall trees and seem to belong to the sky ! Also known as mara mallige, the Indian Cork tree is a beautiful sight to behold, especially when in bloom. Not as spectacular as the jacarandas,... Continue Reading →

Inspiration is everywhere…

Inspiration is all around if you care to look 🙂 Ammus' favourite theme of moonlit night sky, a much loved bottle and a social media handle came together in this beautiful artwork that she made for a friend... ********** P.S: Linking up  at the blog hops hosted by the lovely folks Sandee, Natasha, Betty. Hop over to join... Continue Reading →

Gallery! #Skywatch

My phone camera gallery a couple of weeks ago! The clouds looked so stunning that afternoon, on our drive from sister's home to ours, we couldn't help but go click-click ! Yes, thats right... these pictures were clicked on the go!! Most of these were clicked by Ammu 🙂 I'm so glad that the sky-gazing... Continue Reading →

A thing of beauty…

is a joy forever... Love the colours and all the different elements that make this beauty!! ********* Linking up  at the blog hops hosted by Sandee, Natasha & Esha, Betty. Hop over to enjoy some lovely views/photographs or better still join in! *********

The food connection! #ThursdayTreeLove

A Moringa sapling silhouetted against the grey sky... Moringa feels kind of extra special because it is food and memories and so much more than just a plant/tree. Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera. Family: Moringaceae. Commonly known as the drumstick, it is one of the favorites in our homes. Here are the many ways in which... Continue Reading →

Monsoon cloudscapes #WordlessWednesday

Simple evenings that turn into beautiful mesmerizing ones just like that! ********* Linking up  at the blog hops hosted by Sandee, Natasha & Esha, Betty. Hop over to enjoy some lovely views/photographs or better still join in 🙂 ********* If you are a skywatcher/ skyscapes lover like me, you would love to take a look at these... Continue Reading →

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