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Sunday matinee!

The kids love the movie Chalti ka naam gaadi !! Yes.. a movie from the black and white era!! Its a feat I achieved recently. I say feat, because, to get the kids these days to love anything from our times is an achievement, let alone from the black and white times.. right? 🙂

A few months ago, I started the weekly ritual of viewing old Hindi movies with the whole family, kids included. After a nice heavy meal on Sunday afternoons, its perfect time for a nap. But we dont prefer that as we do not want to end up having a sleepless Sunday night and wake up to a tired Monday morning. And each one gets busy checking phone or wondering what else to do!

I am always interested in watching old movies and thought why not include the whole family in this activity. Sisters and BIL liked the idea instantly. The kids were really wary of it, though. We would select old classics, mostly light simple ones starring Amol Palekar, Farooq Sheikh and the like.. you get the drift right? And we quite enjoyed them. Ammu would stay through some of them but Adi would mostly get restless and then go off to play.

So imagine the scene, when one Sunday afternoon, i suggested that we watch Chalti ka Naam Gaadi, a black and white movie!! Sisters were also a bit skeptical but were ok when I assured them that its a fun movie. TBH, I had forgotten most part of the story but remembered that it was quite hilarious. The kids were not very inclined to watch a black and white movie. But somehow ended up sitting with us. Adi’s friends didnt turn up and he had to stay put. Ammu didnt have anything else to do and perhaps thought she should see if she likes it..

As the movie progressed though, all of us were in splits. The two of them more so 😀 They sat through the whole movie and at the end of it, declared that its the best movie ever!!! A feat to be noted and cherished, isnt it?  😉

So, the Sunday afternoon movie ritual continues.. with movies old and not so old.. We miss out on it sometimes due to some chores to be done. But mostly, manage to catch up on some movie, making it a lovely family time. Reminds me of the Sunday evening movie time during Doordarshan days 🙂

P.S: For the record, 2 other movies that the kids love – Sholay and Amar Akbar Anthony. Chotu fans of the Big B I would say 🙂

Any such family rituals you follow? Do share…



As the kids grow up there are different kinds of learnings/ un- learnings, its a different flavour of joy, a different flavour of agony … and so on. On the whole the package remains the same me thinks 🙂

And then there is the transition, ever so subtle that you do not notice but when it does surface, hits you as a surprise or shock even.

The kiddo is so clingy you wonder what to do to make her independent and one fine day she calmly announces that she wants to go sleep alone in her bedroom. And she does! Leaving you wondering what that was all about !!

The one who loved her girly princess-y dresses and stubbornly refused any attempt to make her wear trousers now revels in her jeans trousers and capris and jump suits!! Girly dresses are passe.. sigh!

And, while dealing with the kids , in their pre-teen and teen years seems super exasperating mostly , combined with all the self doubt about the upbringing, I’m still trying to hang on to the thin rope of faith that we’re doing the best we can and that they will turn out fine after all. Hope springs eternal.. aint it?

So.. transition it is.. for them. And, for us.


Change is the only constant..

Change happens ever so subtly. We do not feel there is a great deal of movement from day to day. But when we look back over the years there’s so much that would have changed. It takes us by surprise , the cumulative change!

Like, the daughter is all grown up now! well.. almost. Point is, she is not that lil girl anymore, though there are glimpses of her now and then 🙂 The boy is grown up too. Not so much by age but by experience. The experience of being around an older sibling and older friends does that to you..isnt it!

Sometimes though, change comes with a bang. When you are not actively thinking about it. Nor are doing something to effect change. Such instances are overwhelming and forces us to think. And then , as if by magic, if you are mindful and the perceiving sort, you realize that there were already little signs along the way. And that seems to have a calming effect on you. Makes you more accepting of change. You know that resistance is futile anyway and that sets you going..

Looking forward with curiosity and a bit.. just a wee bit of anxiety to this next phase , which is not all new but new nevertheless 🙂

When flowers beckon!

I was fascinated when I’d read about the cannon ball tree, especially the flowers seemed interesting and appealed to the botanist in me. It has an unusual arrangement of the stamens which has been modified into a hood. And is hence known as the Naga Linga flower and the tree is the Naga Linga tree.

Not very long ago I happened to spot a tree in the area where we go for our dance classes. And some of the days I take that route depending on traffic. Recently when I went that way I was reminded of the tree and was wondering if its in bloom and that I should go check sometime. Thing is, there’s another tree beside it and I’ve never been able to notice the blooms from afar.

Incidentally, the very next day we ended up going to that very street for a lunch treat from BIL and parking constraints ensured we parked the car near the tree! The first thing I did on getting off the car was to run to the tree !! 😀

Its incredible how wishes/thoughts manifest and then are fulfilled… in the most amazing ways!!!

Here are a few clicks taken using my mobile phone…



Couroupita 3

P.S: Found a nice write up and lovely pics here !! Go ahead and check it out if you are a plant/flower person like me 🙂



This parenting jig is a tough one. We’re at a stage.. somewhere in the middle of a transition from the old order into a new one! I believe I’m among a generation of parents who are trying their best to conform to the new norms. Who are among those that listened to their parents and now, are compelled,by circumstances, to listen their kids as well!! I’m sure many would agree with this and relate to the fact that we’re wondering if we are the parent(s) or our kids are.

For one, the confusion arises from trying to be a friendly parent. From the outset, I wanted to be a friendly parent. But in one of the parenting counselling sessions at school, we were told to be a parent and a friend, not a friendly parent. Guess I’d got it all wrong. I went into the friend mode first itself and now its become quite difficult to be in that mode when all I want is to whack senses into the young one! Ha ha.

She adores me no end and for her there’s nothing more she loves in the world than being with me.At the same time she’s her own person, which is good, but not when it comes across as uncaring and insensitive to others around her who care a lot about her.

I feel good about the fact that she’s open with me about everything that goes on, but definitely not that great when she openly defies me on every single thing that I try to discipline her on. I honestly value good manners, ethics and a certain amount of discipline, more than anything else. But when these are not uppermost on her agenda, it annoys me no end. I wonder if its just her age or if its me that’s not doing it right… Sigh!



Of new happenings..

2016 has been an year of some significant happenings in my life! One of them being the purchase of a new car on a whim .. almost ! And, driving on the highway for the first time ever!! Yep.. in my new car, to Mysore … this Dasara  🙂

It was a pretty decent drive, with not overly crowded roads as we started a day earlier than the designated holidays. There were of course a couple of heart stopping moments but I was able to handle those and move on . It was a sort of coming of age! … an important milestone for me where driving is concerned.

While I liked the experience, I would still love to not be in the driver’s seat just so that I can enjoy the sights, click random pics and absorb the view to the maximum 🙂  Which brings me to the point of this post…

As we neared Mysore, we were greeted by gorgeousness of the evening sky!! The splash of colours was mesmerizing and I had to gather all I had to keep my focus on the road ahead. Here are a few pics clicked by sis who was in the back seat of the car. The pics dont do justice to the view that was… but are precious due to the fact that they invoke the lovely memory of that evening… being welcomed to the city that always makes us happy to be there!!





See the hearts floating in the sky? ! 🙂



As always, Adi has interesting ways to absolve himself..

A couple of days ago, he’d not eaten the bread-nutella that was packed for breakfast. When D discovered it, she asked Ammu why he hadnt eaten. Apparently Ammu hadn’t noticed that. The next day when she asked him the reason, pat comes his reply ‘the nutella was expired!’ 🙄

D’s comeback – ‘tell him all the Diwali sweets and savouries are expired too!’

P.S : Inspired by Swaram, to get back to writing here! Starting small..hoping to stay.. as always 🙂


I never tire of watching the sky! The lovely clouds…the beautiful patterns and amazing colours leave me mesmerized !! Needless to say, my pic archives has loads of sky pictures 🙂

Sharing a few recent ones.. all pics captured on my humble phone!

Trees silhouetted against the colourful sky!
View from our office terrace.. splash of colors!
View from our office terrace..
View from our office terrace..
Civilization.. and nature one frame!
A close up of the setting sun.. captured while waiting at the traffic signal
Riot of colours!.. another one captured while waiting at the traffic signal..


From the famed Rose garden in Ooty 🙂

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