Friday Flowers

I remember that the first time we were taught about the parts of a flower, it was the hibiscus that was used as an example. We had to draw the cross section of the flower and label the different parts. I had always loved drawing and has always loved the hibiscus as well! 🙂 I remember... Continue Reading →

Thursday Tree Love!

During my recent blog hopping, I came across this blog where the ThursdayTreeLove is hosted. Me being a tree person through and through got instantly hooked and just had to do this today! 😀 Had a tough time going through the archives to select the tree pics though 😛 Finally selected a few of the... Continue Reading →

Today! #BookBytes

Another Tuesday is here... and its time for #BookBytes 🙂 During childhood or even through college days, I had not read or known about the adorable pooh named Winnie. But with lil kids around, Winnie the pooh is never far away...right? I remember Ammu reading the book and one evening at the dinner table she'd... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings

I have often wondered how to go about the task of instilling these in the kids - the habit of doing chores, the feeling of ownership... of taking care of their own stuff and of the stuff and/or valuables at home. But have not come up with any sure shot solution! Pampered as they are,... Continue Reading →

Sunday Snippet

It was an usual Sunday... until Adi discovered that I had a blog of my own!! 🙂 I wanted to show him the pics that I had posted yesterday... and thats how he 'discovered' my blog. He was amazed to know that I had a blog and he thought that it was a pretty cool... Continue Reading →

The tallest!

Yes! The Burj Khalifa!! Our journey to South Africa was via Dubai. It was only a brief stopover and there was to be no chance to venture out of the airport. So, made it a point to take in the view during landing and/or take off 😀 Here are a few pics that I clicked... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

I love buying me flowers every now and then. This cheerful bunch of yellow roses had called out to me at the traffic signal one day. And, I was not disappointed !! They were every bit the fresh and exuberant lovelies that they'd seemed to promise 😀 I'd loved clicking the pics and uploaded all... Continue Reading →

Beti Bachao…

Ever wondered what lil boys think of 'Beti Bachao' (save the girl child)? Does it make them feel insecure? Or that they're being discriminated against? "Why only Beti Bachao bomma?" Adi asked me one day. I was almost stumped and thought wow!! It was only then that I pondered over it and a realization came... Continue Reading →

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