Inspiration is everywhere…

Inspiration is all around if you care to look 🙂

Ammus’ favourite theme of moonlit night sky, a much loved bottle and a social media handle came together in this beautiful artwork that she made for a friend…


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14 thoughts on “Inspiration is everywhere…

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    1. Yes…it happens in spurts but she is relentless once some idea catches her attention 🙂
      I had no idea about the bottle stoppers… just looked them up. They’re lovely indeed!
      Thank you Monika. Have a lovely day and a great week 🙂

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  1. Call it synchronicity, call it coincidence- I don’t believe in coincidences so….
    I have the same blue bottle I drink my infused water from.

    Amu is a power house of talent. ❤

    Lovely post as always.

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    1. Ah! Lovely colour isnt it!! What do you infuse your water with? I ocassionally add basil seeds to water or infuse with basil/Thai basil leaves.
      Thank you Natasha…I’ll pass on your compliments 🙂 ❤

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