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Diwali 2015 – Rangoli…n Rays of light!..

This Diwali, it has been raining non stop and I almost decided to write about the Rain! But the thought of rangolis and the rays of light lit me up and lo the U turn !! 🙂

What looked like a dreary and uneventful Diwali due to illness n dull rainy weather turned into a lovely one thanks to Ammu’s enthu…yet again! Diyas, Rangolis, dressing up – quintessential fun Diwali! sans any of the Diwali sweets n savouries though…

On day 1 of Diwali, Ammu was feeling restless and was looking for something to do. Luckily I had a stock of unused diyas from last year. I suggested that she try painting those and she was thrilled at the idea. I expected her to finish just a couple and give up. But post lunch, the enthu caught on and sis joined her. Together they painted a dozen diyas… in various colours and designs! Totally unexpected 🙂

I on my part managed to decorate a single used CD as diya holder, with some glitter from her craft supplies.

Painted diyas

We made rangolis in the evenings. It was wet and windy outside and no way were the diyas going to stay lit even for a moment. On day 2 and day 3 we made rangolis inside the home just so we could place diyas all around 🙂

The Rangolis


The diyas… all lit. Rays of light to dispel the darkness…the essence of Diwali!!


Hope you all folks had a fun filled Diwali as well !!

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Diwali 2014

Diwali, this year, was quite low key.. as far as my energy or enthu to do anything was concerned. For some reason I grew very lethargic!! Lazied most of the time during the 4-5 days. Somehow managed to go out and make the necessary purchases… veggies, flowers, fruits, diyas. BIL had bought the crackers.. the quantity was markedly lesser than previous years.. in a consciuos effort to cut down and gradually stop …

Saving grace was Ammu! Her enthu was high and she was as excited as ever to wear new clothes n dress up. She’s almost become a pro.. gets ready with no or minimal help from us ..

Also, she was the one who reminded that we need to make rangolis!! Yep.. for some reason i’d quite forgotten abt that .. I made simple rangolis and she coloured them .. all by herself!! What a blessing 🙂 Her enthu rubbed off on me and we were happy to do something together..
When i complained that she should have helped me with the diyas.. she says ‘ Maa, i will learn one by one.. this year i helped with rangoli.. next year i will help with the diyas also :)”

And Adi.. as usual the hyper excited one… with only one agenda… play with firecrackers! And more… to eat, eat n eat!! 😀 He’s the one who enjoyed all the sweets and savouries to the fullest. 🙂



Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali!!

Tamaso ma jyothirgamaya!

Lights, flowers, rangolis, mehendi and a few fire crackers. Family, chit-chat, dressing up and lots of laughter marked this Diwali!!

No elaborate preparations were made. No sweets or savouries prepared at home. Even the shopping for new clothes happened at the nth moment 😐 I seemed to have been caught up with other stuff after the long and leisurely Dasara vacation… and all of a sudden Diwali seemed to be here 🙂

Relearned a few things. Shop for clothes well in advance.. you get more variety and also in your size. A lil bit of planning will help in better management of time between decorations, getting dressed, clicking pics and spending time with the kids .. before they become cranky 🙂

Festivals are not festivals without mehendi!
I did not spend time for any Diwali craft this time. Ammu herself made these envelopes out of plain paper… not sure where she got the idea from..
With this Diwali note inside…
Lights and flowers..
Flowers and floating candles..
Rangoli embellished with diyas..
Fire works!!

Have a great day! Take care friends 🙂


Dasara update – late but never the less 🙂
Had a relaxed vacation in Mysore. Went out in the evenings to watch the illuminated streets and the milling crowds. There was a  festive ambiance all around which is exciting all the same.. year after year! Visited the Durga puja organised by the Bengalis association, the illuminated Mysore palace, the flower show and the Dasara exhibition.

For Diwali, we managed to make Besan laddoos that was planned and a few savouries just on the fly!! A hectic day 1 that was. Pooja in the evening and diyas all lit… we got ready for the crackers bursting session that was awaited eagerly by the kids. This time both of them willingly went and lit the ‘Flower pots’ and the ‘chakras’. Adi, in fact, was raring to go… he wanted to burst crackers that go dhaam dhoom!!

Day 2 : I made a DIY curtain with beads and sea shells. Actually, a facelift to an old one, by reusing the shells. Then we all … me, dad, sis1, Bil1, Ammu, Adi and our house help D went to sis2’s place in the evening. Her in-laws were visiting… father, mother, granpa, brother, his wife n daughter. It was a huge family get-to-gether of sorts!! And bursting of a lotttt of crackers… the kids were over the moon!

Day 3: I alone had to go to work; attendance at office was hardly 10%!! Again, crackers bursting session at Sis1’s place 🙂 Also, a day to be marked… coz it was the first time that Ammu stayed at their place after a lottt of coaxing, without me that is… Went back to a lovely glowing home with diyas lit all around, courtesy D! couldnt have been possible with Adi n Ammu around

This Diwali was otherwise low on decor and also I have not been able to click any pics to share…

How was the festive time for all you people? Hope you all had fun n merriment with your loved dear ones!!

Leaving you with some pics of the illuminated main streets of Mysore and of flowers in the Flower show during Dasara.

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For pics of the Mysore palace, from last year..

Glimpses from Diwali 2010!

This Diwali, we had a pleasant ambience at home. A little rangoli at the door accentuated with flowers and diyas… Little scented candles and floating candles in the living room…Fragrance of flowers, fruits, incense sticks in the puja room…

Since it was too windy for diyas in the balcony, we brought them all in and lined them up along the walls… We switched off all the tube lights and swiched on the yellow decorative bulbs. The whole place looked so festive with the reflection of the diyas on the clear tiles…

I did not take many pics though… was just savouring it all 🙂 And when I saw Shruti’s artsy craftsy theme for Nov, I was hoping to have a few pics at least. BIL had taken pics of the rangolis and some diyas on his mobile. But I had no pics of the crafts that I had made 😦  Again, thankfully, the crafts are with me unlike the rangolis. And I somehow managed to click pics of them and upload them, along with the ones in the mobile. So here they are!!

Rangolis made using rangoli powder and embellished with flowers and diyas! The clay diyas painted using gold colour oil paint…just accentuating the beautiful design 🙂

The kids were all excited while making the rangoli and were even eager to fill in the colours. They seemed fascinated looking at the end result! For some reason, while leaving for home yesterday around 8 PM, Adi looked back at me n said ‘ Bomma, make one rangoli’ 🙂

I made the lanterns while chatting with sis and the kids. A pretty simple one… Just cut 4 rectangles of the same size from hand made paper. Punch holes along the sides. Cut out some tiny shapes on the card paper for light to filter out. Tie up along the sides using satin ribbon pieces. This tying up can be done in different ways. Place diyas or candles within the walls and enjoy the work of art 🙂 Swich off the tube lights and you get a dramatic effect!! What say? I found inspiration for these while on one of my web trails, but i don’t seem to recollect the site 😦

Then I made the akashbutti,again using handmade paper. The one that I had bought last year had become dull and damaged at places. So i decided to use reuse the rings that held the central cylinder to make a new one. There were four rings; i used just 2.

Make the inner cylinder by cutting out the rectangle and fix it arund the rings, placing one ring at the top and other at the bottom. Then make another rectangle, 2 inches more height than the first one. Fold and cut slits from the fold till the edge, just leaving an inch of margin space for fixing it. Open the fold and fix this piece over the inner cylinder. Then stick colorful streamers below. I reused the old one. But wrapped it show the surface that was on the inner side earlier. Tie string at the top for hanging it. Fix up the lighting and you’re done!!

Note: This can be done even without the rings, by using a stiffer card paper. Children above 8 years should be able to do it I guess 🙂

These diyas are from the past year. They were painted by sis and her in laws. I have included them here to add bling to this post 😀 Aren’t they pretty ? *showing off*

Nominating these to Shruti’s Nov Artsy Craftsy.

ETA: More pics 🙂

Hare and the tortoise...beside the TV 🙂

Arent these little rabbit and the tortoise candle holders cute? 🙂

In the balcony...

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Diwali inspirations..

… from my home 🙂

Diwali is a much awaited festival. Its more about spending time with family and friends, a time for nostalgia! Isnt it?

Last year I decided to put some spark into the Diwali celebrations and did this 🙂 Enthused by Diwali decor ideas on some of my favourite blogs, I did some simple arrangements with flowers and the diyas…both traditional and the floating ones.. And the result was stunning!! What do you think 🙂

This year, I dont have any specific plans… waiting to see what will unfurl!!

Hope you all have a great time this Diwali.. with your near and dear ones 🙂 Wishing that the festival of lights brings cheer to one and all. Happy Diwali!!!

My diwali project

Last Diwali, my sister’s father-in-law painted some nice designs on the black Kaddapah stone slab in the Devaramane. Inspired by that, i had been wanting to do the same in my new home. So.. this is what i have done!

Front view
The Borders!
The Borders!
Full view!
Full view!

I also painted the border designs of the clay diyas with gold…n they looked beautiful! No pics of them though :(… just a peek at the bottom corner of this last pic… This exercise took much more time than i had expected… and left me little time to make Diwali sweets.

In the evening, my sister came home with Adi and we both managed to just about make the shankarpalis and a cake that my sis had planned for [she’s trying her best to master the art of baking a cake 🙂 ]. With Adi around, this was no less than a feat 😀

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Diwali Nostalgia….

Diwali is not just celebrations…its a time for nostalgia….
Mummy would start preparing the Diwali sweets almost 10 days ahead. She would prepare one item per day after coming home from her work. and we would enthusiatically gather around her and try to help her…in making the shankarpalis and murukkus…
On Diwali eve, i would make
When in Madurai[mummy’s native], Diwali meant loads of murukkus  and adhirasams. It was heralded with loud crackers at the dawn and then there was the ritual bath and the famous idli/vada/mutton curry for breakfast.
The year Ammu started going to playschool was the year she was truly excited about Diwali. She used to keep asking me …’mamma when is Diwali?’. I think the questions had started as early as Ugadi.

Its that time of the year…. time for new clothes, sweets…ummmm…love the homemade Diwali sweets,….lights/diyas, rangolis….a time to deck up …and revel… indulge…ahhhh

Diwali is a time for family get-togethers, bonding , nostalgia and generally having a good time with near and dear ones. It is not just celebrations…its more of  memories, especially childhood ones…the ones that everyone loves to think of talk of..and to possibly relive those times with children and grandchildren.

Here are some of our favorite Diwali memories 🙂

  • Mummy would start preparing the Diwali sweets almost 10 days ahead. She would prepare one item per day after coming home from her work. and we would enthusiatically gather around her and try to help her…in making the shankarpalis and murukkus
  • On Diwali eve, i would clean the small front yard and make traditional rangoli, filling it up with colour. This i would do before mummy reached home… i would make sure ours was the best amongst all the neighbours’ ;). Of course mummy would be happy…but then she would get apprehensive as well… ‘kannu pattidapodu‘…she would say..the protective mom that she was..
  • We would distribute the Diwali sweets/khara to our friends and close neighbours and would get Diwali sweets from them in return…which added variety to the whole fare :)…did i say i love homemade goodies.. 😉 …….I’m drooling at the thought..
  • When in Madurai[mummy’s native], Diwali meant loads of murukkus and adhirasams. It was heralded with loud crackers at the dawn and then there was the ritual bath and the famous idli/vada/mutton curry for breakfast.
  • The year before I got married, we had a nice celebration. All of us got together with our neighbor aunty, who was a very sweet lady, and her family and collectively burst a lot of crackers; we had a great time that evening.
  • For Ammu’s first Diwali, I got a pattu pavadai stitched for her. She looked gorgeous in that green and maroon outfit 🙂
  • When Ammu was around 2 years of age, she used to be excited about the big stars during Diwali. She used to count all of them whenever we took her for walks 😀
  • The year Ammu started going to playschool was the year she was truly excited about Diwali. She used to keep asking me …’mamma when is Diwali?’. I think the questions had started as early as Ugadi…and we had to tell her about all the festivals that were to come before Diwali. This was repeated on every festival/birthday that was celebrated that year 🙄

In more recent times, the celebrations were restricted to new clothes and few crackers. Ready sweetmeats were bought. I, in particular had lost the enthusiasm for festivals and elaborate celebrations…due to my personal and health problems.

This year though, the people around me have been successful in  enthusing me. It will be the first Diwali celebrations in  our new home…and I’m inspired to deck it up…thanks to all the talented people out there…blogging on Diwali decor! And I have decided to make shankarpalis, chevda and gulab jamoon. All this with a wish to give my kids the moments that they can think of and cherish… which I hope will be part of their Diwali nostalgia!

So..its cheers to Diwali, the festival of lights.

Wishing everyone has a great time and hoping that this Diwali will bring in more cheer and a whole lot of memorable moments to cherish!!

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