Rangoli…n Rays of light!..

This Diwali, it has been raining non stop and I almost decided to write about the Rain! But the thought of rangolis and the rays of light lit me up and lo the U turn !! 🙂 What looked like a dreary and uneventful Diwali due to illness n dull rainy weather turned into a... Continue Reading →

Diwali 2014

Diwali, this year, was quite low key.. as far as my energy or enthu to do anything was concerned. For some reason I grew very lethargic!! Lazied most of the time during the 4-5 days. Somehow managed to go out and make the necessary purchases... veggies, flowers, fruits, diyas. BIL had bought the crackers.. the... Continue Reading →

Tamaso ma jyothirgamaya!

Lights, flowers, rangolis, mehendi and a few fire crackers. Family, chit-chat, dressing up and lots of laughter marked this Diwali!! No elaborate preparations were made. No sweets or savouries prepared at home. Even the shopping for new clothes happened at the nth moment 😐 I seemed to have been caught up with other stuff after... Continue Reading →


Dasara update - late but never the less 🙂 Had a relaxed vacation in Mysore. Went out in the evenings to watch the illuminated streets and the milling crowds. There was a  festive ambiance all around which is exciting all the same.. year after year! Visited the Durga puja organised by the Bengalis association, the... Continue Reading →

Glimpses from Diwali 2010!

This Diwali, we had a pleasant ambience at home. A little rangoli at the door accentuated with flowers and diyas… Little scented candles and floating candles in the living room…Fragrance of flowers, fruits, incense sticks in the puja room… Since it was too windy for diyas in the balcony, we brought them all in and... Continue Reading →

Diwali inspirations..

... from my home 🙂 Diwali is a much awaited festival. Its more about spending time with family and friends, a time for nostalgia! Isnt it? Last year I decided to put some spark into the Diwali celebrations and did this 🙂 Enthused by Diwali decor ideas on some of my favourite blogs, I did some... Continue Reading →

My diwali project

Last Diwali, my sister's father-in-law painted some nice designs on the black Kaddapah stone slab in the Devaramane. Inspired by that, i had been wanting to do the same in my new home. So.. this is what i have done!

Diwali Nostalgia….

Diwali is not just celebrations...its a time for nostalgia.... Mummy would start preparing the Diwali sweets almost 10 days ahead. She would prepare one item per day after coming home from her work. and we would enthusiatically gather around her and try to help her...in making the shankarpalis and murukkus... On Diwali eve, i would... Continue Reading →

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