Heritage Hampi – Day 2

Read the first part here ... Day 2 - Began on a relaxed note. Got ready and spent some time at the dormitory, clicking pics and admiring the surroundings! We started after having our breakfast.Most of us had no more enthu to walk. So, we moved from place to place in our vehicle. The heat felt... Continue Reading →

Heritage Hampi!

Hampi is located in North Karnataka, within the Vijayanagara ruins, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vijayanagar was one of the richest and largest cities in the world during its prime. [ around 1500 AD] It was a long time wish of mine to visit this historic place. I'd read about it in my school history lessons...... Continue Reading →

Just like that!

Well... life did become easier after D returned but I became busier too... Personal unread emails are piling up, the list of blog posts to be read is huge.. and growing by the day! The role I am in now in my current job requires me to deal with a lot of email... never before... Continue Reading →

Good old days :)

Just when we think that we've settled ... change happens and we need to move on! This is the only constant thing in life... isnt it? Yet.. we resist change and try hard to retain some of the charm from the 'good old days' and get all nostalgic at the slightest opportunity 🙂 Well, personally... Continue Reading →


Ghatikallu lies in a remote corner of Chikkamagalur district; around 300 kms from Bangalore. Be warned...  only BSNL signal is available there! We started from here at midnight. En route, we played the ever popular Anthakshari and when our voices went hoarse.. we settled down to watch 3 idiots! Many of them dozed off ...... Continue Reading →

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