G is for Green!

No words can describe the exact feeling when I see greenery around. And it feels extra special to see fresh new leaves sprout forth at the start of the spring season!! Needless to say i go click click 🙂 Here are a couple of them clicks! My post for the letter G at ABC Wednesdays .... Continue Reading →

New leaves… colourful flowers!!

My entries for this week's theme "SPRING" (Fresh Leaves, Baby Animals, Warm Weather,...) at Thursday Challenge 🙂 New leaves on the rain trees (Albizia saman).. Bougainvillea and Canna flowers .. Hop over to the site to check out gorgeous pictures from around the world! Cheers!! 🙂

Flavour of the Season – Jacaranda!

The Jacaranda blooms around Feb-March and this season I have been noticing these beauties wherever I went 🙂 And I am especially glad to get a beautiful view of these each morning as I start from home. Earlier too, I have seen them bloom in the open property in front of the apartment that we... Continue Reading →

Flavour of the season – Mango!

The mango season is here !! Fresh mango pickle, mango flavoured rice, mango curry, mango chutney... yummmm 🙂 Yes.. its the season of raw mangoes right now.. to be savoured as much as possible until the juicy ripe ones arrive!! BIL in his eagerness and tempted by the look of them, bought the first batch... Continue Reading →

Our plant collection..

... has finally begun!! 🙂 In the beginning of the year I had announced that any gift to me should be a plant! 🙂 I actually forgot that I had said this... And, was quite surprised when BIL1 came home with 2 potted plants as gifts on Mother's day!! The Aloe Vera was only lone one for... Continue Reading →

New and Fresh!!

For this week's theme at Thursday Challenge 🙂 Pics taken on our recent trip! Spring time is full of enthusiasm... with renewed energy and life all around 🙂 The sights to behold and cherish are so many!! Freshly sprouting leaves, flowers of all hues... bird songs, butterflies... 🙂 Hope you all relished your share of all... Continue Reading →

The colour of life…

... Green 🙂 For this week's theme at Thursday Challenge. Green is a colour so soothing... makes me feel at peace. I cannot take my eyes off when I see an expanse of green while travelling ...there's something so tranquil about it. I'm sure most would agree with me. *i have always wondered why green... Continue Reading →

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