A cheerful bouquet #FridayFlowers

Its been some time since I bought any flowers for myself. And, seems like its going to be a while before I can go out and buy some. In the meantime, here are pictures of a lovely bouquet, from my archives. Much needed cheer in unprecedented times such as these... Have a good weekend folks.... Continue Reading →

Yellow Daisies #FridayFlowers

These lovely flowers belong to the family Asteraceae, also known as the Daisy family. I do not know the exact name or the genus this plant belongs to. It is one of the many wild varieties and was introduced to our home by our cook D. D brought the seeds from plants growing near her... Continue Reading →

Fragrant Lilies #FridayFlowers

Its been a while since I've bought flowers for myself. But glad to have found these lovelies while browsing through my archives after a back-up exercise (yes my phone is bursting with pictures 😛 ). Lilies (Lilium), in general, are very attractive and enhance the beauty of flower bouquets, and of the spaces around. In... Continue Reading →

Sculptures galore #MahabalipuramNotes

Continuing the Mahabalipuram notes... you can check out my earlier posts here A striking thing about Mahabalipuram town was that we spotted a lot of beautiful sculptures all around, at least on the roads that we took. They were lined up on the pavements, to attract customers perhaps. Luckily, I was not in the driver's... Continue Reading →

Cloud Nine!

2019 has been special! I went on my first ever international trip.. to Johannesburg, South Africa!! When I started off in the current project, sometime in 3rd quarter of 2018, I realized that there were some trips planned in (for the bosses mainly). This was exciting especially because there's no travel plans in any of... Continue Reading →

When flowers beckon!

I was fascinated when I'd read about the cannon ball tree, especially the flowers seemed interesting and appealed to the botanist in me. It has an unusual arrangement of the stamens which has been modified into a hood. And is hence known as the Naga Linga flower and the tree is the Naga Linga tree. Not very... Continue Reading →


I never tire of watching the sky! The lovely clouds...the beautiful patterns and amazing colours leave me mesmerized !! Needless to say, my pic archives has loads of sky pictures 🙂 Sharing a few recent ones.. all pics captured on my humble phone!

M is for mist!

Pics from our visit to Ooty over the weekend. It was a fun family trip... a much awaited one as we were doing one after a gap of 2 years!! The weather was awesome.. a lovely brief relief from the soaring temperatures in Bangalore. Linking this to the letter M at ABC Wednesdays - 18th... Continue Reading →

L is for Light!

And leaves 🙂 Effect of light on fresh new leaves of the season... translucent and so very delicate... Linking this to the letter L at ABC Wednesdays - Round 18.

Evening sky !

The dramatic evening sky in all its glory. Felt lucky and blessed to be treated to these gorgeous views on my way back home when I started early from office on a couple of days, Feb 1st and 2nd , to be precise 🙂 Just couldn't resist clicking!! Wonderful and awe-inspiring..isnt it !!

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