A thing of beauty…

is a joy forever... Love the colours and all the different elements that make this beauty!! ********* Linking up  at the blog hops hosted by Sandee, Natasha & Esha, Betty. Hop over to enjoy some lovely views/photographs or better still join in! *********

Tamaso ma jyothirgamaya!

Lights, flowers, rangolis, mehendi and a few fire crackers. Family, chit-chat, dressing up and lots of laughter marked this Diwali!! No elaborate preparations were made. No sweets or savouries prepared at home. Even the shopping for new clothes happened at the nth moment 😐 I seemed to have been caught up with other stuff after... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

The winter is in full swing. It is so very chill... makes it hard to get out of the cozy comfort of the bed, early in the morning. Though, of course, there are some charming incentives! The all enveloping mist is enchanting as ever. And, to see the suns rays slowly piercing through and clearing... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

I'm really unable to keep pace with the kids these days. They do and say so much that I'm hardly able to keep up with them and write everything down. With Adi, who is on a 'why' spree... and who is constantly chattering away to glory... that too using hi-fi words, his doings and his... Continue Reading →

Glimpses from Diwali 2010!

This Diwali, we had a pleasant ambience at home. A little rangoli at the door accentuated with flowers and diyas… Little scented candles and floating candles in the living room…Fragrance of flowers, fruits, incense sticks in the puja room… Since it was too windy for diyas in the balcony, we brought them all in and... Continue Reading →

Diwali inspirations..

... from my home 🙂 Diwali is a much awaited festival. Its more about spending time with family and friends, a time for nostalgia! Isnt it? Last year I decided to put some spark into the Diwali celebrations and did this 🙂 Enthused by Diwali decor ideas on some of my favourite blogs, I did some... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers !

Woohoo!! Its a long weekend 🙂 Monday is a holiday for us on account of Karnataka Rajyotsava day. And all three of us... sis1, sis2 and me will be staying together ... of course with kids and BIL 1. BIL2 has gone to Hong Kong on a team trip! Looking forward to some fun time... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

Happy Weekend 🙂 Njoi maadi!! P.S: This is 103rd post here. I'm glad that I crossed the century mark earlier than I had expected!!! This was the 100th one. Thanks to all of you for your love... for the constant support, encouragement and the loads of inspiration 😀

Friday Flowers!

Happy Weekend folks 🙂 P.S: We will be going to Mysore tomorrow. Just a short weekend trip. Will be back on Monday. I have been reading most of you; thanks to the reader. I think I've got a solution to my problem. Will make my presence felt when I'm back 😀

Treasure from trash!

The first thing that came to mind when I read July's theme for Artsy Craftsy at Shruti's were these!! These were made by my sister, when she had got hooked to glass painting 🙂 All available bottles, in varied shapes and sizes were painted! The top most pic has the vodka bottle, that adorns the space on... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

Sigh! Yet another day for this week to end 😦 We have to work tomorrow in lieu of the off on the Bandh day. Still, I'm glad I have Sunday off while there are many out there who have to slog every single day of the week! Happy Weekend folks!! If you too are working tomorrow, do... Continue Reading →

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