Still unloved, unwanted! #MondayMusings

On my commute to and from office, its the FM that keeps me company. While I try and navigate the many twists and turns of the famed Bengaluru traffic, the songs, the RJ's chit chats, the topics that they bring up, leave me happy/amused/thoughtful/inspired... Of late, one topic that has caught my attention is the... Continue Reading →

United we stand!

I love to share my thoughts here but when it comes to current hotĀ topics, I mostly refrain from writing about such topics that somehow become controversial and stir up the hornet's nest! The fact being, I realize that I neither have the enthusiasm to defend my stance nor feel the necessity for it. However, in... Continue Reading →

Life.. you’re worth it!

Its the irony of our times. There are so many modes for communication and interaction but so little shared when it comes to actually sharing. Not awesome pictures and statuses.. but real feelings and concerns. Perhaps the fear of being judged for not being 'perfect' is so very ingrained that we hesitate to talk about... Continue Reading →

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