For this week's theme 'Weather' (Rain, Snow, Lightning, Wind, Clouds,...) at Thursday Challenge. Pics taken by sis2 on her trip to London. Glad that I'm posting this. At times, I go over and over my archive and I cannot decide which pic to post 😛 Last week's theme was 'Trees' and I didn't post one even though the archive... Continue Reading →

Round :)

Thursday challenge to my rescue 😛 This week's theme is Round  (Moon, Building, Wheels, Fruit,...) Pic by sis2 on her trip to London in 2010.

A bridge..

For this week's theme "CONSTRUCTION" (Business, Residential, Street, Bridge, Sidewalk, Lego Bricks,...) at Thursday Challenge. Pic taken by sis2 in London. Must be a bridge on the Thames.

Ferry me over!!

My entries for this week's theme 'Vehicles' at Thursday Challenge. Pics were clicked by sis2 in London 🙂 The boats are so colourful n inviting... na? 🙂

Wordless Wednesday!

Can u guess what I am ?ETA [20/5/11]: Here's the remainder of the actual pic. This was taken by sis2 on her trip to London 🙂 I clipped off this part of the pic to make it truly wordless! Then it occured that maybe a guessing game would be nice 🙂 But I see there... Continue Reading →

So many!!

... days gone by without a single post 😦 ... tales to tell 🙂 But... this post is not about either 😉 Never thought I would take the plunge! Though I’ve been enjoying the variety of photos posted as part of the Thursday challenge, I didn’t think that I would ever do it… But seeing... Continue Reading →

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