My Moods!

Collection of the lovely header images that have adorned my space!

The first SoftyPinknGloriousRed header!
The first SoftyPinknGloriousRed header! 8th May, 2009.
Lovely geraniums! 10th Sept, 2009.
Diwali lights! 15th Oct, 2009.
Pink flowers! 12th Nov, 2009.
Pink flowers 🙂 9th Dec, 2009.
Ammu 🙂 12th Feb, 2010.
Ammu n Adi! 15th Feb, 2010.
Birthday balloons! 26th Feb, 2010.
Pink fountains! 30th March, 2010.
Red flowers! 28th April, 2010.
Mother's day! May 10, 2010.
Mother’s day! May 10, 2010.
Lovely lilies! 11th June, 2010.
Birthday balloons for Ammu! 6th July 2010
Ammu n Adi 🙂 July 19, 2010
Celebrating Adi’s 3rd Bday! 31st Aug 2010.
Palace lights – Mysore Dasara!! 8th Oct 2010
Celebrating Diwali! 3rd Nov 2010
Flowers in Lalbagh – 24th Nov 2010
Adi playing 🙂 10th Jan 2011
Frolicking at Kanva resrvoir!! 2nd Feb 2011
Spring!! 23rd March 2011
From our Nagahole trip, 30th April 2011
Pink Hibiscus, 6th May 2011
Celebrating Ammu’s Birthday, 6th July 2011
Ammu @ Cauvery Nisarga Dhama, 21st July 2011
Softy Pink flowers, 16th Nov 2011
Pretty stars, 7th Nov 2012
Yellow amid the green 🙂 , 6th Dec 2012
Summer 🙂 , 21st Mar 2013
Lavender beauties! 4th July, 2013
Lovely pink Geraniums 🙂 25th July , 2013
Reddish pink.. or is it Pinkish red!! 🙂 15th May, 2014
Rapids.. at Coorg! 31st March, 2015






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