Flower craft

Ammu with a lotus flower on Flower Day at school.

This was in August 2009. She was suffering from a throat infection and had severe cough. And thinking that she’ll not be going, I didn’t prepare anything for the event. But on that day, she insisted that she wanted to go to school just to participate !!

That was when I made this Lotus …by jugaad!

I cut out the petals from the sides of an old card board box; the card was not very thick. Stuck the pink colour paper onto the petals; two different pinks coz there wasnt sufficient quantity of one for all the petals…

Fixed them together at the base using some kind of pin.. the petals didnt stay in one place, they kept sliding

Wrapped green colour paper onto an ice cream stick and stuck it at the base of the Lotus.

She managed to say a few sentences even though she continued to cough all the time. But the greatest satisfaction was that she enjoyed being there … with all her friends who were dressed up as flowers n fruits… 😀

Her smile says it all!!

Linking this one also to the September Artsy Craftsy at Mindful Meanderings!

ETA: Wohoo!!! We’ve won the 1st prize at Artsy Craftsy Sept 2011 🙂 Thanks Shruti!


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    1. Thanks OM!
      The dress is pretty.. but the trimmings were pricking her n she never wore it again… She’s a ‘comfort over vanity’ type.. at least till now 😀


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