Rain lilies #Friday Flowers

The skies become cloudy and I wonder if its going to rain. The thought of rain takes me to the balcony and I instinctively scan the pots to see if there are any buds waiting to bloom... Yes... rains bring along with them the pretty rain lilies. Bangalore has been having its share of rains... Continue Reading →

Pink Beauties! #ThursdayTreeLove

It's that time of the year again!! All year, I await the blooming of the pink and the purple beauties of spring time. I look forward to it in the same way someone might await a celestial phenomenon or a hugely popular festival or an important event -sporting /cultural/ traditional/ personal ...you name it! There... Continue Reading →

A work of art! #ThursdayTreeLove

Waking up in a new country, actually a new continent altogether, and walking to the work place, taking in the chill, and the morning views on the way.. thats how I remember my first morning in Johannesburg (June 2019) 🙂 The first day was slightly tiring, possibly due to the travel, the winter chill (and... Continue Reading →


There is something magical about the moon! Isnt it 🙂 Nostalgia rushes in when I think of the moon... Lil me being fed lovingly by granma or mom, while being told tales about the moon. And that scene repeated with my little sisters and then with little Ammu and little Adi... goes on... isnt it... Continue Reading →

Green rosette #FridayFlowers

Loved this spread of green rosettes by the pool, in the hotel that we stayed in, at Johannesburg. Strictly speaking this is not a flower, but I'm inspired by its flower-like/rose-like appearance to post it in my #FridayFlowers edition 🙂 Thanks to the www, figured out that this succulent is of the genus Echeveria. I... Continue Reading →

Festive glow! #ThursdayTreeLove

Re-living the memory of our trip to Mahabalipuram! We were in the resort during the last week of December, in the days leading up to the new year. The place was all decorated and we loved the festive vibes during the evenings when the space was all lit up! Sharing a couple of pictures which... Continue Reading →

Tiny Blue! #FridayFlowers

It was a treat to spot these lovely blue flowers one hot afternoon when we'd gone to see the new house that sis was intending to buy. These are really tiny and I would have missed them if not for the striking blue colour! On  a closer look, I was amazed to find pink and... Continue Reading →

When flowers beckon!

I was fascinated when I'd read about the cannon ball tree, especially the flowers seemed interesting and appealed to the botanist in me. It has an unusual arrangement of the stamens which has been modified into a hood. And is hence known as the Naga Linga flower and the tree is the Naga Linga tree. Not very... Continue Reading →

Of new happenings..

2016 has been an year of some significant happenings in my life! One of them being the purchase of a new car on a whim .. almost ! And, driving on the highway for the first time ever!! Yep.. in my new car, to Mysore ... this Dasara  🙂 It was a pretty decent drive,... Continue Reading →

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