New leaves… colourful flowers!!

My entries for this week's theme "SPRING" (Fresh Leaves, Baby Animals, Warm Weather,...) at Thursday Challenge 🙂 New leaves on the rain trees (Albizia saman).. Bougainvillea and Canna flowers .. Hop over to the site to check out gorgeous pictures from around the world! Cheers!! 🙂


My entry for this week's theme at Thursday Challenge - Pics taken at the flower show at Lalbagh, during the Republic day week in January 2015. Colourful flowers! Colourful foliage!! Hope you all liked the selection of pics. Do hop over to the site and check out other 'Colourful' captures 🙂

For the love of trees n flowers!

While the Tabebuia and Jacaranda are basking in the limelight right now, here are some of the other beauties that are quietly doing their bit!! These lovely sights were captured during our team outing last Friday. Incidentally, this week's theme at Thursday Challenge happens to be "SUNSHINE" (Sunny, Bright, High-Key, Overexposed,...). Linking this. Hop over to... Continue Reading →

Standing tall..

Since centuries.. The Madurai Meenakshi temple is part of most of our Summer vacations during childhood! The huge complex with its various tunnel like spaces were baffling and intriguing at the same time... I loved looking at all the paintings on the walls, rangolis on the floor as well as the ones on the ceilings,... Continue Reading →


  For this week's theme 'Weather' (Rain, Snow, Lightning, Wind, Clouds,...) at Thursday Challenge. Pics taken by sis2 on her trip to London. Glad that I'm posting this. At times, I go over and over my archive and I cannot decide which pic to post 😛 Last week's theme was 'Trees' and I didn't post one even though the archive... Continue Reading →

Lapping it up!

Here are a few pics from our visit to a beach in Pondicherry, in December last. The excitement is so evident.. is it not? 🙂 It had been raining... and had reduced to a drizzle. See the wet sand and the grey sky? Though we had to have the jackets/stoles on, we had loads of fun... Continue Reading →

Think pink.. think flowers :)

Well, I could'nt resist putting up pictures of flowers again. This weeks' theme at Thursday Challenge is "PINK" (Candy, Furniture, Flowers, Clothing, Makeup,...) and what better than flowers.. isn't it 🙂 P.S: This is the 300th post!! A big thank you to everyone who reads, follows, leaves comments and/or 'like's what I write here 🙂 And... Continue Reading →


After looking at a LOT of 'green' photos in the archive, I was unable which one(s) to post for this week's theme at Thursday Challenge. Finally, something made me click on this collection of pics taken in 2007! And, in a moment I decided that this would be the one... This one was taken at the... Continue Reading →

Round :)

Thursday challenge to my rescue 😛 This week's theme is Round  (Moon, Building, Wheels, Fruit,...) Pic by sis2 on her trip to London in 2010.

Happy hands :)

For this week's theme "HANDS" (Sign Language, Finger Nails, Hand Decorations, Rings, Gloves, Holding,...) at Thursday Challenge . Doing this after a long time. Was inspired after seeing the cute pic at obsessivemom 🙂 This pic was taken on the day of Gruha Pravesham (house warming ceremony) in May 2009. Ammu loves decorating her hands with... Continue Reading →

A bridge..

For this week's theme "CONSTRUCTION" (Business, Residential, Street, Bridge, Sidewalk, Lego Bricks,...) at Thursday Challenge. Pic taken by sis2 in London. Must be a bridge on the Thames.

Yellow yellow, pretty fellow :)

A pretty, cheerful Hibiscus flower for this week's theme 'Yellow' at Thursday Challenge 🙂 Pic was taken by sis2 on our trip to Nagarhole. The home stay where we stayed was surrounded by lovely flowers... esp Hibiscus in so many hues!! This one was clicked by me in our apartment premises 🙂 Pretty na!!

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