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N is for Navratri..

Navratri.. also known as Dasara/Dussehra/Durga Pooja, is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. The word Navaratri means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights.[2] During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Devi are worshiped. Click the link to read more about the different ways of celebrating this festival in different parts of India.

For me, during school days in Belgaum, Navratri meant a month of holidays! yes.. a whole month of holidays!! Saraswati pooja, Ayudha pooja celebrated at home. Then, on the tenth day, the huge idols of the deities taken out in a procession and people exchanging ‘banni’ leaves… signifying good wishes for victory and prosperity..

During our college years, we were in Mysore. Mysore Dasara is very famous, celebrated as the state festival of Karnataka here… A throwback to the grand festivities of the royal Mysore of yore. Dasara means lights all around. Mysore is beautiful to behold esp the colourfully lit streets in the evenings. Other attractions are the lovely flower blooms in every park, the flower show, the lit up Mysore palace, Yuva Darasra, Dasara exhibition and the famed Darasa procession that ends in a torch light ceremony marking the close of festivities!

After moving to Bangalore, Navratri became the time for my yearly visit to Mysore!! I made sure not to miss the lovely Mysore during this time…the crowds not withstanding!! I usually went with dad and Ammu, sisters and family accompanying us some of the years. We would also visit Durga pooja pandals whenever sis n family accompanied us. BIL 1 is a Bengali and Durga pooja is the most important festival for them.

This year was different! From a no plan, where i feared I would miss Mysore Dasara this time…it turned out to be an impromptu one and a special one at that. It was just Ammu and me… a first for us!!

It was a short, quick trip over the weekend. Agenda was to meet my friends and maybe a visit the flower show and palace. Mission accomplished! There were no specific plans in place.. totally me :D.. and it turned out perfect! I had a good time with friends while Ammu bonded very well with my friend’s lil one.

Now, we’re back in Blore and hoping to visit Durga pooja pandals in the coming days..with sis n family!!

Some pics of Mysore palace that I’d clicked a couple of years ago..


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Pink flowers

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The Mysore trip [3]

Day 3: It was Ayudha pooja day. We did a simple pooja at home and then went to visit a relative.

A girl with her treasures…

Clicked this pic on our way back… 🙂

Day 4: A leisurely day again 🙂 Ammu was happily playing with D’s daughter, while I quickly planned to meet my friends. We met after almost 2 years…in one of the friend’s home. And, as happens when old friends meet, hours just went by in a jiffy!!

After returning home, I took Ammu to the nearby park. She played for a while and then we went collecting flowers 🙂

Akasha mallige .. Botanical – Millingtonia hortensis

Day 5: After having breakfast, Ammu and me went to the nearby park. The mission was to click pictures of the different flowers that we’d seen there on the previous day. Will post those pics in a separate post some other day ..

Later, in the evening we went to the Cheluvamba park. We have many fond memories of this park, of the times spent there during our student days in Mysore. During Dasara, the park is full of different kinds of blooms. In fact, all the parks in Mysore are lush with colourful blooms around this time. And, I was hoping to go click click 🙂  It is quite another thing though, that Ammu chose to spend her time in the kids play area rather than look at the flowers around 😐  So, I ended up being with Ammu and taking pics of her while she played 🙂

In the park..
Scaling new heights… literally !!

Day 6: Post lunch, we visited the Jaganmohan Art Gallery. It had been dad’s desire to take Ammu there as she’s so interested in the arty stuff. Loved looking at the arifacts there, especially the paintings by different artistes of those times. Notably Raja Ravi Verma, Roerich. And a lot of other stuff that belonged to that era!No pics though, as photography is prohibited there.

As for Ammu, the initially excitement soon gave way to impatience 🙂 esp since she wanted t go and play in the park again!

Another challenge!

She had not been confident enough to climb this one the previous day… but was determined to do it the next day!!

Day 7 – Sis 2 and BIL joined us in Mysore. Evening was spent at the Dasara exhibition, with the amusement rides area being the first destination 🙂

Twilight… as seen from the parking space opposite the exhibition grounds.
The Mysore palace main entrance… sometime before the lights were lit..
Hand in hand 🙂
Tora tora.. after a really long time.. a first for Ammu… she was giggling all the while and thoroughly enjoyed the ride..

Ammu took a ride in the giant wheel too, accompanied by sis2. I’m really not for the giant wheel or even most other amusement rides… was really happy n thankful that sis2 was with us on that day 🙂

After the rides, we enjoyed our ice cream scoops 🙂 and then did a lil bit of shopping. Finally, had something to eat also, so that we could go home and just plop onto the bed 🙂

Next day, it was back to B’lore. We started after lunch and reached comfortably by evening.

All in all it was a relaxed and fun vacation!!

How have you all been? Hope you all enjoyed Diwali! Wish you a happy and relaxed weekend 🙂

The Mysore trip [2]

Day 2:

Leisurely day! Looked through the bookshelf and selected a couple of books. Started a re-read of The Da Vinci Code , while Ammu was happy playing with D’s daughters who had come visiting 🙂

In the evening, we all went to the Mysore Palace!! The magnificent sight amazes us each time we visit.

One of the gates..
Balloons 🙂
The Dasara Jumbos!
Gate.. from inside the premises..
One of the temples in the premises
A part of the palace.. up close..
Another portion..

During Dasara, almost every evening is a cultural evening at the palace, with dance or music programmes by renowned artistes.

We strolled around for a bit. Then, sitting on the lawns,we munched popcorn and churmuri. Later the kids played for sometime while I sat there and clicked away 🙂

Shimmering gold 🙂
With the Chamundi hills’ ‘Welcome’ in the backdrop
The main entrance.. as seen from inside the premises..
All set for the D day. Seating arrangements for dignitaries for watching the Dasara procession that starts from here..
Just like that 🙂
The illuminated circle.. on exiting the palace..

Exhausted but full of excitement, we left for home. And, the icing, literally, was an ice cream at the end of it all !! 🙂

Hope you all liked the pics 🙂

I’m sure most everyone is busy with preparations for Diwali! Have a fun n happy weekend folks!!

The Mysore trip..

in pictures..

Day 1 – It was raining when we started from home! We took the Shatabdi at 11., by which time the skies had cleared up considerably..

Ammu got started with her favorite activity as soon as we were in our seats 🙂
Dad’s favorite pastime..

And then, me doing TP 😉

Just like that!
Up in the sky..
Green carpet!
Another train waiting for the Shatabdi to pass..
Picturesque 🙂

Reached Mysore in the afternoon. Had lunch and took a nap 🙂

In the evening… a stroll along the main streets.. that were dazzlingly lit up…

The KR circle..
Lights.. this road is aglow with lights along the entire stretch…
Buzzing with people..
Gandhi square

A lil bit of shopping,  chilled badam milk and then, the best of all, a yummy cone of Joy ice cream… made it a fun evening. Ammu was so very excited that thata bought an ice cream for her at that hour… something which rarely ever happens when we’re here!!

Hope you all liked the pics. Will be back with more 🙂

P.S: I meant to do just a single post but the number of pics, even after having been very selective,  is prohibitive. I thought its best to do it in parts lest it affects the loading of the page… More updates soon 🙂


Dasara update – late but never the less 🙂
Had a relaxed vacation in Mysore. Went out in the evenings to watch the illuminated streets and the milling crowds. There was a  festive ambiance all around which is exciting all the same.. year after year! Visited the Durga puja organised by the Bengalis association, the illuminated Mysore palace, the flower show and the Dasara exhibition.

For Diwali, we managed to make Besan laddoos that was planned and a few savouries just on the fly!! A hectic day 1 that was. Pooja in the evening and diyas all lit… we got ready for the crackers bursting session that was awaited eagerly by the kids. This time both of them willingly went and lit the ‘Flower pots’ and the ‘chakras’. Adi, in fact, was raring to go… he wanted to burst crackers that go dhaam dhoom!!

Day 2 : I made a DIY curtain with beads and sea shells. Actually, a facelift to an old one, by reusing the shells. Then we all … me, dad, sis1, Bil1, Ammu, Adi and our house help D went to sis2’s place in the evening. Her in-laws were visiting… father, mother, granpa, brother, his wife n daughter. It was a huge family get-to-gether of sorts!! And bursting of a lotttt of crackers… the kids were over the moon!

Day 3: I alone had to go to work; attendance at office was hardly 10%!! Again, crackers bursting session at Sis1’s place 🙂 Also, a day to be marked… coz it was the first time that Ammu stayed at their place after a lottt of coaxing, without me that is… Went back to a lovely glowing home with diyas lit all around, courtesy D! couldnt have been possible with Adi n Ammu around

This Diwali was otherwise low on decor and also I have not been able to click any pics to share…

How was the festive time for all you people? Hope you all had fun n merriment with your loved dear ones!!

Leaving you with some pics of the illuminated main streets of Mysore and of flowers in the Flower show during Dasara.

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For pics of the Mysore palace, from last year..

Tiny tidbits..

A few tidbits from our recent trip…

The day dawned bright and nice. On our way to the railway station…
Me *excitedly to Adi*: Today we’ll go by train!!
Adi: Yes!!… I will only drive 🙂

On getting into the train…
Adi: The train will not go… it will go only when i drive…

One morning… Me: Adi, first brush your teeth and drink milk… only then i’ll give you the building blocks..
Adi *pulling a long face*: I will tell baba to come n beat you!! poor guy doesnt realise that his baba will do no such thing!!

Whenever we say anything that he doesnt like, or restrict him from doing something…he says ‘You go to your home’ 😦 probabaly picked this from his didi who used to say this whenever upset with someone…

And as soon as his mood is alright he comes to me and says ‘ Bomma..I’ll be a good boy…I’ll not trouble you 🙂 .. Friends?’ extending his tiny hands 🙂


The day we went to the palace, I had told them that I’ll show them the jamboo savari elephants that would be resting in the palace premises. As we were heading that way, I saw the elephants headed out… in a line. Excitedly, I showed them the spectacle..though only the outlines were seen against the twilight.

Adi: Wow! look elephant train. But where is the track?

We were dumbstruck by his originality! But it didnt stop at that. While roaming around there, he was dragging us towards some direction or the other. When asked what is it that he wanted, he said .. ‘I want to see the tracks!’ 😯

He narrated the elephant train and tracks kissa to everyone who called 🙂 And each time I had to explain to them what exactly he meant 🙂


Ammu, these days, is more inclined towards relating things to what she’s read or seen. While the train just started from B’lore, she looked at the little houses on the sides and said that these are kuccha houses…

While standing on the terrace she asked where is earth? i explain that we are on the is like a ball and that the sky surround the earth. She nodded … I hope she got it!

Another day she asks about dinosaurs. She can imagine dinosaurs roaming the earth coz she has seen that in the cartoons. I explained to her that they lived a long long time ago and that we cannot see them now… that we couldnt have been here had the dinosaurs not gone away.

After some thought she says.. ‘mamma we’ll go up in the sky..’
Me: why?
Ammu: we can see the dinosaurs from there.. 🙂 . Ingenious.. isnt she?


Mysooru Dasara…

yeshtondu sundara 🙂

* Visited the Mysore palace and the Dasara flower show..

* Clicked pics .. 🙂

* Sat in the lawns and enjoyed the song and dance performances by some orchestra group while eating the famous delhi papad and menasinakayi bhajjis 🙂

* Lunch at uncle’s place on Ayudha pooja

* Visited the Dasara exhibition… but had to return disappointed coz of power/generator failure at the amusement rides 😦

* Walked along the brightly lit streets looking at the milling crowds, vehicles and tanga passing by..

* On Dashami, lazed at home… reread a couple of books and watched the dasara procession live telecast on TV.

* Kids vetoed the idea of venturing out in the evening … they were busy building temples and high rises and did not want to be disturbed 😀

* Watched the grand fireworks that mark the end of Dasara celebrations from the terrace 🙂

* On the last day… managed to go and meet my friends G n S from my university days. Spent just couple of hours.. had to catch the train at 2.00 pm. They are my can-pick-up-from-where-you-left type of friends 🙂 and needless to say we can go on talking if left to ourselves 😀

A passage way in the palace..

Lights everywhere!

By the fountain…

A temple in the palace premises

The palace gates..

Adi with tatha .. at the gate

Plants… lotus shape 🙂

Majestic .. Gandaberunda!

Beautiful lilies 🙂

Lovely arrangement with idol of the Goddess in the centre ..

At the Dasara exhibition…

As we went during the later part of Dasara, we missed the events that were part of Entertainment Dasara and Yuva Dasara. Next time I plan to go during the earlier part and catch up on these… 🙂 Hopefully, there will be some interesting events and i’ll have the company of my friends!!

Happy weekend folks 🙂

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