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ABC Wednesday

M is for mist!

Pics from our visit to Ooty over the weekend. It was a fun family trip… a much awaited one as we were doing one after a gap of 2 years!!
The weather was awesome.. a lovely brief relief from the soaring temperatures in Bangalore.



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L is for Light!

And leaves 🙂

Effect of light on fresh new leaves of the season… translucent and so very delicate…



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J is for Jamun :)

Jamun, the fruit has been one of the favorites during our childhood in Belgaum. We knew it as Jambul then, and we would wait eagerly for the cart vendors to arrive with the ripened jambul. These were usually garnished with a bit of salt in order to enhance the taste. And, the fact that it coloured the tongue purple is what made it very popular with us kids. I guess these were available locally and hence we were able to get nicely ripened ones and they were inexpensive too.

Jambul. Pic from here

I have this memory of a particular Jambul tree in the area we lived. We used to go there and look at the fruits and wait for them to ripen. Of course, there was no way we little kids could get hold of those except for those that would fall from the tree occasionally. One day after a downpour, we went there and found many of the ripened ones had fallen and we were delighted to collect those! Small joys of childhood !! 🙂

Once we moved to Mysore, these fruits were hard to come by and we never got the same yummy tasting ripe fruits again. It seemed the fruits were procured from outside and hence were not the same as locally grown ones. Once we moved to Bangalore, these fruits became a rarity, not widely available and generally expensive. We feel excited when we see Jambul, but somehow, its never the same as it was during childhood. Sigh! I know I’m sounding like my granma but the fact remains 🙂

An internet search on Jamun, brought this up… shows that Jamun has quite a few health benefits too!

While on the topic of Jamun, I’m reminded of the Gulab jamun, which is a very popular dessert here. Not only that, its the most popular sweet dish in our household too. Everyone loves it, especially the ones made by me 🙂 The kids generally do not like store bought Gulab Jamun and they make special requests on their birthdays and during some festivals too!

I, of course prepare Jamun using ready to use mix and not the traditional method. But I’ve learnt how to make them real soft and to get the sweetness right. The consistency is what makes it a hit each time! With everyone at home and with friends at my workplace too 🙂

Interestingly,  Gulab Jamun is named after “Jamun” or “jaman”, the Hindi-Urdu word for Syzygium jambolanum, an Indian fruit with a similar size and shape… the one I’ve referred to earlier 🙂

Gulab Jamun. Pic from here!)_bright.jpg

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I scream.. You scream…

We all scream for Ice cream!! 🙂 yayy!!

Summer’s here with soaring temperatures and so are ice creams and fruit juices to cool us down. Ice cream is much loved by everyone in our family. I’m famously known for gobbling up my share and borrowing from sis always during our childhood days 😀

Dad especially encourages me to have ice cream every now and then. Me being a poor eater, he thinks I’ll at least fare better with ice creams since it is a favourite! Not only that, he even encourages me to have an ice cream to put an end to the cough! I’ve been prone to colds and coughs for sometime now and when i catch it, it just stays on for a prolonged period, making me week and scaring everyone out !

Last year, we gorged on ice creams regularly. Naturals, was a favorite haunt that we stopped at after our dance class every week! Sister’s m-i-l also indulged us with her special ice candies made using seasonal fruits like watermelon and mangoes !! what fun 😀

This year, we hope to get D trained on preparing ice creams, ice candies and different types of juices. Its all very doable now, thanks to www. She’s geared up for it too. Hope to click some pics before we gobble up everything, like we did last year 😀

Some favorite memories that involve ice creams

  • Mom getting me a biggg scoop in a cone and it falling off as a bus whizzed by! Ohh what a disappointment for a lil girl of maybe 5!!
  • Me and sis walking to mom’s office after lunch, during our summer vacation, just for ice creams from the ice cream vendor who would pass by at that hour!
  • Me and sis going for a stroll at night during our vacations, just to buy and savour icecream on our way back 😛
  • Family visit to the ice cream parlour which was one of its kind in those days! Mde us feel very special 🙂
  • Picnic…Rainy afternoon, ice cream with friends, under an umbrella..
  • Dad egging me on to have more servings of ice cream at the Ashoka, New Delhi. Dinner was at midnight after the event and dad felt we would be better off eating the yummy ice cream 😀
  • Sis craving for mango ice cream when she was carrying Adi and we checking everywhere for it. It used to be great relief when we used to finally find it and get it for her.

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Flavour of the season – Tabebuia

I’m here with flowers again 🙂

I do not seem to tire of flowers and thanks to the avenue trees here in Bengaluru, I am treated to various lovely blooms all through the year. Right now, its the season of Tabebuias and Jacaranda. The pink Tabebuia rosea is especially awaited eagerly, year after year!

The loveliness of the soft pink colour and the way the petals/flowers float down to the earth in this windy season, the tree covered with blooms with sparse or no leaves at all… makes this one stand apart I guess 🙂

This Sunday, when we ventured out, we deliberately took this route to check if the flowers were in bloom. And what a sight greeted us! I was thrilled to the core and thanked us for taking the detour !

Here are pics clicked by sis, while I drove slowly savouring the sight and taking it all in.


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Monday musings – D is for didi ! :)

Didi is the Hindi/Bengali/Marathi word for sis. And I guess its the same in many of the other languages spoken in North India.

And, didi is what Adi calls Ammu. I’m not sure if I’ve written about this fact earlier. Its the sweetest thing ever, especially when they’re in a good mood, and when playing /getting along well with each other.

The most amusing one is when Adi says something and turns around to get a confirmation saying ‘Yes na didi ?’ Its cutest, most heartwarming one for us. Makes us send out a prayer pronto! 🙂

Pics of the duo.. in the balcony, busy solving some puzzles on a warm winter afternoon.. and me being a compulsive clicker couldn’t miss it now..could I  🙂



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Book love :)

Yes.. here I am again talking about the kids’ love for books and for reading! Isnt that wonderful 🙂 Their love for books has grown by leaps and bounds and it makes us brim with joy when we see them in love and content in the company of books! There’s a sense of peace, of fulfillment and almost an of achievement of some rare kind! The feeling cannot be expressed completely in words, me thinks 🙂

We decided to gift them books for Christmas/New Year, instead of toys. They were overjoyed to receive books as gifts! Adi unwrapped the book and went straight to the couch and started reading it. It didnt bother him that the book was titled Little Women and was indeed meant for Ammu! It was a rare sight to behold, the pose captured forever in our memories. He’s done reading Black Beauty and Robinson Crusoe since then, and I was truly surprised when I learnt of this. He even narrated the story for me, sensing my disbelief 🙂

One day he came to me with a book and was excitedly telling me that I’m better coz I gave him a ‘fat’ book whereas his dad never does. It was so cute and amusing! Seeing his enthu, I asked him to pick ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’.. a book that I have preserved for so long. It is not in a very good condition, but it got him excited nevertheless.

Ammu, on her part, devours all the books that she can and is always hungry for more. Every week, she comes home and excitedly tells us all about the book she picked from her school library, about her friend who reads more than her and finishes reading so quickly. Books and book stories.. we’re all eager for more!

It also surprised us one day, when both Ammu and Adi insisted on picking up books from a book seller on the pavement, on our way back from dance class! We did pick a couple. Some days though, we’re left with no choice but to persuade them against buying more books!! Space and budget constraints… sigh!

Books are now prized possessions… companions during commute and also at bed time! What more can a book lover parent want !! 🙂

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Keeping it simple for the last letter for this round. And quite apt too..

Zinnias from our little balcony garden. Gifts for us this Christmas and New Year! 🙂

Zinnia (2)

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I was never the sports/physical activities type person. I preferred reading and arts/crafts. And even though physical activity and exercises are important, I did not actually do much, except for the mandatory sessions at school and later household chores.

However, as I approached 40, I felt the need to do something to keep fit and flexible. Especially since I’ve been through a painful phase with rheumatoid arthritis. Ging to a gym has never appealing to me and for as long as I remember, it was Yoga that I was fascinated about and wished to learn.

As if in answer to my wish, yoga classes were introduced in office and I was among the first to sign up. However, with time and with tougher work schedules, attendance dwindled. I kept at the yoga classes in office for as long as I could but eventually the classes came to an end as was anticipated due to poor participation. I’d imagine that I would continue doing yoga at home.. all the bits that I’d learned over an year and some more. But yes.. I have not continued with it.. due to personal situation and also there’s the laziness… the weather… so on!

Hope to get back to it in this year before I forget all that I’ve learnt so far. Wish me luck!’s some yellow delight to feast on! Yellow Chrysanthemums in my balcony garden during Diwali. Aah..and there’s the yellow slide too in the background 🙂


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