M is for mist!

Pics from our visit to Ooty over the weekend. It was a fun family trip... a much awaited one as we were doing one after a gap of 2 years!! The weather was awesome.. a lovely brief relief from the soaring temperatures in Bangalore. Linking this to the letter M at ABC Wednesdays - 18th... Continue Reading →

L is for Light!

And leaves 🙂 Effect of light on fresh new leaves of the season... translucent and so very delicate... Linking this to the letter L at ABC Wednesdays - Round 18.

J is for Jamun :)

Jamun, the fruit has been one of the favorites during our childhood in Belgaum. We knew it as Jambul then, and we would wait eagerly for the cart vendors to arrive with the ripened jambul. These were usually garnished with a bit of salt in order to enhance the taste. And, the fact that it coloured the... Continue Reading →

I scream.. You scream…

We all scream for Ice cream!! 🙂 yayy!! Summer's here with soaring temperatures and so are ice creams and fruit juices to cool us down. Ice cream is much loved by everyone in our family. I'm famously known for gobbling up my share and borrowing from sis always during our childhood days 😀 Dad especially encourages... Continue Reading →

Growing up!

Its 7 years and 400 posts, since I started on this journey of blogging !! Long time indeed. I had not thought that I would keep this going for so long. But thanks to memes such as ABC Wednesdays, I'm able to infuse some amount of life into it from time to time and keep... Continue Reading →

Flavour of the season – Tabebuia

I'm here with flowers again 🙂 I do not seem to tire of flowers and thanks to the avenue trees here in Bengaluru, I am treated to various lovely blooms all through the year. Right now, its the season of Tabebuias and Jacaranda. The pink Tabebuia rosea is especially awaited eagerly, year after year! The... Continue Reading →

Book love :)

Yes.. here I am again talking about the kids' love for books and for reading! Isnt that wonderful 🙂 Their love for books has grown by leaps and bounds and it makes us brim with joy when we see them in love and content in the company of books! There's a sense of peace, of fulfillment... Continue Reading →


Keeping it simple for the last letter for this round. And quite apt too.. Zinnias from our little balcony garden. Gifts for us this Christmas and New Year! 🙂 Linking this to the letter Z at ABC Wednesdays.

Y is for Yoga.. and Yellow!

I was never the sports/physical activities type person. I preferred reading and arts/crafts. And even though physical activity and exercises are important, I did not actually do much, except for the mandatory sessions at school and later household chores. However, as I approached 40, I felt the need to do something to keep fit and... Continue Reading →


The thing that I most missed in the year 2015 is vacation! And, vacation to me, as for most people, is closely linked to travel. Somehow, for most part of the year, I did not go on a trip. Neither a family trip nor a team outing! Except for a quick one to KR Nagar,... Continue Reading →

United we stand!

I love to share my thoughts here but when it comes to current hot topics, I mostly refrain from writing about such topics that somehow become controversial and stir up the hornet's nest! The fact being, I realize that I neither have the enthusiasm to defend my stance nor feel the necessity for it. However, in... Continue Reading →

Technology Tales

Advancements in technology has made life easier and has enabled us to elevate our quality of life in umpteen ways. An undisputed fact indeed! A single blog post cannot enumerate and do justice to all the ways in which technology had touched our lives. Here, I will attempt to write about just one small bit,... Continue Reading →

Saree Love :)

This year has definitely been the year of the saree... for me as well as for many many ladies who love this traditional attire..all thanks to the 100SareePact. Started in March 2015, by two friends who decided to wear sarees on 100 days of this year, the pact went viral on social media. There was... Continue Reading →

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