Saree Love :)

This year has definitely been the year of the saree… for me as well as for many many ladies who love this traditional attire..all thanks to the 100SareePact. Started in March 2015, by two friends who decided to wear sarees on 100 days of this year, the pact went viral on social media. There was an overwhelming response to this initiative and saree lovers from all over the world joined in. You can read more about the pact here.

Though the number 100 seemed un-achievable, it was not long before I joined in…albeit privately. However, the excitement was just too much to contain and I made the announcement by the end of July.

My love for sarees began way back in childhood. Mom always wore sarees…to work as well as at home. She wore simple yet lovely cotton sarees. And that made her stand apart. Most of my friends were in awe of her beauty and simplicity. Rarely, she wore Georgette too! I vividly recollect a plain yellow one and a red one embroidered with elephant motifs. I remember wearing the red one teamed with one of my tops, when I was in the sixth grade! 🙂 Later I wore mom’s sarees whenever I could…on festival days, to attend annual day at sister’s on…

I got my first saree during my college days. A blue Kanchi cotton with a pink border. Later, when dad was posted in Kolkata, he got us Bengal cottons. One for each in lovely pastel shades. And, more cotton sarees when he visited Hyderabad. Thus grew our collection.

During post graduation days, me and my group of 5, would wear saree to the class whenever we felt like. Not restricting ourselves to the festive/ocassion days. We did not worry if everyone else wore it or not. However, for a long period after joining work, I wore sarees only on ocassions or festivals. And then, on ethnic wear days at office. I never used to miss those opportunities.

All that changed when I joined my current organization 2 years back. I made it a point to wear saree to office at least once a month. It was awesome to have the company and support of a colleague and dear friend who also loves wearing saree to work. It was also due to inspiration from her that, post the 100 saree pact, I started wearing a saree more often; initially twice or thrice a month, to once a week and now, I wear a saree to office at least twice per week! 🙂 The current count is 43 out of a target of 50 that I’ve set for myself!

The actual count I’m sure has surpassed 50 but initially I did not bother to get pics clicked…

Most important of all, the whole family including our house-help is rallying around me, cheering for me!! The kids especially are super excited to see me in a saree.

I dont have a huge collection of sarees. Most of what I have are gifts from my sisters. And, I also get to choose from my their wardrobes whenever I want!! Lucky lucky me !!!  My sister too wears a saree to work everyday since it suits her profession of a teacher. She is a huggge fan of sarees, especially cotton sarees and has a huge collection! She is the most happiest as all her sarees are well utilized now 🙂 Plus she looks forward to see me in her saree… she calls me the official model for showcasing her lovely sarees!!

Recently though, as a side effect of this whole thing, we also ended up buying sarees and accessories for the festivals! 🙂

I have been thoroughly enjoying this saree phase, being a part of the saree loving community, reveling in all the saree stories being shared, feasting my eyes on fabulous , gorgeous ones and learning a lot about the various kinds of sarees/weaves, the histories, the effort that goes into saree weaving. Awe inspiring!! Feel blessed to have become a part of something so huge.

Also, I have got myself a lot of fans and admirers 🙂 And the best part is that a few other friends, inspired by me, have joined the pact !! Excited and humbled at the same time 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Saree Love :)

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  1. That’s a gorgeous collection of sarees and you look wonderful draped in one 🙂
    I have to agree the 100 Saree Pact indeed has taken social media by storm. I am not too fond of wearing sarees but mu little daughter is. I can already visualize her doing all you’ve mentioned in your beautiful post cause she is madly in love with sarees 😀


  2. I too love saree.. I never miss any opportunity to wear one. My mom and sis are teachers. Both of them are having huge collection of cotton sarees. They have so many fans, me being one 😉
    Loved that red saree and its accessories. What print is that? Madhubani?


  3. Gorgeous gorgeous sarees. It really is one of the most graceful attire. You inspire me to get back to them some day.


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