I love to share my thoughts here but when it comes to current hot topics, I mostly refrain from writing about such topics that somehow become controversial and stir up the hornet’s nest! The fact being, I realize that I neither have the enthusiasm to defend my stance nor feel the necessity for it.

However, in  backdrop of the current crises in Chennai, I feel vindicated about my thoughts and feelings! Writing it down here so that its a good reminder, for whenever I choose to revisit this again.

Recently, there was this whole brouhaha over rising intolerance in India and much has been written in defense of and against something that was said by a prominent celebrity. It was appalling to see how people chose to read in between the lines as per their convenience and also spew venom based on assumptions, many of them even without having heard to the original interview.

Of course people have a right to their opinions but its only fair that they base their opinion after hearing the original version themselves. Not based on others opinions, and starting from a point of prejudice! It was scary how social media was being used to propagate something that didn’t warrant such a huge coverage. However, the saving grace was this speech. Loved how the Maharashtra CM summarized this whole episode and the vicious circle of media playing to the gallery. Sadly, this one did not get as much publicity though.

Cut to the present crises; Chennai put through 3 storms, unprecedented rains and flooding! Heart wrenching scenes of submerged roads, houses, vehicles. Complete lock down. People suffering without water, electricity, food, medical aid and a host of other issues!

And, amidst all the chaos, the resounding and re-assuring rise of unity in this hour of despair. People, in general, opening up their hearts and homes, going all out in helping one another. Trying their best to provide succor irrespective of the religious, political, social identities of the sufferers. This is the true India, true humanity!! I love it that the people all over, in support of Chennai have united and the so called ‘Intolerance’ is being trumped hands down!!

Wonderful, isnt it!This united stance, reaffirming our faith in humanity above all !!

This is my blog post for the letter U at ABC Wednesdays. Thanks to Mrs Nesbitt who thought up this wonderful meme 🙂

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