The thing that I most missed in the year 2015 is vacation! And, vacation to me, as for most people, is closely linked to travel. Somehow, for most part of the year, I did not go on a trip. Neither a family trip nor a team outing! Except for a quick one to KR Nagar, for sister’s treatment, from where we were taken by our friend and host, to a temple nearby. The temple is situated along the banks of a river and we were totally surprised and grateful to be there that day!

However, starved as I was of a real vacation, I planned a quick break during Dasara. Just Ammu and me! It was the first trip that we took together. We met my friends in Mysore and had a good time with them. Ammu enjoyed it too and she was super happy to be with me…just the two of us! Something that she always looks forward to 🙂

I’d hoped that it would be the beginning of more such journeys and sure enough, we’ve already planned another! I had this desire to take her to Belgaum, my birthplace. And, show her around… the school me and sisters went to, the area we lived in and meet up some of my childhood friends who still live there. And, as if in answer, the universe has decided to make it happen!

Its my friend’s brother’s wedding on the 25th, in Belgaum, and I’m all set to go! By flight !! It will be my first ever journey by flight and Ammu’s too 🙂 She doesnt know about it yet, and we’re sure she’ll be very very excited when she learns of this.

So, a couple of quick short breaks .. of different kinds when compared to previous years. But just as exciting and fulfilling! I’m glad how things have turned out and hoping we’ll have a good vacation this Christmas season 🙂

This post is my entry for the letter V at ABC Wednesdays! Glad that I could make it this week too 🙂 … just in time 😉

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