Siri tidbits # 3…’Net’ in pomegranate

She's learning new words…2 letter/3 letter words in school… Siri’s question to me: Is there net in pomegranate? Me,assuming she’s asking about the seed : No ..its the seed.. Siri: …but then..why is it called pomegra'net'?…it should have ‘net’.

In Anticipation…

   End of March...and not a single entry. Well..the same excuse..loads of work n assignments to be taken care of, in addition to running back home to my baby...she's no longer a baby (sigh). Today we got her marks states 'Promoted to UKG'. The year..her first year at school that had begun with so... Continue Reading →

Ammu tidbits #2…’4’head

  One cold evening, I was applying Vicks to her chest. She told me to apply it to her 'forehead' and felt proud to use the right word; my dad had taught her the word. However, she continued...1, 2, 3, 4....4head.

Ammu tidbits #1…’H’ horse…

  On her 4th birthday, Siri got a gift; a red chair, from my sis. The back rest had a display of variety of marine life, among them a Seahorse. She was delighted and took every opportunity to show this to anyone and everyone. One day though, her inquisitiveness got the better of her; she... Continue Reading →

Creativity reborn!

Children are a blessing...they give you a new lease on life...your life.. every few months, there's some project coming up in my daughter's school First there was the flower day, next the chart/collage for Diwali, then the sports day..and  now...the ‘show and tell’ exhibition. I have been busy with these and have loved being a... Continue Reading →

Ms Intellectual! Down memory lane…

Its 2009 - a decade has passed since winning the Ms Intellectual award. My mind is flooded with memories... Competition Success Review 'CSR' is a magazine that I grew up reading...with a vision to be a winner one be an IAS officer.Though it was my first attempt at writing or even participating in an... Continue Reading →

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