Creativity reborn!

Children are a blessing…they give you a new lease on life…your life..

every few months, there’s some project coming up in my daughter’s school

First there was the flower day, next the chart/collage for Diwali, then the sports day..and  now…the ‘show and tell’ exhibition. I have been busy with these and have loved being a part of all this. my long lost creativity… of the drawing and crafts type…has seen a revival. its great to see her enthusiasm and the excitement on her face makes my day…makes all the effort worthwhile..

Check out some of the models at the show..

Siri’s water park …a simple one but it was the only oneof its kind …none other had this theme.

Fruit and vegetable vendors!

A children’s park..and my toddler waiting to lay his hands on the models…

Festivals of India – This theme was unique too! And the kid presented it very well!!

Another park..

Pre nursery kids …

A Zoo and a forest area…

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