Jolada Rotti #Mother’s Day

Aka Jowar Roti. A flat bread made of jowar flour. One of the staple foods of the North Karnataka region. One that always reminds me of our Belgaum days... of my mother. She had perfected the art of making Jolada rotti. Not an easy feat this. Not even for the natives of the region. Madurai,... Continue Reading →

A simple soul…

She was born in a conservative middle class family. She had a flair for learning, and education helped her get out of the shackles of  age old thinking and orthodox customs... She braved all odds and joined work in a place that neither she nor her family had ever heard of, which was a courageous... Continue Reading →


While plodding on your way The toilsome road of life How few the friends that daily there you meet Not many will stand by In trouble and in strife With counsel and affection ever sweet. But there is one whose smile Will ever on you beam Whose love is dearer far than any other And... Continue Reading →

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