Courage! #BookBytes

I'd almost started writing about 'The Little Princess", one of my favourite books , but then wondered if I have not already done so. I looked around in my archives and found that I've indeed written a big long post on it, including the quotes, almost a decade ago! I started thinking of the books... Continue Reading →

Love of stories!

One of the blessings in life is to watch your kids get all excited at the sight of books in a book fair or in quaint little bookstores! Aint it every book lover's dream come true πŸ™‚ On the flip side, getting them to read something that you want them to is not an easy... Continue Reading →

Book love :)

Yes.. here I am again talking about the kids' love for books and for reading! Isnt that wonderful πŸ™‚ Their love for books has grown by leaps and bounds and it makes us brim with joy when we see them in love and content in the company of books! There's a senseΒ of peace, of fulfillment... Continue Reading →

Book love!

And.. The summer vacations have begun! So heartening to see the kids discuss story books ... love to see that they never forget to carry a couple of books no matter where they are headed!! A case in point... nephew carried a couple of books when I went to pick him take him home... Continue Reading →

Reading! or is it Thank God! :)

.. for small mercies! or is it small πŸ˜‰ I meant to do a post on 'reading' as in my/our reading.. choices, patterns etc... but I'll leave you with this instead πŸ™‚ Last night she plonked onto the bed as if she would doze off in a moment. She'd danced, read and danced [practised her... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits :)

Last night after they finished dinner we tell them to sit quietly and not jump around... After my dinner is done, I go into the room to find them lying next to each other. And, Ammu is reading from a story book!! A dream-come-true moment for a mom who loves to read πŸ˜€ ********* This... Continue Reading →

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