Love and light!

The beautiful morning light that turned a relaxed Sunday morning into a fun family time 🙂 Hope you can spot the tiny details that symbolise the big things in life... These pictures, taken spontaneously, make me realize that love and light are indeed the 2 things that keep me going!! Feel blessed and grateful. Wishing... Continue Reading →

Happy Bandh anyone ?

A holiday was declared due to the nation wide bandh on Wednesday... I am reading the newspaper while having my cuppa. Adi wakes up and comes to me... climbs onto my lap. 'Good morning' I say and he responds 'Good morning'.. Then, after some silent moments, he turns to me and says 'Happy Bandh bomma'... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits!

Adi's teacher : 'Suppose you have 5 chocolates and you give 2 chocolates to your friend. How many will you have? 3. This is subtraction.' Wondering if he understood, by the look on his face, she tries to confirm ' Did you understand properly?' Adi: 'Yes. From now on I will be very careful with... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

Played around a bit and came up with this. How do you all like it? These pics were taken in and around home. And, were lying in the drafts for quite some time. Glad that they've come to my rescue at a time when I've not been able to write anything at all... 🙂 In... Continue Reading →

Of dreams and wishes fulfilled!

I am not one for resolutions and such.. the bullet list that is.. However, 2012 was different... maybe inspired by some of the blogs that I'd read. I decided to adopt a theme... and it was 'being a more mindful person' which was in keeping with my journey of 'growth'. Not very sure how mindfulness... Continue Reading →


Hidden somewhere in the sub conscious was this desire to learn Bharatnatyam. It would rise up to the conscious at times.. and I would wonder when it would happen. I was very sure that it will happen. It has been an on and off relationship... me and Bharatnatyam. The story began when I was maybe... Continue Reading →

Just like that!

This month, it has been a little hectic at work. And, I've not been able to be with Ammu for her revisions during the worksheets. Sis1 and BIL have been able to be there a couple of times and then dad helped her with the last one, geography, for a change! I hope this trend... Continue Reading →

Just like that!!

One sure fire way to feel alive is to stretch! Yes.. literally!! Stretch yourself... either physically or mentally and you'll feel the difference!! Yesterday, I attended a conference for Software testers, the first conference that I attended in all these years of professional life. I'd been dilly dallying till the nth moment as I'm not... Continue Reading →

Tiny tidbits!

I am wondering whether I should continue to call these posts 'Tiny tidbits'. You were really tiny when I started writing you seem to be all grown up at times. But then again, your words come to mind and make me smile 🙂 You say ' I'm still a baby ma! and you are... Continue Reading →

The Mysore trip..

in pictures.. Day 1 - It was raining when we started from home! We took the Shatabdi at 11., by which time the skies had cleared up considerably.. And then, me doing TP 😉 Reached Mysore in the afternoon. Had lunch and took a nap 🙂 In the evening... a stroll along the main streets..... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

Its almost a week since we came back from Mysore. Had a very fun filled and relaxed vacation. Came back truly  rejuvenated.. I had a bad cough the week before we left... The weather was awesome and we did things at a leisurely pace... totally unstructured but fun times 🙂 just what i needed to... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

Vacations are here! Well... Ammu's vacation started last weekend. She's enjoying her time at home. And, my yearly Dasara vacation starts on Sunday!! Woohoo 😀 Our team is working tomorrow in lieu of the bandh last month. So, the vacation begins on Sunday! We're off to Mysore ... to enjoy the Dasara ambience. I was... Continue Reading →

Lil joys!

Through the years... On some days, she is the one to throw tantrum and not relent till I give in.. On some other days, I am the one yelling in anxiousness 😦 On yet other days, thata keeps on warning that time's up which irks her further... And, there are some days when he gets... Continue Reading →

Book picnic :)

Took the kids to a book reading event at Hippocampus in Koramangala. They called it the book picnic 🙂 Sounds fun.. isnt it! The book is 'Have you seen this?' by Arthi [ArtNavy]. I had intended to make it to the do at Easy library but... we missed it despite being nearby to that place.... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

There's festivity in the air.. with the Gauri Ganesha festivals just round the corner. It will be a busy weekend with shopping and preparations for the celebrations. The cleaning and sprucing up of the home is in full swing! Thanks to D 🙂 With her in charge, I am just relaxing.. doing my usual stuff.... Continue Reading →

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