Tiny Tidbits #LockdownNotes

Adi: Bomma, I think I don't like online classes *Me throwing a concerned but questioning look at him* Adi *instantly*: Means... I dont like it because I don't get to chit chat with my friends between classes ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ... there's no fun anymore!! *Me sighing in resignation* ********** Ammu: Ma, till when is this thing... Continue Reading →

The Parenting Jig! #MondayMusings

Last week I wrote about the struggle with getting the kids to do chores around the house and/or helping us out ocassionally. The other facet of this is quite an interesting one! I've noticed that when kids are indeed willing to do something or sometimes even excited to do a certain thing at home... we... Continue Reading →

The Parenting Jig #MondayMusings

I have often wondered how to go about the task of instilling these in the kids - the habit of doing chores, the feeling of ownership... of taking care of their own stuff and of the stuff and/or valuables at home. But have not come up with any sure shot solution! Pampered as they are,... Continue Reading →

Beti Bachao…

Ever wondered what lil boys think of 'Beti Bachao' (save the girl child)? Does it make them feel insecure? Or that they're being discriminated against? "Why only Beti Bachao bomma?" Adi asked me one day. I was almost stumped and thought wow!! It was only then that I pondered over it and a realization came... Continue Reading →

The Parenting Jig…

This parenting jig is a tough one. We're at a stage.. somewhere in the middle of a transition from the old order into a new one! I believe I'm amongย a generation of parents who are trying their best to conform to the new norms. Who are among those that listened to their parents and now,... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits

As always, Adi has interesting ways to absolve himself.. A couple of days ago, he'd not eaten the bread-nutella that was packed for breakfast. When D discovered it, she asked Ammu why he hadnt eaten. Apparently Ammu hadn't noticed that. The next day when she asked him the reason, pat comes his reply 'the nutella... Continue Reading →

K is for kisses :)

Yes... tiny tiny sweet ones ! The kids are growing up and there've been lots of changes. they've become more independent in their day-to-day activities and are learning newer things each day. But what remains unchanged through all this are the kisses n hugs! At times... there used to be tiny wars too! On who... Continue Reading →

Head vs Heart

Crossroads in life are all about this. Logic, that is, the head says one thing and your heart says another. There's no doubt that we've all gone through such situations. The answer or decision is comparatively easy at times. At other times, its a real tug of war and we struggle to get out of... Continue Reading →

Letting go!

Again... from the drafts.. Letting go is damn hard! Perhaps that is the reason why life gives us so many opportunities to learn and adapt to the process of letting go. Each time it is a bitter sweet experience! We want to cling and to let them fly n soar too.. Its a dilemma every... Continue Reading →

The parenting jig!!

This Mother's day I'm in a rather introspective mood. The thoughts are abuzz since a few days.. and I was wonderingย if I should write about this at all or not. In the early years of motherhood I've been very short tempered, easily venting out my frustrations. This was due to so many things going on... Continue Reading →

Lil wishes..

Ammu to me.. Earlier: 'Bye mamma.. try to come early..' Today: 'Bye mamma.. try to come early.. and try not to have a call today'. Emphasizes the last bit ๐Ÿ˜ Sigh!!

Tiny Tidbits

Our conversation from last evening.. I'm back home and Adi is generally running around at full speed, not heeding to my words to slow down. He does this and that... just going around as if he did not hear me at all.. and I feel harried, which feels even worse coz I'm tired too.. Finally,... Continue Reading →

Reading! or is it Thank God! :)

.. for small mercies! or is it small ๐Ÿ˜‰ I meant to do a post on 'reading' as in my/our reading.. choices, patterns etc... but I'll leave you with this instead ๐Ÿ™‚ Last night she plonked onto the bed as if she would doze off in a moment. She'd danced, read and danced [practised her... Continue Reading →

Lil joys!

Through the years... On some days, she is the one to throw tantrum and not relent till I give in.. On some other days, I am the one yelling in anxiousness ๐Ÿ˜ฆ On yet other days, thata keeps on warning that time's up which irks her further... And, there are some days when he gets... Continue Reading →

I love rain!

Ammu drew this last evening, after revising the lesson Seasons for her Geography worksheet. She was maha excited to show this to me when I came back ๐Ÿ™‚ She says 'Rain is my favorite season ma.. look I'm throwing away my umbrella to play in the rain' ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a nice respite from the... Continue Reading →

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