A work of art! #ThursdayTreeLove

Waking up in a new country, actually a new continent altogether, and walking to the work place, taking in the chill, and the morning views on the way.. thats how I remember my first morning in Johannesburg (June 2019) 🙂 The first day was slightly tiring, possibly due to the travel, the winter chill (and... Continue Reading →

Green rosette #FridayFlowers

Loved this spread of green rosettes by the pool, in the hotel that we stayed in, at Johannesburg. Strictly speaking this is not a flower, but I'm inspired by its flower-like/rose-like appearance to post it in my #FridayFlowers edition 🙂 Thanks to the www, figured out that this succulent is of the genus Echeveria. I... Continue Reading →

African Lily #FridayFlowers

The highlight of the week's posts is the trip to Johannesburg. So, here are pics of the beauties that I happened to come across on the very first day there! Botanically speaking, this plant belongs to the genus Agapanthes and African lily/ blue lily are some of its common names. These take me back to... Continue Reading →

The tallest!

Yes! The Burj Khalifa!! Our journey to South Africa was via Dubai. It was only a brief stopover and there was to be no chance to venture out of the airport. So, made it a point to take in the view during landing and/or take off 😀 Here are a few pics that I clicked... Continue Reading →

Cloud Nine!

2019 has been special! I went on my first ever international trip.. to Johannesburg, South Africa!! When I started off in the current project, sometime in 3rd quarter of 2018, I realized that there were some trips planned in (for the bosses mainly). This was exciting especially because there's no travel plans in any of... Continue Reading →

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