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Keeping it simple for the last letter for this round. And quite apt too..

Zinnias from our little balcony garden. Gifts for us this Christmas and New Year! 🙂

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2015- the year of the Saree :)

This year has definitely been the year of the saree… for me as well as for many many ladies who love this traditional attire..all thanks to the 100SareePact. Started in March 2015, by two friends who decided to wear sarees on 100 days of this year, the pact went viral on social media. You can read more about the pact here. There was an overwhelming response to this initiative and saree lovers from all over the world joined in.

Though the number 100 seemed un-achievable, it was not long before I joined in…albeit privately. However, the excitement was just too much to contain and I made the announcement by the end of July.

My love for sarees began way back in childhood. Mom always wore sarees…to work as well as at home. She wore simple yet lovely cotton sarees. And that made her stand apart. Most of my friends were in awe of her beauty and simplicity. Rarely, she wore Georgette too! I vividly recollect a plain yellow one and a red one embroidered with elephant motifs. I remember wearing the red one teamed with one of my tops, when I was in the sixth grade! 🙂 Later I wore mom’s sarees whenever I could…on festival days, to attend annual day at sister’s on…

I got my first saree during my college days. A blue Kanchi cotton with a pink border. Later, when dad was posted in Kolkata, he got us Bengal cottons. One for each in lovely pastel shades. And, more cotton sarees when he visited Hyderabad. Thus grew our collection.

During post graduation days, me and my group of 5, would wear saree to the class whenever we felt like. Not restricting ourselves to the festive/ocassion days. We did not worry if everyone else wore it or not. However, for a long period after joining work, I wore sarees only on ocassions or festivals. And then, on ethnic wear days at office. I never used to miss those opportunities.

All that changed when I joined my current organization 2 years back. I made it a point to wear saree to office at least once a month. It was awesome to have the company and support of a colleague and dear friend who also loves wearing saree to work. It was also due to inspiration from her that, post the 100 saree pact, I started wearing a saree more often; initially twice or thrice a month, to once a week and now, I wear a saree to office at least twice per week! 🙂 The current count is 43 out of a target of 50 that I’ve set for myself!

The actual count I’m sure has surpassed 50 but initially I did not bother to get pics clicked…

Most important of all, the whole family including our house-help is rallying around me, cheering for me!! The kids especially are super excited to see me in a saree.

I dont have a huge collection of sarees. Most of what I have are gifts from my sisters. And, I also get to choose from my their wardrobes whenever I want!! Lucky lucky me !!!  My sister too wears a saree to work everyday since it suits her profession of a teacher. She is a huggge fan of sarees, especially cotton sarees and has a huge collection! She is the most happiest as all her sarees are well utilized now 🙂 Plus she looks forward to see me in her saree… she calls me the official model for showcasing her lovely sarees!!

Recently though, as a side effect of this whole thing, we also ended up buying sarees and accessories for the festivals! 🙂

I have been thoroughly enjoying this saree phase, being a part of the saree loving community, reveling in all the saree stories being shared, feasting my eyes on fabulous , gorgeous ones and learning a lot about the various kinds of sarees/weaves, the histories, the effort that goes into saree weaving. Awe inspiring!! Feel blessed to have become a part of something so huge.

Also, I have got myself a lot of fans and admirers 🙂 And the best part is that a few other friends, inspired by me, have joined the pact !! Excited and humbled at the same time 🙂


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Water! here we come !! :)

Sometimes.. when things happen they seem to happen at just the right time. Makes me look at the big picture and realize the interconnectedness of all the events in our life!

I have been wanting to learn swimming.. from like forever. Past couple of years, we’ve been getting some pamphlets related to swimming camps.. near our area but somehow haven’t been able to make it. Couple of times it was because we were unable to connect with that person who would provide information and at others due to ill health of the kid(s).. and the season would be over in the blink of an eye, so to say.

This year, me and sis2 kept talking about achieving the ‘swimmimg’ target, right from day 1. Sis 2 had wanted to learn when she was in high school but we had not allowed it, owing to our own fears and insecurities.

Last year the goal had been ‘driving’ and all 3 of us successfully did it! This year… it had to be ‘swimming’. However, only two of us were rooting for it. But, the universe had a very different plan!!

Sis 1 had a health complication involving the spinal cord and was advised surgery.On second opinion she was given an option to take an epidural injection and little rest followed by continuos practice of yoga and swimming.. every single day.. for at least the next 3 years. Of course, she preferred swimming and yoga over surgery!

This was an added impetus, for finding out about the swimming classes. Never in her life had she given a thought to swimming and now she was left with no other choice. Though she was undergoing a lot of pain.. Sis2 and me were happy for the fact that she had this option and need not go the surgery route. And also we were secretly happy that Sis1 too would now learn swimming. It totally felt as if the whole universe conspired to make this happen.

This last weekend, we registered for the class and shopped for swimming gear. And, off we went on Monday. Sis2, Ammu, Adi and me in the morning.. and Sis 1 in the evening batch as she needs to go early to work and cant make it in the morning. It is exciting as well as scary at times.

After the intitial excitement on day 1, came the scare on the 2nd day and Ammu resolutely said that she did not want to learn swimming. Come day 3 and we pepped her up a bit and she seemed willing to give it a go! Today… on the 5th day she’s more excited than scared. Adi is the enthusiatic one as always and wouldnt give up even though he was scared. Today, they were made to jump into the pool, kick their legs and move their hands. A bit of hesitation is there but they now know that it is possible. They’re excited and raring to go. We seem to have crossed past the first hurdle for the kids.

As for the 2 of us adults, we are getting there slowly and steadily. Seeing us just float holding the bar or close to it, the chief instructor joked that we would need to renew subscription for a 2nd time. He instructed the coach to help us with the floating bit. We were scared and didnt know how we could let go of the bar! However, with his help and with floaters, we were able to float and kind of swim for a short distance. We imagined we would get a proper hang of this and do more practice tomorrow. But the coach did not let us go and by the end of today’s session we were able to go a small distance without any support. All this, of course, in the shallow parts of the pool. Thrilled to bits, I did not want to come out of the pool!! 🙂 Keeping fingers crossed.

Coming to the interconnectedness bit, the sequence of events goes like this… dance, driving, yoga and now swimming. Each one made me more flexible, made my body more flexible and aware. Driving is that, to commute to any place in B’lore without dependencies, is a boon. We start around 6.30 in the morning and are back home by 9. This wouldnt be possible if we did not have our own means of transport. Now, swimmimg requires me to have more strength. Which I’m sure I’ll develop as I go on. Feeling awesome… and blessed. Grateful for everything.

Hoping and praying that this activity will help heal Sis1. She’s become aware of the need to give time to herself. That it came in such a fashion was like a bolt from the blue!! Probably some lessons are delivered in a way that is effective for the individual. Again..keeping fingers crossed. 🙂

Its that time of the year again!!

It’s been a pleasure driving these past couple of weeks! This despite the rise in temperatures and the chaotic Bengaluru traffic. The fresh green leaves and flowers of the Honge.. the bursts of pink in the most unexpected places and the gorgeousness of purple lining some of the streets… fills the heart with glee and makes me want to put on the brakes and take in all the beauty around. How I wish someone would drive me around just so I could drink in all of this 😀 . The other day.. as we walked out of the dance class , we were greeted by the most beautiful pink carpet right in front of us!! What bliss 🙂

The phase is a very transient one and we could miss all the prettiness n gorgeousness if we don’t pay attention. In fact, when I did not see the burst of pink even in the first week of March, I felt somewhat guilty that I might have missed it all… it seemed to me that maybe I had been busy driving and had not paid enough attention!! When I saw the first hint of pink… I concluded that I had indeed not paid attention and had missed it all. But a week later, I saw pink everywhere and felt redeemed! So relieved and grateful that I have not missed it after all!!

Some captures from this season.. click on the links to see the ones from last year 🙂

Cottony soft!
Cottony soft pink!!



Hope you too are enjoying the colours of the season !! 🙂

There’s so much to write!

So.. here I go again! After a somewhat longish break  🙂

The month of June just zipped past..

– Schools reopened. Getting back into the groove was quite a challenge! Especially with Adi. He wants to play as much as he did during the vacation. And since he has company.. friends younger than him who do not have to read/study as much, it is very hard to restrain him and get him to do his work!!

– Brother and family were here during the first weekend. They stayed with us for 5 days and we did all we could to make their stay a memorable one. It was a very emotional one since Bro is a cousin who we got together with for the first time ever and he felt very very happy and glad that he and his family could connect with all of us, after being bereft of any close relative on his side till now.

Not sure if any of this makes sense to you. But there is a long story behind all this which I might write sometime. For now, suffice to say that it was a kind of getting together which made us all happy and hopeful 🙂

– I completed one year at work here. It has been an amazing year… I went from terrified to overwhelmed to wow to i’ve done it! Also been exploring new initiatives.. hoping they’ll help me hone myself further!! There’s much appreciation about the things that I’ve achieved so far. Only makes me want to gear up and put the things on my mind to action and see where they take me !!

– Sis2’s birthday on the 22nd! We went out for lunch to a place in UB city!! The high point was that we both wore skirts.. something that we had wanted to do for quite some time now. We do wear skirts – the 3/4th or almost full length wrap around ones. But that day we wore the knee length skirts and loved the feeling 🙂 After an awesome lunch, we headed to buy a TV for dad. It was supposedly sis2’s father’s day gift to dad!! Must say.. one lucky dad he is 😉

July.. so far, has been amazing!!

– Ammu turned 10!! Yes 10 🙂 We’d been thinking of a birthday party for her. But didnt plan one due to various reasons. But a huge surprise awaited us. Dad decided to do a home makeover – replacing the old stuff with new, as they were really too old and in a disposable condition! Ammu was excited about this. And to make it even better, we decided to paint the house as well! All decided in a jiffy.. almost.

Our home was totally transformed within 4-5 days, just in time for her birthday on the 6th of July. Choosing and buying paints. Painting.. cleaning…It was heavy duty shopping on the 5th – new sofa, refrigerator, cooking stove, utensils, curtains, bedspreads. Birthday shopping and decorations on the 6th. And of course the birthday celebrations 🙂

All in all a hectic week it was.. the weekend even more!! Each of us felt like we had done an year’s worth of shopping and swore we didnt wanna shop anymore until at least a couple of months! That it didnt quite stay that way is another story altogether 😀

– I completed another decade of my life the very next weekend. It has been a decade of so many drastic changes, a decade of being mom and one of coming into my own!! So very thankful and grateful for everything 🙂

Got Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 as gift from the family!! Excited of course… but my plans of staying off of a smart phone were all ruined 🙂 Now there’s peer pressure to install whatsapp… I’m sure I will be made to succumb to it very soon 🙂

– First round of tests going on for the kids. I have been totally hands off. Looks like Ammu is beginning to realize that effort on her part is required to score well. Not exactly in the competitive mode… she is just trying to do her best. And that is all I want. For her to try and give her best!! 🙂

Thats all for now folks!! Hope to be around 🙂 Tata!!

Flavour of the season – Gulmohur!

Gulmohur, the Glorious Red that is characteristic of peak summer and May!! This was definitely next on my list for this series. Imagine my delight when we spotted these beauties all along our way en route to Tirthahalli. It was a perfect start to the vacation! There were Peltophorums and Cassia [golden shower] trees too, as if vying for attention, but the gulmohurs were just too spectacular 🙂
We were so awed by the view that we did not remember to take pics at all. But of course we made it a point to click pics on our way back 🙂

All the pics except the first 2-3 were taken on the move, from inside the car. 🙂 I’ll let the pics do the talking!!

2014-05-03 11.53.54

2014-05-03 11.54.05









I sure had fun capturing and then posting the pics here! Hope you all enjoyed looking at them 🙂

Happiness is..

Seeing the beaming faces of the kids when they return from the morning walk! They are tired , exhausted due to the heat and sweat but the excitement shines through!!

For the past few years, at the start of the Summer vacations, I would suggest that they wake up as usual and go for the morning walk with granpa. But they never went as they wanted to just sleep in late and wake up lazily at their own sweet time. This time, however, I urged them to at least give it a try and they agreed 🙂

Day 1 itself they woke up excited and joined thata. He walks up to an open space where he does his exercises. The kids had a good time running around the ground. On their way back, thata bought tender coconut for them. Were they thrilled or what!! And, that got them hooked 🙂

‘Bomma! we walked at least 8 kms today!! ‘ is what Adi announced as soon as he returned from the walk. We walked to the ground…then ran and ran.. so it must be at least 8 km is what he reasons.. 🙂

Reminds me of the times when me and sis1 used to accompany dad on his morning walks. I do not remember for how long we did it, but we used to enjoy it a lot!!

Today is day 4 and they are at it. I guess, the prospect of getting tender coconut, ice cream , chocolates.. is what is most exciting to them!! Last night while going to bed Ammu declared that she wont go for the walk today. But come morning, they both got up and got ready even though they were a little sleepy when thata woke them up. He too had been skeptical about them accompanying him today.

Well, we are all super happy that my efforts ..the little nudges.. have eventually paid off. And, dad.. it has been his lifelong mission to get us to take up morning walk. None of us ever followed this advice us of his, though. Now, that the grand kids are enjoying this with him, he’s is super excited !! 🙂

All in all… an awesome start to the vacations 🙂

E is for Excitement!!

Energy, Enthusiasm, Euphoria!! Wow 😀

And kids is what comes to mind when I think of all these words in one breath!! Simple, seemingly trivial, things or activities can excite them and they bubble with energy and enthusiasm. They get so engrossed in their favorite activity… taking in all that they can and giving it their best, they seem to reach a state of euphoria 🙂

It is almost magical how kids have the ability to do this 🙂 And that feeling is kind of contagious too. It may not make us energetic in the actual sense of the word but they do make us excited and happy for them 🙂

And, that conjures up images of my kids… excited, energetic, enthusiastic !! Especially Adi.. Currently, he

  • loves to use the computer to play games
  • loves to eat 🙂 … especially sweets!! Food is the one thing for which he will listen to us.. at least till he gets his share that is 😀
  • loves to ‘taekwondo’ all the time practicing on his didi !
  • loves watching movies that have ‘action’
  • loves to go out to play… just loves kicking the mud around and getting all dirty even if everyone else doesnt think that it is cool 🙂
  • loves to tickle his didi … gets a kick out of annoying her as much as possible 🙂 Though, most often it leads to heated arguments and quarrels as well! Who cares.. as long as I have fun is what he seems to think!!

Ammu.. well.. she’s in this phase where is gung ho about nail enamel !! and mehendi 🙂 Goes to great lengths to get her nails coated, which surprises as well as scares me sometimes. I’m hoping she’ll outgrow this soon.

She loves most all of the things that I mentioned about Adi, except for the taekwondo! She is excited to use the laptop when she needs information for her school projects. I’m glad she now does it on her own and only depends on me to confirm if she’s doing it right!!

Here are a few pics of the two of them, excited to be out in the play area, playing by themselves on a Saturday morning…


I am glad I could pen these thoughts about the kids… thanks to ABC Wednesday!! linking in .. 🙂

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Drove on my own ! Yayy!!  🙂 🙂

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