The side effects of Blogging!

My blogathon this past month has resulted in more 'followers' to my blog. Some seem genuinely interested in what I post, many others who 'followed' seem to be related to marketing, consulting and so on. Perhaps, they expect me to 'follow' them in return? No idea... I've also gotten a number of 'likes' on my... Continue Reading →

Inspired to blog! #SundaySnippet

It was an usual Sunday... until Adi discovered that I had a blog of my own!! 🙂 I wanted to show him the pics that I had posted yesterday... and thats how he 'discovered' my blog. He was amazed to know that I had a blog and he thought that it was a pretty cool... Continue Reading →

Sunday matinee!

The kids love the movie Chalti ka naam gaadi !! Yes.. a movie from the black and white era!! Its a feat I achieved recently. I say feat, because, to get the kids these days to love anything from our times is an achievement, let alone from the black and white times.. right? 🙂 A... Continue Reading →


Keeping it simple for the last letter for this round. And quite apt too.. Zinnias from our little balcony garden. Gifts for us this Christmas and New Year! 🙂 Linking this to the letter Z at ABC Wednesdays.


The thing that I most missed in the year 2015 is vacation! And, vacation to me, as for most people, is closely linked to travel. Somehow, for most part of the year, I did not go on a trip. Neither a family trip nor a team outing! Except for a quick one to KR Nagar,... Continue Reading →

Saree Love :)

This year has definitely been the year of the saree... for me as well as for many many ladies who love this traditional attire..all thanks to the 100SareePact. Started in March 2015, by two friends who decided to wear sarees on 100 days of this year, the pact went viral on social media. There was... Continue Reading →

Water! here we come !! :)

Sometimes.. when things happen they seem to happen at just the right time. Makes me look at the big picture and realize the interconnectedness of all the events in our life! I have been wanting to learn swimming.. from like forever. Past couple of years, we've been getting some pamphlets related to swimming camps.. near... Continue Reading →

Its that time of the year again!!

It's been a pleasure driving these past couple of weeks! This despite the rise in temperatures and the chaotic Bengaluru traffic. The fresh green leaves and flowers of the Honge.. the bursts of pink in the most unexpected places and the gorgeousness of purple lining some of the streets... fills the heart with glee and... Continue Reading →

There’s so much to write!

So.. here I go again! After a somewhat longish break  🙂 The month of June just zipped past.. - Schools reopened. Getting back into the groove was quite a challenge! Especially with Adi. He wants to play as much as he did during the vacation. And since he has company.. friends younger than him who... Continue Reading →

Flavour of the season – Gulmohur!

Gulmohur, the Glorious Red that is characteristic of peak summer and May!! This was definitely next on my list for this series. Imagine my delight when we spotted these beauties all along our way en route to Tirthahalli. It was a perfect start to the vacation! There were Peltophorums and Cassia [golden shower] trees too,... Continue Reading →

Happiness is..

Seeing the beaming faces of the kids when they return from the morning walk! They are tired , exhausted due to the heat and sweat but the excitement shines through!! For the past few years, at the start of the Summer vacations, I would suggest that they wake up as usual and go for the... Continue Reading →

E is for Excitement!!

Energy, Enthusiasm, Euphoria!! Wow 😀 And kids is what comes to mind when I think of all these words in one breath!! Simple, seemingly trivial, things or activities can excite them and they bubble with energy and enthusiasm. They get so engrossed in their favorite activity... taking in all that they can and giving it... Continue Reading →

D is for Dream!!

And ... for Driving !! Driving my car here on Bangalore roads is a dream come true for me! I've been driving my car for the past 2-3 weeks and I am so much more confident now. I am still accompanied by the driving instructor and am yet to drive on my own, but I... Continue Reading →

Just like that!

Well... life did become easier after D returned but I became busier too... Personal unread emails are piling up, the list of blog posts to be read is huge.. and growing by the day! The role I am in now in my current job requires me to deal with a lot of email... never before... Continue Reading →

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