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As always, Adi has interesting ways to absolve himself..

A couple of days ago, he’d not eaten the bread-nutella that was packed for breakfast. When D discovered it, she asked Ammu why he hadnt eaten. Apparently Ammu hadn’t noticed that. The next day when she asked him the reason, pat comes his reply ‘the nutella was expired!’ 🙄

D’s comeback – ‘tell him all the Diwali sweets and savouries are expired too!’

P.S : Inspired by Swaram, to get back to writing here! Starting small..hoping to stay.. as always 🙂



From the drafts. Edited today to add Adi’s creation 🙂

The quilling spree continues! This time she was not inspired enough to make ornaments like before. Instead, she wanted to try her hand at advanced techniques and was expecting me to get her the tools for that. She also complained that she had quilling strips in boring colours. whatever that means!!

Somehow, I did not see the need for advanced tools till she honed her skills a bit more. I convinced her to make use of all the strips that she has and make some stuff, anything that interests her. So, she’s been at it since past few days.

Here’s a card that she made incorporating the different patterns..

Bouquet of flowers

Adi is also inspired !! This is what I found when I came home today 🙂

Work in progress.. pretty aint it 🙂

K is for kisses :)

Yes… tiny tiny sweet ones ! The kids are growing up and there’ve been lots of changes. they’ve become more independent in their day-to-day activities and are learning newer things each day. But what remains unchanged through all this are the kisses n hugs!

At times… there used to be tiny wars too! On who kisses first and so on. Thankfully, this seems to have been resolved between the two 🙂

No matter what the mood , when leaving home or when entering home, the kiss has become customary… a ritual of sorts. Feel blessed and a sense of peace prevails…such is the power of the tight hug n the sweet kiss 🙂


Monday musings – D is for didi ! :)

Didi is the Hindi/Bengali/Marathi word for sis. And I guess its the same in many of the other languages spoken in North India.

And, didi is what Adi calls Ammu. I’m not sure if I’ve written about this fact earlier. Its the sweetest thing ever, especially when they’re in a good mood, and when playing /getting along well with each other.

The most amusing one is when Adi says something and turns around to get a confirmation saying ‘Yes na didi ?’ Its cutest, most heartwarming one for us. Makes us send out a prayer pronto! 🙂

Pics of the duo.. in the balcony, busy solving some puzzles on a warm winter afternoon.. and me being a compulsive clicker couldn’t miss it now..could I  🙂



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Book love :)

Yes.. here I am again talking about the kids’ love for books and for reading! Isnt that wonderful 🙂 Their love for books has grown by leaps and bounds and it makes us brim with joy when we see them in love and content in the company of books! There’s a sense of peace, of fulfillment and almost an of achievement of some rare kind! The feeling cannot be expressed completely in words, me thinks 🙂

We decided to gift them books for Christmas/New Year, instead of toys. They were overjoyed to receive books as gifts! Adi unwrapped the book and went straight to the couch and started reading it. It didnt bother him that the book was titled Little Women and was indeed meant for Ammu! It was a rare sight to behold, the pose captured forever in our memories. He’s done reading Black Beauty and Robinson Crusoe since then, and I was truly surprised when I learnt of this. He even narrated the story for me, sensing my disbelief 🙂

One day he came to me with a book and was excitedly telling me that I’m better coz I gave him a ‘fat’ book whereas his dad never does. It was so cute and amusing! Seeing his enthu, I asked him to pick ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’.. a book that I have preserved for so long. It is not in a very good condition, but it got him excited nevertheless.

Ammu, on her part, devours all the books that she can and is always hungry for more. Every week, she comes home and excitedly tells us all about the book she picked from her school library, about her friend who reads more than her and finishes reading so quickly. Books and book stories.. we’re all eager for more!

It also surprised us one day, when both Ammu and Adi insisted on picking up books from a book seller on the pavement, on our way back from dance class! We did pick a couple. Some days though, we’re left with no choice but to persuade them against buying more books!! Space and budget constraints… sigh!

Books are now prized possessions… companions during commute and also at bed time! What more can a book lover parent want !! 🙂

The 18th round of the meme ABC Wednesdays has begun. Linking this one to the letter B… just in time as always.




Art love!

We are a family of art lovers! 🙂 Not serious art aficionados in a strict sense but we love to create/dabble in art. A large part of my childhood vacations were occupied with drawing, painting. I would then randomly showcase my creations on the walls. Mom was always very encouraging and never stopped me from putting up stuff on the walls 🙂

I mostly dabbled in water colours on paper. Later on, sis 2 learnt nib painting during her college days and I picked it up from her. We made a couple of paintings and they adorn the walls at dad’s home. With the kids, colouring and painting become a fun activity that they loved! Lots of drawing, colouring , painting over the years 🙂 It is still a favourite past time for Ammu. She now loves to browse, and draws inspiration from the world wide web!

More recently, sis 2 took up painting on glass, glass bottles specifically. This love became active again after a spell of dormancy! Glass, paints and other stuff were duly purchased and the kids and she came up with a few paintings on glass. Yet to be framed… here are the pics..

Glass 1
A Geometric pattern.. outline by sis2, filled in with colours by Ammu n Adi !
Glass 2
An abstract one by Sis 2
Glass 4
Lotus in bloom sis 2

Some recent art work by Ammu..

In her favourite motif – hearts!
Sketches! Ammu loves making sketches these days.. We’re quite in awe 🙂

Hoping this happy, colourful, artsy streak stays alive and keeps us alive to the sheer joy of creating! 🙂


Fun times

I brought back a stack of paper cups that were left over from our team outing last Friday. We meant to take them back to office on Monday and put them to some use. However, as soon as I showed Adi a pic of what we’d done using paper cups, he insisted he wanted to do the same. It was quite late that night when I returned home with Adi… Ammu had already gone to bed.

He did go a few sessions .. building with paper cups. BIL was super surprised that I could engage Adi with something like this. What was even more amazing is that he started playing with the paper cups first thing next morning. And went gaga describing what he’d done… when didi woke up. She too felt inspired to lay her hands on them. For most part of Saturday, they were occupied with the paper cups and had a good time. The enthusiasm continues…


Book love!

And.. The summer vacations have begun! So heartening to see the kids discuss story books … love to see that they never forget to carry a couple of books no matter where they are headed!! A case in point… nephew carried a couple of books when I went to pick him take him home which is just 10 min away.




Tiny Tidbits!

After a long time… another edition of tidbits!! From the drafts..

Adi *en route to Shimoga*: Look so many mangoes on the trees. Wish we could get them!! We should go to the shop and buy one bow and arrow.

BIL1: Why do you need to do that much? You can just go and buy mangoes!

Adi : But there is no fun in buying mangoes. Hunting them will be so much fun !! 😀


Adi *On our way on Saturday evening*: These roads are making us dance!!
Always had complaints about the roads in Bangalore. Now.. not sure if this dancing is good or bad 🙂


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