Love and light!

The beautiful morning light that turned a relaxed Sunday morning into a fun family time 🙂 Hope you can spot the tiny details that symbolise the big things in life... These pictures, taken spontaneously, make me realize that love and light are indeed the 2 things that keep me going!! Feel blessed and grateful. Wishing... Continue Reading →

Resilience!! #ThursdayTreeLove

“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.”― Dieter F. Uchtdorf This Jacaranda tree stands at a crossroad right opposite to our old office. I used to look at it everyday...the lush leaves, the pretty purple blooms, the tree's silhouette against the setting sun... Unfortunately, the tree... Continue Reading →

Simply simple :)

Couple of weeks ago, my granma and aunty came to visit us. They were conversing in Tamil. Our house help tried to converse with them in the sign language and was successful in communicating with them, whenever it was needed. She once mentioned that she can understand Tamil but doesnt speak the language. She explained... Continue Reading →

Gimme your thoughts!

'It is easy to count the number of seeds in an apple. But only God knows how many apples are there in each seed' âť— Isn't this so thought provoking? Do share the thought(s) that come to your mind on reading this line. My post on this will follow.

Maska chaska!

In these 6 years of being a mamma, I have realized that maska is a sure shot solution most of the times. It works like magic, where as aggression and flexing of the muscles just lead to an increased resolve to rebel! *Shudder to think of all the times that such situations went awry* My dad's... Continue Reading →

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