“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.” Haruki Murakami Dearest Avva, Last year, around this time, we visited you in Madurai. We were glad that we were able to make the trip. But then, we were totally saddened by what we saw. You were not what you used to be.... Continue Reading →


While plodding on your way The toilsome road of life How few the friends that daily there you meet Not many will stand by In trouble and in strife With counsel and affection ever sweet. But there is one whose smile Will ever on you beam Whose love is dearer far than any other And... Continue Reading →

On Mother’s day!

Three cheers to Ammu n Adi...for giving the joys of motherhood...for helping me rediscover my strengths and making life sooooooooo colourful and soooooooo full of life.. Thinking of Mother's day, my mind is filled with mixed feelings n thoughts...memories of my mom and the memories of my own journey to motherhood. My mom's simple joys,... Continue Reading →

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