“Integrity is the ability to stand by an idea.” #BookBytes

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is an interesting book. Not in the sense of quality of reading itself, but more so for the strong emotions it evokes in people. I've met folks who have read it and absolutely  love it and then there are the others who are wary of the book and find it... Continue Reading →

On teacher’s day…

Sis 1 started her career as a lecturer in an Engineering college. The opportunity came just by chance. She had never planned on becoming a teacher, nor had ever imagined herself to be one. But she took it up and ended up liking teaching. Frequently she would crib about how things are in her professional... Continue Reading →

A cherished book !!

A Little princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The abridged version of this book was given to me as an award for Morals when I was in the 8th std which was almost 22 years ago!! Even to this day, I'm not very sure as to why they chose me for this prize. Was it based... Continue Reading →

Maska chaska!

In these 6 years of being a mamma, I have realized that maska is a sure shot solution most of the times. It works like magic, where as aggression and flexing of the muscles just lead to an increased resolve to rebel! *Shudder to think of all the times that such situations went awry* My dad's... Continue Reading →

Shortcuts anyone?

Recently I have noticed a spate of posts that point to wrong usage of English that drives people up the wall! Well, I for one, am particular about the usage of words, context, spellings ... 🙂 I feel that where language is concerned, each to his own. Meaning, if a person is passionate about the... Continue Reading →


"If the purpose of being born on the earth should be fulfilled, please help others. In case you are not able to help others, at least try not to hurt anyone". - The DALAI LAMA. I was ashamed of myself when i got this SMS from my dad ; it was a day when i... Continue Reading →

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