Dignity of emotion #BookBytes

It was entirely by chance that I picked up this book from the library at our office. Many times, I'd browsed through the small number of books. Most of them are non-fiction ones, dealing with technical or business mangement topics. There are a few fiction ones too, that were mostly contributed by colleagues. On that... Continue Reading →

Courage! #BookBytes

I'd almost started writing about 'The Little Princess", one of my favourite books , but then wondered if I have not already done so. I looked around in my archives and found that I've indeed written a big long post on it, including the quotes, almost a decade ago! I started thinking of the books... Continue Reading →

Today! #BookBytes

Another Tuesday is here... and its time for #BookBytes 🙂 During childhood or even through college days, I had not read or known about the adorable pooh named Winnie. But with lil kids around, Winnie the pooh is never far away...right? I remember Ammu reading the book and one evening at the dinner table she'd... Continue Reading →

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