Resilience!! #ThursdayTreeLove

“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.”― Dieter F. Uchtdorf This Jacaranda tree stands at a crossroad right opposite to our old office. I used to look at it everyday...the lush leaves, the pretty purple blooms, the tree's silhouette against the setting sun... Unfortunately, the tree... Continue Reading →

Heritage tree #ThursdayTreeLove

During our stay in Somwarpet, Coorg in March 2018, we visited this temple that was tucked away in the midst of greenery. I do not recall the exact name of the place or the name of the temple. It was the homestay folks who had told us about this temple and had guided us on... Continue Reading →

Standing Tall! #ThursdayTreeLove

A palm tree that welcomes us as we step into our apartment. One that we have seen growing from a small sapling to its present height (almost 15-16 feet). Though it has stood there all along, its only now that I suddenly feel its mighty presence. Its like how we see children grow up.. all... Continue Reading →

African Lily #FridayFlowers

The highlight of the week's posts is the trip to Johannesburg. So, here are pics of the beauties that I happened to come across on the very first day there! Botanically speaking, this plant belongs to the genus Agapanthes and African lily/ blue lily are some of its common names. These take me back to... Continue Reading →

Flavour of the season – Tabebuia

I'm here with flowers again 🙂 I do not seem to tire of flowers and thanks to the avenue trees here in Bengaluru, I am treated to various lovely blooms all through the year. Right now, its the season of Tabebuias and Jacaranda. The pink Tabebuia rosea is especially awaited eagerly, year after year! The... Continue Reading →

Evening sky !

The dramatic evening sky in all its glory. Felt lucky and blessed to be treated to these gorgeous views on my way back home when I started early from office on a couple of days, Feb 1st and 2nd , to be precise 🙂 Just couldn't resist clicking!! Wonderful and awe-inspiring..isnt it !!

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