Ganesha Chaturthi… a trip down memory lane

Ganesh Chaturthi ... the festival always brings back fond memories of childhood. We used to enjoy the festivities, especially the evening aarti in the pandal close to our home in Belgaum. The community celebration is what made it so exciting perhaps! The desire to be right at the front in the pandal, aarti recital by... Continue Reading →

Musings on the garden…

Picture these - Beautiful plants in lovely pots and planters, with accessories to boot. Plants, carefully pruned to show them off in the best manner. Flowering plants and other ornamentals chosen carefully to enhance the overall beauty of the garden. I'm sure most of us plant lovers would have seen such prettiness, either real spaces... Continue Reading →


From the drafts... As I might have mentioned before, I have not been a physical activities or a sports type person for much of my life. That kind of changed a few years back when I started learning dance. Then came yoga which I learnt/practiced for some amount of time, followed by swimming classes last... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s day!

... a bit in advance 🙂 And a very happy anniversary to this blog of mine! Glad that it has survived the ups and writing highs and lows that is! Glad that it holds my thoughts and precious moments that I will cherish always.. Agreed that I've not been able to capture each and... Continue Reading →

Life’s pleasant surprises!!

Few years ago, I had written a post about the things that I wanted to do/learn. However, there are a couple of things that I had not listed in there. I was perhaps sure that I would never take it up and hence I'd given them a miss. But wonder of wonders... these also materialized... Continue Reading →

Water! here we come !! :)

Sometimes.. when things happen they seem to happen at just the right time. Makes me look at the big picture and realize the interconnectedness of all the events in our life! I have been wanting to learn swimming.. from like forever. Past couple of years, we've been getting some pamphlets related to swimming camps.. near... Continue Reading →

There’s so much to write!

So.. here I go again! After a somewhat longish break  🙂 The month of June just zipped past.. - Schools reopened. Getting back into the groove was quite a challenge! Especially with Adi. He wants to play as much as he did during the vacation. And since he has company.. friends younger than him who... Continue Reading →

Oh my!!

Oscillating !! Should it be Omnipresent, Occult, Opium or Ossum ?? Now wait.. is that actually a word in English? I look it up and this is what I find!! It is quite common in chat language and popular too, with the young people. Well.. for me, awesome is the word 🙂 Anyway, I finally decide... Continue Reading →

Of this and that..

I'd thought that participating in the ABC Wednesday series would help me get back to blogging.. at least once a week. That didnt help much 😦  But I'm not giving up!! The kids are in a phase where they indulge in one-upmanship almost all.the.time. Leads to a lot of arguments and blows even! Bogs us... Continue Reading →

D is for Dream!!

And ... for Driving !! Driving my car here on Bangalore roads is a dream come true for me! I've been driving my car for the past 2-3 weeks and I am so much more confident now. I am still accompanied by the driving instructor and am yet to drive on my own, but I... Continue Reading →

Mish mash :)

I thought and thought.. and nothing came to mind 😀  So I just started writing... Well.. the new year is not so new anymore and this is my first post for 2014! The year started with a road trip to Madurai. All of us went for a get-together of all the first cousins, to pay... Continue Reading →

Some ‘moments’..

Talking of clicks.. I have wondered many times about the pictures.. so many of them... why did i click, do i need them at all.. should i just delete the ones that are not so good.. maybe I should do that.. and so on. Thing is I haven't deleted any so far.. not even the... Continue Reading →

‘Click’ happy :)

I love to go 'click' 'click' 🙂 I do not possess a sophisticated camera... only my sister's point and shoot that I borrow occasionally, and keep it with myself for as long as I can 😛 . On my last birthday I was gifted a phone with a camera, precisely due to this 'click' 'click' obsession... Continue Reading →

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