On this day…

Mother's day was around the corner. And, your mind was full of thoughts. Of your mamma. And, of you becoming a mamma. Oh how you missed her! You had hardly allowed yourself to think about her, about her absence. It had happened on a few occassions though and that day was one such. That was... Continue Reading →

The side effects of Blogging!

My blogathon this past month has resulted in more 'followers' to my blog. Some seem genuinely interested in what I post, many others who 'followed' seem to be related to marketing, consulting and so on. Perhaps, they expect me to 'follow' them in return? No idea... I've also gotten a number of 'likes' on my... Continue Reading →

Defying the odds! #Karmveer

Remember how the reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) stormed into our drawing rooms and captivated our evenings?!! I'm sure 90's kids will understand and relate to what I'm talking about 😀 The family as a whole is a huge fan of Big B. We love his work and his style! 😀 And, there was... Continue Reading →

Neem! #ThursdayTreeLove

In India, Neem tree has been a revered one through the ages. Granma used to tell us that Neem tree near the entrance of the house is very beneficial and that summers are made cooler by the sway of its branches 🙂 We dont live in an independent house and hence there was no scope... Continue Reading →

E is for Elude!

Well... thats what happened this past week. The right words just eluded me!! and I was left with nothing for the letter E at ABC Wednesdays 😐 I've been wrapped up in lots of happenings all at once .. Ammu was unwell, sister's pain got worse to the extent we had to rush to the... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s day!

... a bit in advance 🙂 And a very happy anniversary to this blog of mine! Glad that it has survived the ups and downs...my writing highs and lows that is! Glad that it holds my thoughts and precious moments that I will cherish always.. Agreed that I've not been able to capture each and... Continue Reading →

Mish mash :)

I thought and thought.. and nothing came to mind 😀  So I just started writing... Well.. the new year is not so new anymore and this is my first post for 2014! The year started with a road trip to Madurai. All of us went for a get-together of all the first cousins, to pay... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

The pic is not very clear.. but I love all the pink and just a hint of red in there 🙂 Tomorrow is the day, when I started blogging four years ago! I'm so very glad that I'm still at it and hope that I'll continue on this amazing and wonderful journey for a long... Continue Reading →


I met a sweet blog friend for the first time!!! This was the first post that I had read on her blog and felt an instant connect. I had even commented about the similarities between us . And when she read my version she had the same thing to say 🙂 Needless to say, we... Continue Reading →


..to blogging 🙂 Just a few days ago, I was wondering about this obsession with blogging and whether it serves any purpose. And when I wrote the last post, I just clicked on the tags Adi/Ammu and found some posts that made me smile and gave me a warm feeling 🙂 I felt so glad... Continue Reading →

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