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E is for Elude!

Well… thats what happened this past week. The right words just eluded me!! and I was left with nothing for the letter E at ABC Wednesdays 😐

I’ve been wrapped up in lots of happenings all at once .. Ammu was unwell, sister’s pain got worse to the extent we had to rush to the hospital at midnight on Friday. Got her admitted on Saturday after finally deciding on surgery as the pain became really unbearable for her. And also our house help is away due to an emergency at her home! That left me in quite an unenviable position 😦

Probably that was why the thoughts just came and went but the right words did not. Even in the midst of chaos I tried to think of something to write! Emergency, Enthusiasm, Energy, Empathy, Emotions… a whole lot of E words but nothing that quite stayed with me! Then I settled for Elegance and started writing something… somehow, that also didn’t feel quite right…

Alternatively, I tried to think of a pic that I could use for E , but drew up a blank there as well!

I did not give up though… but alas time’s up!! And then it hit me… the right E word that describes it all 🙂 So Elude it is for me this past week!!

I cannot link it now since the collection is closed but I’m glad I wrote this 🙂


Happy Mother’s day!

… a bit in advance 🙂 And a very happy anniversary to this blog of mine!

Glad that it has survived the ups and downs…my writing highs and lows that is! Glad that it holds my thoughts and precious moments that I will cherish always..

Agreed that I’ve not been able to capture each and every little thing about my kids… but there’s a lot in here to come back to and cheer about. Spans six years and has some 350 + posts. And… hopefully, more to come! So, here’s to writing and to mommyhood !! 🙂

Lillies 2
Lillies 3
Lillies 4
Lillies 5

Hope you liked the flower pics 🙂 All of them from one single pic, each with a different treatment! Its amazing how easy it is to digitally manipulate the pics!! The 2nd pic is closest in colour to the original one. A soft pink… a pretty pretty pink 🙂

Mish mash :)

I thought and thought.. and nothing came to mind 😀  So I just started writing…

Well.. the new year is not so new anymore and this is my first post for 2014! The year started with a road trip to Madurai. All of us went for a get-together of all the first cousins, to pay our respects to granma. Not sure why, but I had felt compelled to go as soon as the request was made. And, I’m glad that we made it.. all 3 of us, the BILs and the kids as well.

The trip is memorable for many reasons and it’ll stay close to our hearts for a long long time to come! It made us wonder.. it made us curious as to what life is all about and most of all it made us realize that life sure does have its surprises waiting for us!! Just when we think we’re ready and steady, it throws us off guard and prods us to find balance anew! This is what 2014 started with for us.. and we hope its all for the good !!


More and more I am made to believe in the power of our choices. Of being given when one is completely open to receiving! In Dec last, I was overwhelmingly concerned about my inability to drive independently on Bangalore roads. I had realized and acknowledged in my previous post that things didnt fall into place due to my own fears holding me back. And then, after a few days, as if by magic it so happened that sis1 called me to say that the driving instructor who had earlier refused due to time constraints is now available!!

Am very very glad to report that I have been driving to and from office since a week now. I am feeling confident that under this person’s guidance I’ll be able to finally do it!! Yayy!! That’s another great start to this year.. 🙂


Coming to the not-so-great stuff. Of late, we’ve been very concerned about the kids’ behaviour and attitude. I know, I’ve rarely, if ever mentioned anything negative about the kids.. coz I’ve always believed that they are inherently good and its just the phase they are in that makes them behave so. However, these days there seems to be a sense of entitlement and an expectation of everything happening according to their likes and dislikes. They quarrel a lot, for every little thing. And, speak self righteously. They do not hesitate to speak back, and most times rudely at that!! Which is one of the main things that I’m concerned about.

All this is making me doubt our abilities to mould them in the right way. It makes me wonder where I am going wrong, or what is it that we as a family are not doing right. We know that they are both very sweet and caring, otherwise, which is why it is hard to stay angry or upset with them. Or to even take a tough stance! I’m praying.. hoping there’ll be a miracle and that the universe will show us a way!! I hope.. that this too is a phase and pray with all my heart that it will be a very short one.


We’ve not had any crafting sessions for quite some time now. There is no time nor the inclination these days. I hope that will change soon and we go back to creating and enjoying our fun crafting times!! Btw.. I opened the site stats to find a whooping 74 hits today!! Yeah.. I get some 15-20 normally 🙂 And guess what, most of them were referred from or clicks to the posts related to crafts!! One more awesome reason why I should start our crafting sessions again 🙂


I’ve completed 5 awesome years of blogging this January!! I’m glad that I’ve come this far without giving up. However, as you can see, the kids stories are more or less vanishing and its mostly about me now. Dunno if that is good or bad.. waiting to see how it shapes up this year 🙂

Before I end, would like to mention this awesome thing that’s happening in Bangalore on the 8th and 9th of Feb. The Bangalore Tree Festival!! I’m sure its a treat for all the tree enthusiasts out there! Do check out their website and do not miss the blog section that has awe-inspiring tree stories 🙂

Hope that the new year is treating you all wonderfully!! Tata 🙂

Friday Flowers!


The pic is not very clear.. but I love all the pink and just a hint of red in there 🙂

Tomorrow is the day, when I started blogging four years ago! I’m so very glad that I’m still at it and hope that I’ll continue on this amazing and wonderful journey for a long time to come. Wish me luck 🙂

I thank everyone who visits here and reads me. To those who leave lovely comments and make my day, I’m grateful that you share in my journey and encourage me openly and wholeheartedly!!

And, thanks to all the others who click ‘like’ or ‘follow’. Though I must say I often wonder when people I’m not familiar with in the blog world click the ‘follow’ button. I wonder what they liked here in my space and what makes them want to continue reading my posts! Nevertheless, a big thank you to you all !!

Wish you all a fabulous weekend!!


I met a sweet blog friend for the first time!!!

This was the first post that I had read on her blog and felt an instant connect. I had even commented about the similarities between us . And when she read my version she had the same thing to say 🙂 Needless to say, we became blog pals!!

On reading one of her posts, earlier this year, I wondered if her office was located in the same campus where our office was located. I emailed her and my guess tuned out right! we had been in the same campus for almost 6 months then.. And we decided we should meet some time. But as luck would have it, we planned a couple of times but somehow something else came up and we didn’t meet … 😦

This Monday, I was wondering if she had already started on her leave. Pinged her.. turned out she would work this week out of the office and then from home next week onwards… And just like that, we decided to meet that very day. We met at tea time… and had a most enjoyable time over coffee crape, strawberry milkshake and a sandwich. No awkward pauses, no fidgeting,.. we chatted easily… about us… I think this is the best part of having been blog pals 🙂 We were able to connect instantly.. as on our blogs… And I now know the feeling! yay!!

One hour just went by without us noticing even… We decided to go back to work only when she got a call from her workplace.. so engrossed we were 🙂 Reluctantly I came back but with a smile and a warm feeling… one that envelopes you  when in the company of friends!! The next day she pinged me and told me how she felt about meeting me.. and was I glad or what. It felt amazing.. especially coz I have never been an outgoing type of person. I did surprise myself actually 🙂 And that is another thing about friends… they help you do things that you never think you’ll do…

So.. a big YAY to blog friends… all types… the occasional commentators and the regular ones… you show that you’re here to hear me… you show that you care… you make blogging all the more worthwhile… Three cheers !!!

P.S: The weekend is here… Happy weekend folks 🙂

Yay!! blogging 🙂

Just a few days ago, I was wondering about this obsession with blogging and whether it serves any purpose. And when I wrote the last post, I just clicked on the tags Adi/Ammu and found some posts that made me smile and gave me a warm feeling 🙂 I felt so glad that I wrote them at the time I did. Or else with time..these tidbits would have surely vanished from the mind! And then I realized yet gain that this was the real purpose why I started my blog. To document precious lil moments and relive them again and again 🙂 I am sure these notes will bring a smile to the lil ones and make them excited when they do read these!! I know it… coz I always see that twinkle in their eyes when I narrate some lil tidbits of when they were just infants or while they were still in their mamma’s tummies 😀

Its 2 years since I started blogging and this is the 135th post. Most of the posts are about the kids 🙂 And I hope I will continue to write .. and that there will surely be lots of moments that will be blogworthy!!

Leaving you with some links…in no particular order

Ammu Adi milaap 🙂

There is hope!

On a high today!


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Endearing moments 🙂

Siri tidbits…

And some pics from our picnic to Lalbagh some 2 months back 🙂





Hope you have had a lovely start to the new year 🙂

Change – for better or worse?

The past few days … has been a period of change for me. Both on the home front and the office.

Dad was operated for cataract on the 6th. And needs someone to take care of him, and also the kids when they return home. So we decided to get our house help from Mysore to stay with us. She is a diligent worker and also a favourite with the kids. She has immense amount of patience with them! So, the household work is taken care of. No hassles of cooking, cleaning, worrying about putting away the stuff like grocery, vegetables. Even the kids meals, reading … everything is taken care of. All in all, a relaxed time for me at home J Its like a dream come true. Don’t know how long it will last, but I’m enjoying every bit of it.

At work… am not on any project. There’s one in the pipeline for which an interview is to be scheduled. Until then, relaxing in the office as well. We have had to shift to a new office/location (coz our earlier organization is acquired by another one) which is double the distance from home to the earlier location. Travel time increased L. But that didn’t hurt as much as their internet policy (not their fault actually 😉 ). I’m unable to access my favourite blogs, especially the ones on wordpress. That means even my own blog is out of bounds L . Luckily, I discovered that I can read the posts on the reader, though clicking the blog/post link brings up the ‘restricted policy’ screen. So, I’m able to read the blogs whose authors have generously set the whole post option to be visible in a feed! There’s also some weird thing that I noticed. I’m able to access Swaram’s , Titaxy’s and Momofrs’s blogs :D, but when I click Uma’s, poof L same ‘restricted policy’ page comes up instantly. I’m unable to comment on any post though. Gave it a try again on Titaxy’s post today and looks like though it didnt load the page correctly after commenting, the comment was saved J Comment on IHM’s post was not saved though L Maybe some techie person is able to decipher this. But I dare not ask anyone in the office 😉

Well, all this is because I don’t have a computer at home L I never had enough time at home and hence never felt the need for a computer. In the sense, its there in my wish list but was not a priority. Till now, that is J Now, I will have to think seriously about buying one. Until then I will be unable to do much other than badgering my sis to post my post 😀 That’s how this one has come about 😉 Take care you people while I go and try to find some way to make my presence felt in the blogosphere 😆

P.S: For those of you wondering about the follow up to the post on the quote, it is safely lying in the drafts. I promise I’ll work on it and post as soon as I’m able to get to my blog.

Yay! We won!!

Our red Nail flower won the 1st prize at Shruti’s June Artsy Craftsy!!! Thanks Shruti 🙂

And Shruti has a fab giveaway on the occasion of her blog’s first birthday! She’s one super awesome lady with a superb creative streak 🙂 So do hop over and leave a comment!! or many comments 😉 More the better! Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of one of her beautiful paintings 🙂 Click on the link or on the teddy on the right and get going…

P.S: The archive for June shows 29 posts! I had been thinking of writing more but didnt think that I would do so many 😀 Maybe the NaBloPoMo effect rubbed off on me too!! Actually, I could have  hit the 30 mark yesterday itself with this post, had I seen Shruti’s post announcing the winners. No regrets.. the thought just crossed.

I’m sure it happens..

… to you too 🙂

You go and read a blog post(s), leave a comment(s) there. Come back to yours and find that this same person has been on your page at that very time!! Dunno what is the word that would explain this feeling… but feels nice for sure 🙂 that there is some kind of sync between the two people!!

Been experiencing this since past few days 😀

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