A verdant landscape! #ThursdayTreeLove

Greenery all around... lush sugarcane fields as far as the eye could see! A cloudy day, not very hot or very humid... It felt like a lovely treat, bang in the middle of a work week in July! A planned trip to Mysore for an urgent work, turned into a sort of impromptu one when... Continue Reading →

Skyscapes love #WordlessWednesday

Skyscapes captured in Mahabalipuram... The pale pink of the sky, fluffy clouds set against the magnificient temple gopuram that has stood the test of time... If you're interested in more here are posts and pics from our Mahabalipuram trip ******** Linking up  at the blog hops hosted by Sandee, Natasha & Esha, Betty. Hop over to enjoy some... Continue Reading →

Sculptures galore #MahabalipuramNotes

Continuing the Mahabalipuram notes... you can check out my earlier posts here A striking thing about Mahabalipuram town was that we spotted a lot of beautiful sculptures all around, at least on the roads that we took. They were lined up on the pavements, to attract customers perhaps. Luckily, I was not in the driver's... Continue Reading →

The tallest!

Yes! The Burj Khalifa!! Our journey to South Africa was via Dubai. It was only a brief stopover and there was to be no chance to venture out of the airport. So, made it a point to take in the view during landing and/or take off 😀 Here are a few pics that I clicked... Continue Reading →

Tirthahalli trip -3

The plan was to visit Sakrebailu Elephant camp on our way back to Bangalore. This is on the banks of the Tunga, on the Shimoga - Tirthahalli road. We had passed this one on our way to Tirthahalli and were eager to visit. However, we could not start early in the morning since no one was... Continue Reading →

Tirthahalli trip -2

After a restful night, we woke up refreshed and eager to enjoy the day! We depended mostly on the host's suggestions for visiting nearby places, though I did have Kuppali and Sakkarebayalu Elephant camp on my list. We decided to visit Chibbalgudde first as suggested by them. We were told that we could see a lot... Continue Reading →

Flavour of the season – Gulmohur!

Gulmohur, the Glorious Red that is characteristic of peak summer and May!! This was definitely next on my list for this series. Imagine my delight when we spotted these beauties all along our way en route to Tirthahalli. It was a perfect start to the vacation! There were Peltophorums and Cassia [golden shower] trees too,... Continue Reading →

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