Snapshots from a lovely trip #MahabalipuramNotes

Concluding post in the Mahabalipuram trip series. This one is again a picture post, with clicks of the lovely experiences on our trip 🙂

The allure of the beach is what made Mahabalipuram interesting to all of us. The temple came second. I guess it was just me who was excited about the temples. Sisters were not particularly familiar with the place’s importance or history but had became interested later. Ammu had no interest whatsoever in temples. The beach had the vote, every single time!

Naturally, our visits to the beach were the most anticipated ones. We thoroughly enjoyed the waves despite the place becoming crowded at times with the year-end and Sabarimala tourist groups. This pic sums up the lovely time we had at the beach!

Fun times at the beach…

The road from parking lot to the beach was a sandy one. It was lined on one side by stalls selling food and drinks, artifacts made using shells, handmade jhoomers (chandeliers), bead work stuff, that are so typical of all beach haunts…

Colourful chandeliers made using beads and shells
The row of stalls with beautiful wares…
Stall selling a variety of artefacts made using shells..

The lovely beach and temple experiences aside, we were also in for a different kind of a treat. Incidentally, we’d visited the place right at the beginning of the Indian Dance Festival which is an annual affair here. Lucky us 😀

The ambience was just perfect for a relaxed evening…

The huge stage set up in an open lawn just outside the gates of the shore temple, and close to the beach area..
Dashavataram being performed beautifully , by a group from Chennai

As mentioned in my earlier posts, the resort stay was a very fun and relaxing one. The rooms were at a distance from the reception and dining halls. Lots of rides were made within the picturesque layout surrounded by trees and green patches all around. However, the highlight was the swimming sessions. This picture by the pool says it all… doesn’t it? 😀

Enjoying at the pool… Ammu and sis swimming, me clicking pictures 🙂

Whats a trip without sky and cloud and tree pictures. Here’s one with all of these combined 😀

Another lovely view of the setting sun…

Hope you have enjoyed the visual tour! 🙂

Until next time…




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