Trip to Soweto! #JohannesburgNotes

We had a weekend to spend in South Africa, in between the 2 weeks of training. Initial thoughts were to make a trip to Cape Town but since we could not plan in advance and also not wanting to make the long journey with work still left , we decided on 2 nearby outings for the weekend.

South Africa and Nelson Mandela are inseparable. And, staying in Johannesburg, we were really close to his hometown Soweto and did not want to miss a chance to go visit. So to Soweto it was on the Saturday. A short cab journey and we were there in one of the most historic places of our times.

As with most touristy places, there were stalls around and, there were groups of local folks making an attempt to earn some money by doing a native welcome dance for the people who arrived at the Mandela House . It’s a small house that has been turned into a museum and houses the artefacts used by Nelson Mandela and his family. The place was teeming with tourists including a number of children’s groups. I’d read about Nelson Mandela’s journey earlier and it felt surreal to be in the place that he and his family had habited, especially because I’d never imagined that I would visit South Africa!

Here are a few glimpses…

En route to Soweto..
Study table in the centre pic..
The centre pic is of the oven that was used by the family..
The Bed..
The showcase alongside the bed..
A display of portraits
Mother of the Nation – Winnie Mandela
View from the outside..
The famed African beadwork accessories in the stalls around the house…
More beadwork on the left! Wooden handicrafts to the right.


Entrance to the Tutu house..some distance from the Mandela house.. it was locked though..
Another stall with colourful clothes…

Glad to be finally sharing this here! Hope you liked this tour of the Mandela house as seen through my lens 🙂


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