Tirthahalli trip -3

The plan was to visit Sakrebailu Elephant camp on our way back to Bangalore. This is on the banks of the Tunga, on the Shimoga – Tirthahalli road. We had passed this one on our way to Tirthahalli and were eager to visit. However, we could not start early in the morning since no one was in a mood to hurry up!! We had a leisurely breakfast and then started after saying our byes.

Here are a few more pics!

The area where we spotted the fireflies at night!
The pink Frangipani!
A closer view..
Water lilies !! A pleasant surprise 🙂

A signboard on our way made us take a wrong deviation. After quite some distance, we hailed a passing car and asked for directions. Again, we were told to go back and go straight from where we had taken the deviation!! When we got near the camp, we actually passed it and went 2 km ahead. There at the check post, the guard said that we had crossed it and had to go back. He also added that it was already late and we might not be able to see any elephants at that time 😦

We were a tad disappointed but thought that it was good in a way. We did not want to get too late reaching Bangalore. So, just went ahead, had lunch in Shimoga and carried on with the rest of the journey… mostly in peace 🙂 The lunch and the afternoon heat made sure that everyone was sleepy and lazy! Except BIL and me of course :P. He was driving and I was busy with the camera..looking out for the Gulmohurs!! Of course, after sometime to my surprise, everyone was busy looking out for Gulmohurs too and cheering for me when I clicked!! 🙂

On our way back…
The road ahead…
Golden showers!

All in all it was a fun filled family outing !!


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