Love and light!

The beautiful morning light that turned a relaxed Sunday morning into a fun family time 🙂 Hope you can spot the tiny details that symbolise the big things in life... These pictures, taken spontaneously, make me realize that love and light are indeed the 2 things that keep me going!! Feel blessed and grateful. Wishing... Continue Reading →

November light!

When the beautiful morning light makes you want to go click click 🙂 ... Love how the veggies are revelling in the sun's rays streaming in through the kitchen window! Are you getting your dose of the November light? Joining some lovely folks in the blogosphere this Wednesday! Natasha, Sandee, Betty !! Hop over to... Continue Reading →

Striking a pose… #Wordless Wednesday

# Warm glow of the setting sun # Mom-daughter times # Terrace sojourn # Lockdown notes ******* Joining the #WordlessWednesday blog hops hosted by Alana, Natasha & Esha . Hop over to enjoy some lovely views/photographs or better still join in 🙂

Round :)

Thursday challenge to my rescue 😛 This week's theme is Round  (Moon, Building, Wheels, Fruit,...) Pic by sis2 on her trip to London in 2010.

Friday Flowers!

Played around a bit and came up with this. How do you all like it? These pics were taken in and around home. And, were lying in the drafts for quite some time. Glad that they've come to my rescue at a time when I've not been able to write anything at all... 🙂 In... Continue Reading →

The Mysore trip [2]

Day 2: Leisurely day! Looked through the bookshelf and selected a couple of books. Started a re-read of The Da Vinci Code , while Ammu was happy playing with D's daughters who had come visiting 🙂 In the evening, we all went to the Mysore Palace!! The magnificent sight amazes us each time we visit.... Continue Reading →

The Mysore trip..

in pictures.. Day 1 - It was raining when we started from home! We took the Shatabdi at 11., by which time the skies had cleared up considerably.. And then, me doing TP 😉 Reached Mysore in the afternoon. Had lunch and took a nap 🙂 In the evening... a stroll along the main streets..... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!!

Anticipating a fairly leisurely weekend 🙂 Ammu's 1st worksheets/ tests are going on.. helping with her lessons if and when required will be done. We have one lunch invite on Sunday. Hopefully, Adi will be fit and fine by then. The friend has a little baby and will be eagerly waiting for Ammu n Adi.... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

We will be trying to get the kids into the groove for the last set of tests for this grade. A couple of weeks more and they'll be done with it. Summer vacations are beckoning 🙂 No plans yet. Just waiting to get there as of now! So, it will be cajoling, pushing, prodding... I... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers!

Hope the year has started off on a promising note!!  It has, for me 🙂 Some new beginnings taking shape... looking forward to see where the path takes me... both inwardly and outwardly... Hoping the journey will be a good one!! The weekend's here. Its 'Show n Tell' time at the school tomorrow. The school... Continue Reading →

Friday Flowers :)

All geared up for the long weekend? Hope it will be exciting and a relaxing one 🙂 Giving you the much needed relaxation and break from the routine!! We're off to Mysore. The kids already went with thata... they were super excited to be traveling by train this time!! Me, sis1 n BIL1 will be... Continue Reading →

A bridge..

For this week's theme "CONSTRUCTION" (Business, Residential, Street, Bridge, Sidewalk, Lego Bricks,...) at Thursday Challenge. Pic taken by sis2 in London. Must be a bridge on the Thames.

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