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When flowers beckon!

I was fascinated when I’d read about the cannon ball tree, especially the flowers seemed interesting and appealed to the botanist in me. It has an unusual arrangement of the stamens which has been modified into a hood. And is hence known as the Naga Linga flower and the tree is the Naga Linga tree.

Not very long ago I happened to spot a tree in the area where we go for our dance classes. And some of the days I take that route depending on traffic. Recently when I went that way I was reminded of the tree and was wondering if its in bloom and that I should go check sometime. Thing is, there’s another tree beside it and I’ve never been able to notice the blooms from afar.

Incidentally, the very next day we ended up going to that very street for a lunch treat from BIL and parking constraints ensured we parked the car near the tree! The first thing I did on getting off the car was to run to the tree !! 😀

Its incredible how wishes/thoughts manifest and then are fulfilled… in the most amazing ways!!!

Here are a few clicks taken using my mobile phone…



Couroupita 3

P.S: Found a nice write up and lovely pics here !! Go ahead and check it out if you are a plant/flower person like me 🙂




From the famed Rose garden in Ooty 🙂

Flavour of the season – Tabebuia

I’m here with flowers again 🙂

I do not seem to tire of flowers and thanks to the avenue trees here in Bengaluru, I am treated to various lovely blooms all through the year. Right now, its the season of Tabebuias and Jacaranda. The pink Tabebuia rosea is especially awaited eagerly, year after year!

The loveliness of the soft pink colour and the way the petals/flowers float down to the earth in this windy season, the tree covered with blooms with sparse or no leaves at all… makes this one stand apart I guess 🙂

This Sunday, when we ventured out, we deliberately took this route to check if the flowers were in bloom. And what a sight greeted us! I was thrilled to the core and thanked us for taking the detour !

Here are pics clicked by sis, while I drove slowly savouring the sight and taking it all in.


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I indulge myself from time to time by gifting myself some of the lovely flowers available at the florists. The weather here is favorable and most of the flowers stay for at least a week or so.

Carnations are one of our favorites and they come in an amazing variety of colours! here are a few recent clicks..




Hope you like them 🙂 Cheers!


Keeping it simple for the last letter for this round. And quite apt too..

Zinnias from our little balcony garden. Gifts for us this Christmas and New Year! 🙂

Zinnia (2)

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abc 17 (1)


I was never the sports/physical activities type person. I preferred reading and arts/crafts. And even though physical activity and exercises are important, I did not actually do much, except for the mandatory sessions at school and later household chores.

However, as I approached 40, I felt the need to do something to keep fit and flexible. Especially since I’ve been through a painful phase with rheumatoid arthritis. Ging to a gym has never appealing to me and for as long as I remember, it was Yoga that I was fascinated about and wished to learn.

As if in answer to my wish, yoga classes were introduced in office and I was among the first to sign up. However, with time and with tougher work schedules, attendance dwindled. I kept at the yoga classes in office for as long as I could but eventually the classes came to an end as was anticipated due to poor participation. I’d imagine that I would continue doing yoga at home.. all the bits that I’d learned over an year and some more. But yes.. I have not continued with it.. due to personal situation and also there’s the laziness… the weather… so on!

Hope to get back to it in this year before I forget all that I’ve learnt so far. Wish me luck!’s some yellow delight to feast on! Yellow Chrysanthemums in my balcony garden during Diwali. Aah..and there’s the yellow slide too in the background 🙂


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abc 17 (1)

O is for Orange

..the colour Orange 🙂

Keeping it simple .. posting a few pictures that I’d taken at the flower show at Lalbagh earlier this year..

Shades of Orange!
Orange coloured Chrysanthemums..
Roses in a deep orange hue!

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abc 17 (1)

Cock’s comb!

A member of the genus Celosia, it is commonly known as cockscomb, since the flower looks like the head on a rooster/cock !! 🙂

D, our cook, spread the dried remains of this flower onto one of the pots…out of sheer curiosity. For many days nothing happened. Then slowly but surely, lil plants sprouted. Still, we were not sure if it would flower or how long it might take. To our surprise, we did not have to wait for long.

The plant is placed in our sunlit balcony and needs very little .. almost no maintenance, in fact. Except for regular watering. Wilts quickly if not watered even for a day. Other than that its like a gift that keeps on giving!! And I never seem to tire of going click click  🙂

This first pic is of the very first cockscomb that blossomed in our balcony garden.

20150729_091733Love the pink tinge on the new leaves..

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New leaves… colourful flowers!!

My entries for this week’s theme “SPRING” (Fresh Leaves, Baby Animals, Warm Weather,…) at Thursday Challenge 🙂


New leaves on the rain trees (Albizia saman)..


Bougainvillea and Canna flowers ..

Hop over to the site to check out gorgeous pictures from around the world!
Cheers!! 🙂

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