Joyful Jacaranda #ThursdayTreeLove

Yes! Its a joy to behold!!

Flowering around the same time or slightly overlapping with the Tabebuias, the Jacaranda lends itself beautifully to the tapestry of the spring landscape.

Purple hues against the blue sky. Purple nestled within the fresh green of spring. Also, the purple that evades me!

Every year, I think I need to go out and click beautiful pictures of this tree whenΒ  its in bloom. But I end up only admiring it from afar, from within the confines of my car…

No, its not in some far away place. Its right in front of our apartment, and I can see the beautiful view when driving out. Its a shame that on holidays I almost forget about this beauty or feel too lazy to venture out for clicking pictures.

This year, it is a different story altogether and I’ve missed it again 😦 Missed getting better close ups that is…

However, I managed to capture a completely different view of the trees, from the terrace of our building.

Here they are, for another edition of #ThursdayTreeLove hosted by Parul πŸ™‚

A zoomed in view…
A wider view to give an idea of the number of Jacaranda trees here..
Another zoomed in view… a portion of the trees soaking up the last of the evening rays

Hope you enjoyed these views. Cheers!

P.S: I checked up on them and the trees are now lush green, with very little purple peeking here and there.


18 thoughts on “Joyful Jacaranda #ThursdayTreeLove

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  1. Love the blooms and the color is so pretty. I missed seeing the purple ones this time, Priya. I love how Bangalore gets a different look each summer. So glad you joined and shared these. The views from the terrace are great. Which part of Bangalore do you live? πŸ™‚
    I hope to see you back tomorrow.

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