Tiny Blue! #FridayFlowers

It was a treat to spot these lovely blue flowers one hot afternoon when we’d gone to see the new house that sis was intending to buy.

These are really tiny and I would have missed them if not for the striking blue colour! OnΒ  a closer look, I was amazed to find pink and yellow cradled within the blue!!
Of course I had to click πŸ˜€

The flower is so small that I’ve had to zoom in a fair amount to get a pic of individual flowers. The last pic here, which is still a slightly enlarged version, shows the size of the flowers relative to the tiny glass blades…




P.S: I do not know the name of this flower/plant. If you happen to know, please do let me know. Thanks πŸ™‚

P.P.S: I now know that this tiny plant’s name is Blue Pimpernel (Lysimachia foemina) or Suryakanti soppu in Kannada, courtsey Shiju!! Our cook D tells me that this is used in making masoppu saaru (variety of greens blanched and mashed up to make a delectable curry!).

More information on this plant can be found here and here.


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