The ubiquitous Hibiscus :) #FridayFlowers

I remember that the first time we were taught about the parts of a flower, it was the hibiscus that was used as an example. We had to draw the cross section of the flower and label the different parts. I had always loved drawing and has always loved the hibiscus as well! 🙂

I remember the time when, as kids, me and sis1 used to look for flowers to pluck, while walking in the neighbourhood. It was one of our favourite activities. There was this gas depot near the house which had hibiscus plants and it was almost always laden with flowers and buds. We would crawl under the gate and go fetch the buds, so that we could offer the flowers during next day’s puja. We knew exactly which ones were ready to bloom the next day! thanks to lessons imparted by grandmom and mom 😀

With age, the fascination for the hibiscus has not diminished one bit. If only, it has grown even more. We have tried to grow it in our lil balconies and are overjoyed whenever there is a bloom. And we mostly envy people who have real gardens with hibiscus plants that are laden with flowers!! 😀

More recently, on a trip to Coorg, we had been on the lookout for the plant, hoping we could find one to take a twig home with us. Almost every home had it but none on the road sides 😐 So we gave up and satisfied ourselves just taking in the beauty…

Here are a couple of pics of one of our favourite flowers in a lovely pink!!
These were clicked in a resort last year around this time..




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