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From the drafts. Edited today to add Adi’s creation πŸ™‚

The quilling spree continues! This time she was not inspired enough to make ornaments like before. Instead, she wanted to try her hand at advanced techniques and was expecting me to get her the tools for that. She also complained that she had quilling strips in boring colours. whatever that means!!

Somehow, I did not see the need for advanced tools till she honed her skills a bit more. I convinced her to make use of all the strips that she has and make some stuff, anything that interests her. So, she’s been at it since past few days.

Here’s a card that she made incorporating the different patterns..

Bouquet of flowers

Adi is also inspired !! This is what I found when I came home today πŸ™‚

Work in progress.. pretty aint it πŸ™‚

Art love!

We are a family of art lovers! πŸ™‚ Not serious art aficionados in a strict sense but we love to create/dabble in art. A large part of my childhood vacations wereΒ occupied with drawing, painting. I would then randomly showcase my creations on the walls. Mom was always very encouraging and never stopped me from putting up stuff on the walls πŸ™‚

I mostly dabbled in water colours on paper. Later on, sis 2 learnt nib painting during her college days and I picked it up from her. We made a couple of paintings and they adorn the walls at dad’s home. With the kids, colouring and painting become a fun activity that they loved! Lots of drawing, colouring , painting over the years πŸ™‚ It is still a favourite past time for Ammu. She now loves to browse, and draws inspiration from the world wide web!

More recently, sis 2 took up painting on glass, glass bottles specifically.Β This love became active again after a spell of dormancy! Glass, paints and other stuff were duly purchased and the kids and she came up with a few paintings on glass. Yet to be framed… here are the pics..

Glass 1
A Geometric pattern.. outline by sis2, filled in with colours by Ammu n Adi !
Glass 2
An abstract one by Sis 2
Glass 4
Lotus in bloom sis 2

Some recent art work by Ammu..

In her favourite motif – hearts!
Sketches! Ammu loves making sketches these days.. We’re quite in awe πŸ™‚

Hoping this happy, colourful, artsy streak stays alive and keeps us alive to the sheer joy of creating! πŸ™‚


C is for Creativity!

And children!! πŸ™‚

Children and creativity go hand in hand.. is it not πŸ™‚ Most of them are creative in one way or the other!!

Here are pics of the cards… notes actually πŸ™‚ , that Ammu hurriedly made on the eve of Teacher’s Day..

Pics were taken hurriedly too.. πŸ™‚ I am glad I managed to click them!


Chocolates stuck to the notes!! Notice the 2 big ones.. one for her class teacher and the other for Sis1 (her aunt). Also, hearts and a different signature for her chitti (aunt) !!


This one’s for the science teacher!


Social studies! Look at the last line!! Only kids can say such things πŸ™‚


She’s generally wary of Maths.. but loves Geometry!! Luckily that was being taught at that time.. I wonder what her note would have said otherwise πŸ™‚


This one’s for chitti (aunt) πŸ™‚


This one is for her class teacher. I’m sure she started with making this one.. so neat and colourful!!

Glad that I’m finally posting this here πŸ™‚ Β Linking this one to ABC Wednesday!!

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Spray of Colours!!

We made a couple of cards today… after I came back from work..

Reminds me of this C&H strip!


haha! Not exactly panic in our case.. but I did want to make it to the April Challenge at ArtsyCraftsyMom πŸ˜›

Also, Ammu is going to Mysore tomorrow and will be back only on Sunday. So, would have to wait until next weekend for this activity.. Anyway tomorrow is a holiday and that was a good enough reason to indulge in this right away!

Here they are..



I made the stencils using paper. Ammu had fun spraying colours of her choice while I held the stencils in place πŸ™‚

Linking these to the April challenge at ArtsyCraftsyMom! Phew!!

And yay!! πŸ˜€

P.S: C&H strip via Google

Colourful fun times :)

A few art pieces by Ammu πŸ™‚

This one is inspired by the falling leaves in Autumn. Or is it Winter in February? Whatever! πŸ™‚
One morning while waiting for the school van, I spotted a bird on the tree opposite to the gate and was showing it to her. The tree was almost bare and Ammu was excited to see the leaves shedding !! She identified the season as Autumn.. and exclaimed that we could make a painting/drawing of that scene..
Though I forgot about it, she came up with this one, and surprised me when I came back from work πŸ™‚ I loved that she has used 2 different colours on the leaves. And, see the detailing on the girl’s dress? And, the caption! Cute na πŸ˜›

I was quite impressed when she showed me this one! So very different from her usual ones πŸ™‚ She then told me that she started out with something else in her mind but ended up with this πŸ™‚ I was glad that she didn’t give up and came up something even if it was not the thing that she’d imagined..

Scenery – bushes, flowers and butterflies using finger painting.. She meant to do some detailing later but perhaps forgot all about it. Love the colours… Β there are blue and green flowers too πŸ™‚

This one she made yesterday. The design in the center inspired by the design on a wedding card!

Couple of days ago she wanted to do a painting. A scenery having a house, bushes, flowers and clouds.She wanted me to help her and show her how to go about it. But she is very impatient and cannot wait to get going. And she declared that she didnt like what I was doing! Basically, I had made a rough sketch of the house and tree and was showing how to colour the sky first, when she said this. And then, she proceeded to make her own drawing.

Since I had already started off, I thought of completing it.. with a slight hope that she’ll observe what I was doing πŸ™‚ It felt good.. doing a water colour painting after what seems like ages!! Come to think of it, I havent done one after my school days! Anyhow, I liked the end result and Ammu, after a while said that she liked it too πŸ™‚ The sun is red in colour courtsey Ammu!

As for her own attempts, she started off with the blue sky but got no further, and those pieces landed in the dustbin. Btw.. this happens not only with art and craft but with her notebooks and diaries too. She’ll promptly tear off pages when she feels it is not neat or upto her expectation 😦  She, at times, expects instant perfection and doesnt get the fact that it takes patience and a lot of attempts to get good at painting or any other creative task for that matter.I keep reminding her that she can paint if she enjoys doing it and need not be worried about doing it perfectly. I’m sure she’ll learn that slowly and in her own way. I need to be patient till then πŸ™‚

Linking this to the April Challenge ‘Get Artsy’ at ArtsyCraftsyMom!

Craft love!

Finally, we got around to some craft sessions πŸ™‚

The kids vacation started on Friday. And, I was at home with a sore throat and low energy. So, planned to do something with them.. and what better than the theme for the March Arsty Craftsy!

I had come across this cutesy craft a while ago, perhaps via Shruti’s Pinterest board, and had wanted to try it out with the kids.

Had thought of trying out animals other than the farm ones in the link… And this is what we came up with.. incidentally, found a link to many more animals too..

I did not have enough popsicle sticks, so came up with the idea of animal bookmarks! The kids simply loved the idea πŸ™‚

Ammu has already placed few of them in her books and wants to gift one to her chitti!! Adi wants to make up stories and play with these rather than just keeping them in the books!

Deer, Pig, Cat, Penguin, Giraffe. by Ammu
Bear, Dalmatian doggie, Pig, Mouse.. by Adi


They chose the animal they wanted to make and painted the strips accordingly. I helped make the ears and in sticking the parts. Aint they all adorable! I’m glad the kids had fun making these πŸ™‚

Linking this one toΒ March Arsty Craftsy!Β 

Fun times :)

I showed this site of Origami instructions to Ammu and she decided that she wanted to make a Dahlia flower.

Since it was Independence day, I suggested that we make one using the colours of the tricolour. But we did not have the coloured papers. Ammu said she would colour the paper herself. At first she coloured the white sheets using crayons. And made the petals. But, the petals came unstuck due to the wax.

She did not give up, though. In the evening, she again coloured the sheets using water colour. When the sheets dried up, she made the petals and stuck them using fevicol. This time, the flower was done successfully πŸ™‚

Here are the instructions.

The lil lady at work .. with crayons..
Colouring with water colours..
The origami flower …

Ammu was very pleased with the outcome πŸ™‚ She took the flower to her school the next day. And was very excited that her teacher put it on the notice board!!

I tried my hand at making a wrist band for Ammu. Made this one using Anchor embroidery thread. Luckily, I had them in the right colours πŸ™‚

Wrist band… also in the colours of the tricolour!

During high school days, some of my friends used to make such bands for Friendship day! This was my first attempt πŸ™‚ Ammu has taken a huge liking for bands these days, which sort of inspired me to try it out. Ammu liked it very much and wore it to school the next day!!

All in all.. a day spent doing our favorite things πŸ™‚
Linking this to the August challenge at Artsy Craftsy Mom’s πŸ™‚

Card love!

Since school days, I’ve enjoyed making cards. But then, I used to only draw and paint, mostly.Β  These days, however, there are lots of craft supplies that are readily available. And, lots of ideas and inspiration, thanks to WWW. I’m loving making cards all over again πŸ™‚

Added advantages are .. I can show them off here and get an ego boost πŸ˜‰ and it inspires Ammu and Adi to make some of their own πŸ™‚ Double bonus!!

Here are a few cards we made in the last couple of months..

Tried my hand at quilling again. This time, with quilling strips. Made this simple card for Sis 2’s birthday in June. I did not use a tool. Just made it by rolling using my fingers. Still a long way to go… needs lot of patience and practice. Have to get the tool for quilling and then try again.

Dora card made by Ammu πŸ™‚ She drew it looking at a tutorial that I had copied from the net, and then, coloured it by herself.

This colourful bouquet.. by Adi and Ammu!! for their favourite chitti πŸ™‚ I helped place the flowers and they stuck them to the card.

This one I made for no one in particular. I had left the centre blank when I made it. And did not have anything in mind for it.Β  Couple of weeks ago, we were invited to a b’day party of a friend’s 2 year old daughter. Inspired by Ammu’s love for Dora, I stuck a Dora sticker to it. And the kids happily gave this card to their lil friend πŸ™‚

Remember this card that Ammu made for me? The next day she asked me to make a card for her as well.. on the occasion of Varamahalakshmi pooja πŸ˜€ And, this is the one I made for her. It now sits pretty in her book shelf ! Can you guess how I made the white flowers that you see here ? These were discarded from the flowers, that I had used in the previous card πŸ™‚ I think they look lovely on the blue card.. isnt it?

BTW, all these craft goodies were gifted to me by Sis2. This is her way of egging me on. Just as you all do.. with your lovely words πŸ™‚ Lucky me πŸ˜‰


For a change, I thought that I should write my own story here sometimes πŸ™‚

I love accessories.. and I especially love finger rings! I asked mumma to buy me one. She said she couldnt find one that would fit me :(. I told my chitti, the one, who like me, loves accessories. But she couldnt find one either. Seeing my increasing frustration, D aunty, our cook, bought a couple of them from a local shop. I was delighted!!
However, those are really very simple ones. I wished I could find some really fancy rings. Earlier, I used to make some with shiny gift wrap paper. But they are also simple bands.

One saturday morning, a couple of weeks ago, when mumma was busy reading her newspaper, I got an idea!!

There was some white sheet left over from the one she sent for my Poster competition at school. I cut it into strips and made a couple of bands. The white looked very plain and boring. So I colored the band using sketch pen and also made some detailing. I then took flowers that mumma kept in her craft box and stuck them to the bandsΒ Β πŸ™‚Β  Mumma was very happy when she saw what I had made. Feeling very much encouraged, I made one each for mumma, thata and D aunty also , after taking measurements of their fingers. Nice.. aren’t they?

On another day when Mumma was making a card, I made this silver colored hand band! Seeing this Mumma exclaimed that it was lovely and said that we could make our own Rakhis this time. We made a couple more using the craft accessories. Here they are..

Mumma is proudly showing them off I hear πŸ™‚ Β Shruti aunty had to just say ‘share’ and she jumped at the chance πŸ˜€ Β Shruti aunty liked them so much that she said she’s gonna make the rings in her craft classes one of these days!! Woohoo !! How cool is that 😎

That’s all for now! I hope I’ll be back soon with more to share with you all πŸ™‚

Take care. Bye!!

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