Love and light!

The beautiful morning light that turned a relaxed Sunday morning into a fun family time 🙂 Hope you can spot the tiny details that symbolise the big things in life... These pictures, taken spontaneously, make me realize that love and light are indeed the 2 things that keep me going!! Feel blessed and grateful. Wishing... Continue Reading →

Akasha mallige #Thursday tree love

Literally speaking, jasmine in/of the sky! This tree is named after the jasmine-like sweet smelling flowers that bloom on the tall trees and seem to belong to the sky ! Also known as mara mallige, the Indian Cork tree is a beautiful sight to behold, especially when in bloom. Not as spectacular as the jacarandas,... Continue Reading →

Monsoon cloudscapes #WordlessWednesday

Simple evenings that turn into beautiful mesmerizing ones just like that! ********* Linking up  at the blog hops hosted by Sandee, Natasha & Esha, Betty. Hop over to enjoy some lovely views/photographs or better still join in 🙂 ********* If you are a skywatcher/ skyscapes lover like me, you would love to take a look at these... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits #LockdownNotes

Adi: Bomma, I think I don't like online classes *Me throwing a concerned but questioning look at him* Adi *instantly*: Means... I dont like it because I don't get to chit chat with my friends between classes 😦 ... there's no fun anymore!! *Me sighing in resignation* ********** Ammu: Ma, till when is this thing... Continue Reading →

Joyful Period #MenstrualHygieneDay

You go on a vacation to Srilanka; a dream vacation with friends. The beautiful beach beckons you and all you want is to lap it up! You are excited about the scuba diving that you'd planned to try. But, as luck would have it, you get your period on the very day you land there.... Continue Reading →

E is for Excitement!!

Energy, Enthusiasm, Euphoria!! Wow 😀 And kids is what comes to mind when I think of all these words in one breath!! Simple, seemingly trivial, things or activities can excite them and they bubble with energy and enthusiasm. They get so engrossed in their favorite activity... taking in all that they can and giving it... Continue Reading →

Of happy happy days!

* Loads of laughter... non stop conversations, jokes, pulling each others legs... * Games, games, games! Hours spent playing carom, chess, chor- police, chinese checkers, pallankuzhi /aligulimane * Evenings spent swinging higher n higher! Followed by the evergreen 'Hide and seek' 🙂 * Some drawing, colouring, crafting... * A lil teeny weeny bit dedicated to keeping in... Continue Reading →


So we have come half way into March! March.. the month of the cool evening breeze. The one that we used to call as 'exam gaaLi' during our school and college days 😛 . The heat of study times would be dissipated by the lovely cool breeze in the evenings, should we come out for... Continue Reading →

Happy Bandh anyone ?

A holiday was declared due to the nation wide bandh on Wednesday... I am reading the newspaper while having my cuppa. Adi wakes up and comes to me... climbs onto my lap. 'Good morning' I say and he responds 'Good morning'.. Then, after some silent moments, he turns to me and says 'Happy Bandh bomma'... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits!

Adi's teacher : 'Suppose you have 5 chocolates and you give 2 chocolates to your friend. How many will you have? 3. This is subtraction.' Wondering if he understood, by the look on his face, she tries to confirm ' Did you understand properly?' Adi: 'Yes. From now on I will be very careful with... Continue Reading →

Jan 2013!

Quite an eventful month it was 🙂 - The three of us, the three sisters that is, went for a Rangapravesham. The girl or should I say lady ... was Sis2's student during her engineering course. She has been learning Bharatnatyam since she was 5! It was the first time we went for such an... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits!

Egg feast! D : 'Adi ootakke yenu maadi kodli ? '  [What shall i make for lunch?] Adi*spontaneously* : ' Boiled egg, egg bhurji [scrambled], umm .. matte egg omlette ' 😛 ************************ Santa is for real! Christmas eve... the kids got their gifts a day in advance as we had to leave early in the morning... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tidbits!

When you're happy and you know 'Dhinka chika dhinka chika' When you're happy and you know 'Yayyyyyyyyy!!!' When you're happy and you know and you really want to show 'Balle balle.. balle balle' !! 🙂 Happy Monday and a great week ahead folks!!

Just like that!

This month, it has been a little hectic at work. And, I've not been able to be with Ammu for her revisions during the worksheets. Sis1 and BIL have been able to be there a couple of times and then dad helped her with the last one, geography, for a change! I hope this trend... Continue Reading →

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